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GQ South Africa December 2020/January 2021

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GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

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enjoy the moment

WE’VE HAD ENOUGH time to reflect this year, for sure. And we’ve spent more than enough anxiety-ridden hours worrying about tomorrow, living in suspended animation as the realities of life in 2020 kept being rewritten. I’m sure we’re all holding on to some glimmer of hope that 2021 will be different, and new and bring us all the good things 2020 was supposed to bring us. But the truth is, it might not. We’re still waiting for a vaccine. Our economy will take a long time to recover, or even reshape itself. We might have to go back into more restrictions of lockdown. Life right now is truly a game of “Who knows?”, and except for Jeff Bezos and similarly moneyed folk, it’s hard to tell who’s winning. So when those are…

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follow US ON @GQdotcoza @GQSouthAfrica GQ South Africa Turn on your #GPS No one asks for directions anymore – we just use our GPS. If you’re looking to give your style some direction, it helps to follow the leader. You can show off your finest looks every month with #GPS – Great Personal Style. If you think your outfit’s the one, share it on social media, tag us and include the hashtag #GPS. We’ll choose one stylish photo to feature on each issue’s back page. Head to pg 96 to meet this month’s winner! PHOTOGRAPHY: CEDRIC NZAKA, COURTESY OF JAXJOX, SUPPLIED…

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the write stuff

UNLIKE THE POISON-TIPPED pen in the Kingsman films, this pen won’t harm anyone – but it’ll definitely give you an air of mystery. As part of a collab between Kingsman creator Matthew Vaughn and Mr Porter, this Montblanc set features a Meiserstück pen (originally launched in 1924), notebook and royal blue ink that’s colour-matched to the film’s signature blue suit. R19 900, *PRICE SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE RATE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE; AVAILIABLE VIA IMPORT ONLY. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF MONTBLANC…

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switch to digital

1 DOWNLOAD THE APP Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Zinio or Magzter app for free. On a desktop PC or a laptop, head straight to or 2 CREATE AN ACCOUNT Once you’re on the app or web page, click on the icon in the top righthand corner to create a new account. Once the form’s complete, you’re ready to shop. 3 FIND YOUR MAGAZINE Search for GQ South Africa, Glamour South Africa, or Condé Nast House & Garden using the search icon at the top of the page. It’ll show you the latest and previous issues. 4 BUY IT When you select the latest issue, you’ll see two price options: one for that issue only and another for a one-year subscription. Online editions, for both single copies and annual subscriptions,…

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mami wata

MAMI WATA, OR MOTHER OCEAN IF YOU PREFER, is said to be an alluring but dangerous deity. People say that if she takes you as her lover, without drowning you first, you’ll return to the shore with more success and even better looks. More than that, she’s a symbol of fertility, a protector and guardian of her environment. This is the African folklore story that can take credit for breathing life into a brand that’s committed to the captivating combination of African design and surf. Out of the purest love for surfing, design and Africa, Mami Wata began their journey only a few short years ago. Founded by CEO Nick Dutton, creative director and artist Peet Pienaar, and writer Andy Davis (also known as the Chief Surf Officer – what a…

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alicia keys will never stop fighting

EVERY ALICIA KEYS ALBUM ALWAYS STARTS WITH A PRELUDE. It’s a tribute to her classical training and often involves her toying with traditional piano arrangements that she then segues into the R&B-but-not-quite stylings that have made her one of the most successful artists in the world. Every album, from 2001’s Songs In A Minor to this year’s Alicia, follows this format. It’s a sign that Keys has always known the type of artist she wants to be, the type of album she wants to make: self-knowledge that those who witnessed her start her career in her teens have often attested to. Every intro is a promise of what’s yet to come, but on her new album it’s different: less an instrumental leitmotif and more a portent, here Alicia’s usual warm-up…