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GQ South Africa April 2020

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GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

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a game of risk

Creativity is special to me. It’s looking beyond what’s possible, what’s existed, or what people tell you is possible and seeing something greater. It’s hard to explain that vision to anyone – chances are, they won’t be able to see it anyway. Because creativity draws many critics, and the kind of criticism that comes from fear, and sometimes from envy. ‘I wouldn’t do it like that,’ you hear often, which actually means, ‘I couldn’t do that!’ Creativity is the art of consistently taking risks – it’s making decisions every day that no one else is willing to take. To explore the art of creativity, in this issue we meet some of today’s most interesting risk-takers, such as a coder who’s rewritten the rules of gaming through virtual reality (p82), and seven…

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creative licence

Is that a treadmill or a runway? Probably both. Performance apparel has evolved from purely practical to more fashionable. Take this Calvin Klein getup: the military greens and orange accents make it perfect for the gym, a quick coffee date or some weekend morning errands. TOTES, BRUV Street style is as much about heritage as it is about current trends. Level up your look with the Gucci Ophidia tote bag. Its gold, double-G was first introduced in the ’70s, and totes are the most popular men’s accessory today, combining functionality with room to play with designs that show off your character. STREETWEAR’S FAMOUS 5 Everyday people look to the low profile folks for fashion inspiration. Photographed at every major Fashion Week pulling off designer gear in relatable, easy-to-wear combos, they make it look effortless. DO…

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ella eyre a first for everything

ELLA EYRE IS BACK WITH A BRANDNEW TRACK AND IT’S ONE HELL OF A STATEMENT OF INTENT FOR 2020. Not only is “New Me” a brilliantly crafted break-up banger, it also marks a new professional era for the pop star, who joined Island Records last June after more than half a decade at Virgin Records. The track’s dancehall-inspired beat nods to this change in direction, with an evolution in sound she calls ‘more cultural’. Although a second album has yet to be announced (it’s been five years since her first), it seems unlikely fans will have to wait long, with a UK tour slated for May and June and, according to Eyre, a full bank of material that, like “New Me”, was recorded in Jamaica last year. Eyre burst onto the…

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dyson’s new task light is easy on the eyes

DYSON LIGHTCYCLE TASK LIGHT Most modern task lamps consist of little more than a power cord, an LED and a few strips of metal. But if anyone’s going to over-engineer such a simple object, it’s Dyson. With the Lightcycle, the tech company applies the same delightful reinvention it brought to fans and vacuum cleaners. The lamp’s height and position are easily adjustable: a gentle push with one finger either raises, lowers, extends or pivots its crane-like limbs, which glide quietly on tiny rollers. Adjusting the LED bulb requires even less work — its colour and brightness can be set automatically. Plug your age and current mental mode (Precision, Study or Relax) into the companion app, let it access your location, and the app will command the lamp (via Bluetooth) to pour…

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all funny business

GQ: You worked in advertising for a long time – tell us about how you kicked off your comedy career. Donovan Goliath: To be honest, comedy was never on my radar. I’ve always been an entertainer and storyteller – I’m the guy who always started and opened the dance circles. I was even part of a rap group in Mthatha called Outbreak. I would draw, paint, design stuff and take pictures. Comedy was no different. I just hadn’t experienced enough of it to want to try it out. The itch came after watching Tol Ass Mo perform a set; I sat in awe, watching him destroy a crowd with his observations and storytelling. I decided to write my first five-minute set, tried it out at the legendary Underground at Cool Runnings…

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the asmr cure

LAST YEAR, AN AMERICAN SWEETS COMPANY POSTED A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CALLED REESE THE MOVIE. In an orange room matching Reese’s packaging, five popular YouTubers sit around a table and whisper into their headsets about the pleasures of these peanut butter cups. They compare notes on the best way to open the sweets. (Cue amplified sounds of packets whooshing across the table and fingernails clicking on wrappers.) The sweets topple free with the clunk of wooden blocks. The breathless council dismantles them, scooping them into cups with apple corers and smooshing them under spatulas, releasing soft, sliding squeaks. They slice them like bread, each chop cartoonishly loud. After 80 minutes, our protagonists come at last to the intended destiny of these fluted UFOs: they eat them. This is what’s referred to, at…