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GQ South Africa March 2020

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GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

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letter from the editor

Until that blessed day comes, we took a different look at money for this issue – by focusing on its impact. From noise cancelling headphones to help you maintain your peace, to fragrances and eco-friendly fashion investments, we’ve highlighted ways you can invest in yourself right now – and look like a million bucks for a long time coming. On the more practical side, Michael Haldane breaks down the value and mystery of investing overseas (p50), HouseME’s Ben Shaw reveals how his new-age letting agency saves both landlords and tenants thousands (p54), and we look at new revenue streams brought on by the near-future advent of space tourism (p70). And if money gives you access and a platform, how best do you use it? Follow the example of breakout actor Ncuti…

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CONTENT PRODUCER JESÉ-CHÉ LILLIENFELDT Jesé-Ché’s love for beauty and grooming started at a tender age. After school, while studying, she attended the L’Oréal Beauty Institute, and later combined her love for writing, beauty and grooming by getting into magazines. She started her career at Condé Nast in 2017 as a beauty assistant, and now helms the beauty and grooming departments. SENIOR COPY EDITOR BUNTU NGCUKA After realising that retail copywriting isn’t for him, Buntu’s returned to GQ HQ, where his career began. This time, he’s swopped digital for print, proving that the medium is far from dead. When he isn’t throwing shade at folks in gladiator sandals, you can catch him beer tasting, looking for street style inspo, or trying to keep his white sneakers scuff-free.…

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money, money money

Big spenders needn’t look further than the iconic Prada Galleria bag, in fine Saffiano leather. It’s cleverly and ergonomically designed, classic yet a nod to the future, and you can use it as a briefcase or tote. You’ll want to take it everywhere. STYLE-HIGH CLUB Looking expensive needn’t be costly. Some of the richest men in the world only wear jeans and a tee, while the most stylish are experts in the art of consistency. This could be anything from the conservative tailored suiting of a man like Bernard Arnault to the high-low stylings of David Beckham. 10 MOST ASPIRATIONAL BRANDS Judging by these Autumn/Winter ’20/’21 looks from some of the world’s most covetable brands, luxury isn’t all peacocks and avant-garde. They’re well crafted, smart and classic. THE BIG FIVE What are the fundamental tenets of…

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owning her throne

GQ: Describe your musical journey to date? Rouge: It’s an evolution. I’m learning about myself and my sound every day. It’s a beautiful journey. GQ: From your debut album The New Era Sessions to where you are today, would you say there’s been a shift in your music? If so, what would you attribute it to? R: You’ll hear the maturity in my sound. The hunger’s still there but there’s a better sense of who I am in this music. I’m doing a lot of singing, too. GQ: Where did the name Rouge come from? R: I needed a name that represents me. The colour red symbolises love, passion and danger. It grabs your attention quickly. It’s everything I’m about. GQ: How would you describe the female hip-hop scene in SA? R: It’s booming at the moment.…

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how (and when) to ask your ex for money

THOUGH COUPLES ARE WAITING LONGER TO TIE THE KNOT, they’re still moving in together at about the same point (around the two-year mark) in their relationship. That means there’s a whole bunch of people who are unmarried and cohabitating — much to my grandmother’s horror. This new waiting period has left those who leave before making things legally official in a tight spot. Marriage, outdated as it may feel — R80 000 for a party (excluding lobola) in this economy? — is basically a package of legal protections and financial fail safes should you ever split from your beloved. Without a legal divorce, splitting up can be risky, and as a result, some people are taking matters into their own hands by asking their exes to help out with breakup-induced expenses.…

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beauty in the blend

THE YEAR 1972 DELIVERED TWO MUSICAL (AND COMPLETELY NON-SCIENTIFIC) IDEAS about what keeps the earth rotating on its axis. The first, and most oft-repeated, was delivered to us in song via Liza Minnelli in the film adaptation of the musical, Cabaret: “Money Makes the World Go Round” ALL DUE RESPECT TO MS MINNELLI and the writers behind the iconic and Oscar winning Cabaret, but the lasting impact of money on life on earth pales in comparison to the more accurate history shaping philosophy, also encapsulated in song by the American soul band The Stylistics and their hit, “People Make the World Go Round”. Since its release, the song has been consistently covered by a variety of artists from Michael Jackson to Hugh Masekela; in the same way, time and culture confirm…