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icej aliyah

The scourge of anti-Semitism continues to rise dramatically year-on-year in Europe. According to EU officials, unreported anti-Semitic incidents in the European Union member states may be as high as 80% due to their lack of trust in the authorities to act in any meaningful way. The upward trend in anti-Semitic incidents in the USA is also especially concerning and has led to increasing numbers of Jews deciding to make Israel their home. Aliyah figures from the USA show that 2020 figures are up at least 50% over the previous years. Surge in Aliyah despite Covid-19 Despite all the recent global travel bans due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) was still able to bring a remarkable 1000 Jewish immigrants on Aliyah flights to Israel in the last four…

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“no weapon formed against you shall prosper…”

– Isaiah 54:17 Vision JOY! Magazine seeks to glorify God by educating and informing Christians of a Biblical Worldview and applying the Lordship of Jesus Christ to all areas of life. Many of you will know, by reading my columns, that I love to apply the Word of God literally in my life. It works like this: God whispers a Scripture in my spirit (commonly known as a Rhema Word), and this directly applies to the situation that I find myself in. This happened the other day so clearly and I trust that this testimony will encourage you to always trust in the Word of the Lord and walk in the protection of the Holy Spirit. Attacked by an aggressive watchdog I popped past a friend’s house to drop something off. They have an aggressive…

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overcoming our separation from god

A few years ago a man wrote an article on News24’s website angrily declaring his atheism. In the opening section of the article, after saying how he used to be a Christian (a claim I seriously doubt), he said the following: “I would now describe myself as an atheist – in the sense that there may be a creator, but if there is one, it is totally meaningless since this God engages in no way with our world or cares what happens to us in any way.” Is that correct? Because many people believe this! Most atheists are not pure atheists, which is to say that most people don’t firmly believe that there is no God. Most people are what we call “deists.” A deist is someone who believes that there is a…

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introduction to basic christianity

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16 The dictionary defines a religion as “the service and worship of God or the supernatural.” So, Christianity is obviously a religion. But what makes it different to any other religion? If the only thing separating it from other religions is a set of unique rituals, or a collection of unique buildings where Christians meet, then Christianity really does not have anything to commend itself at all. What then makes Christianity what it is, and why has it changed the lives of billions of people throughout the centuries? The answer is that Christianity is defined by its unique message. This message is called…

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salvation pr ayer

Jesus, I believe that You died on the Cross for me. There You were wounded for my transgressions, You were bruised for my iniquities; and the punishment for my peace was upon You. I have been like a lost sheep, I have turned to my own way, but I believe that God laid my iniquity upon You. You died for me. Then You rose from the dead, You ascended into Heaven, and are now seated on Your throne as Lord of all. Jesus, forgive me. I now turn away from my sin and put my trust in You. Fill me with Your Spirit, cleanse me, and take me as Your own. AMEN…

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Yesu, ndiyakholwa ukuba wandifela emnqamlezweni. Apho walinyazwa ngenxa yeziphoso zam, Walinyazwa ngenxa yobubi bam, ubetho loxolelo lwam lube phezu kwakho. Ndifana nemvu elahlekileyo, ndiye ndalahleka, kodwa ndiyakholwa ukuba uThixo walibeka phezu kwakho ityala lam. Wandifela, Waye wavuka ekufeni, wanyukela emazulwini, kungoku nje uhleli esihlalweni sakho njengeNkosi yako konke. Yesu, ndixolele. Ngoku ndiyaguquka esonweni sam, ndibeka ithemba lam kuwe. Ndigcwalise ngoMoya wakho, ndihlambe, undamkele njengomntwana wakho. AMEN “THEN I HEARD EVERY CREATURE IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH AND UNDER THE EARTH AND ON THE SEA, AND ALL THAT IS IN THEM, SAYING: ‘TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE AND TO THE LAMB BE PRAISE AND HONOUR AND GLORY AND POWER, FOR EVER AND EVER!’”REVELATION 5:13, NIV…