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GQ South Africa May - June 2020

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GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

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power forward

WITH ITS adulting-ishard, how-do-I-survivein-a-world-of crazy theme, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock is one of the modern era’s most memorable, relatable, and even meme-able TV series – encapsulated by the two-line exchange between characters Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon: ‘What a week, huh?’ / ‘Lemon, it’s Wednesday.’ The last few weeks and months have felt like they were ripped from a slow-burning Netflix series or disaster movie. Like a torrent of windswept rain, each day has seen new challenges hurtling towards us, testing our resilience on every front. It’s impossible to think of what our new normal will look like by the time you read this letter, and how many industries and lives will be irrevocably altered – and it’s only the “Wednesday” point of the year. In times like these, I’m encouraged by…

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essentials threads

AN ODE TO AN ICON The Adidas Superstar turns 50 this year. Whether you’re a diehard collector or just enjoy dressing like your favourite MC, this beloved silhouette is etched in pop-culture history. To mark the occasion, Adidas will launch several new colourways, including the OG navy and white. Which ones will you be rocking? STYLE STARS Throughout history, we’ve seen the influence musicians have on fashion. Trends don’t just come from the runway or your street-style faves; they start on stage too. Think OTT looks by André 3000 and Bruno Mars, Rick Ross and Diddy’s unapologetic drip, and Sir Elton John and Prince’s otherworldly flamboyance. THE RIGHT SHADE For decades, sunglasses have been the go-to finishing touch for many musicians – even when the sun’s nowhere to be seen. Every designer label has a…

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billie’s world

THE COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL, not necessarily known for its adorable moments, offered up the pop equivalent of two baby pandas playing when Billie Eilish met her idol, Justin Bieber, for the first time last year. The meeting was of two pop prodigies, ages 18 and 26, at rather different points in their careers. The walls of Eilish’s childhood bedroom were once papered with images of Bieber, and when he enfolded her oversized denim bootleg Louis Vuitton–logoed self in a long embrace, a chasm seemed to yawn underneath their adjacent but distinct generations. Eilish, whose album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 last year, isn’t the first young singer to make hit records out of dark sonic tableaux. But the totality…

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a whole new way to order in

Your new BMW is ready – are you? Visit YOU CAN WORK REMOTELY, tour a new home virtually, and even pick up new skills online, whether you’re keen to impress in the boardroom, kitchen or on the dance floor. Now, you can get sheer driving pleasure at the click of a button, at any time and in any place. Realise the future of vehicle purchasing right now with BMW Anywhere. A digital-first purchasing experience that gives you all the benefits of a physical retailer, right where you are, BMW Anywhere allows you to choose, customise, finance and buy your next vehicle – around the clock, and from anywhere life takes you. You’ll have access to the entire range of new and Approved Used vehicles available in SA, and with prices the same across…

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what to do when your partner wants sex… and you don’t

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE: YOUR COMMUTE HOME TOOK OVER AN HOUR, INSTEAD OF THE USUAL 35 MINUTES, which did nothing to calm you down after your boss yelled at you about a screw-up that wasn’t your fault but you helped sort out. You definitely pulled your shoulder at the gym yesterday and you might be getting a cold. You just want to watch The Bachelor SA and complain about Becky’s passive-aggressive emails but your partner has another idea. They’re making flirty eyes, rubbing their hands all over you, whispering in your ear how horny they were all day thinking about you and they want to bone. Like, right now. This very urgent I-need-you kind of advance would normally be more than welcome. But now it sounds like a lot of effort. You’re…

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the best bluetooth speaker we’ve ever heard

SONOS MOVE AND ONE SL Sonos’s wireless speaker system, anchored by the One and One SL (above), might be our favourite home audio system of the modern era. It takes almost no time to set up: just connect to your Wi-Fi, press play and enjoy. You can also expand your collection, one speaker and room at a time – either sync them all to play the same thing or programme each one to blast something different. The Move (left) builds on that excellence with Bluetooth connectivity and outdoor-friendly engineering. It works with all streaming services, is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and even has a microphone to access Alexa or Google Assistant (or just mute it, in case the idea of a smart home freaks you out). If you’re hitting the road,…