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JOY! Magazine October 2020

JOY! Magazine is one of the premier Christian Family Magazines in the world, covering a range of content including breaking Christian news, relevant current affairs, articles on marriage and family, devotional teachings and much more!

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seeing god’s hand in miracles

Vision JOY! Magazine seeks to glorify God by educating and informing Christians of a Biblical Worldview and applying the Lordship of Jesus Christ to all areas of life. “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Jesus Christ...” – Ephesians 3:20,21 In my column last month I wrote about the importance of exercising one’s faith, and I shared the faith scriptures that I declare daily. Well, this month I want to share a miracle that took place recently; I trust that it will be an encouragement to anyone who is standing in faith for a miracle of their own. A distressing situation A A good good friend friend of of mine…

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introduction to basic christianity

The dictionary defines a religion as “the service and worship of God or the supernatural.” So, Christianity is obviously a religion. But what makes it different to any other religion? If the only thing separating it from other religions is a set of unique rituals, or a collection of unique buildings where Christians meet, then Christianity really does not have anything to commend itself at all. What then makes Christianity what it is, and why has it changed the lives of billions of people throughout the centuries? The answer is that Christianity is defined by its unique message. This message is called “the Gospel.” It is the good news that although all people are guilty of sinning and stand justly condemned, God – in His great love – became a…

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stepping into the book of romans

The New Testament book of Romans is a copy of a letter written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome, sometime around the end of 58AD while he was in Corinth. He had never been to the Roman church before, although he had desired to do so for a long time. His purpose in writing the letter was to prepare the way in advance of a visit he was planning, with his primary concern being an explanation of the Gospel itself. Two themes from this letter Paul begins the letter with the question, “How it is that we can know God?” (The same question that we have asked in this series over the last few months). Let’s read the verses together now, and as we do so I want you…

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salvation prayer

Jesus, I believe that You died on the Cross for me. There You were wounded for my transgressions, You were bruised for my iniquities; and the punishment for my peace was upon You. I have been like a lost sheep, I have turned to my own way, but I believe that God laid my iniquity upon You. You died for me. Then You rose from the dead, You ascended into Heaven, and now seated on Your throne as Lord of all. Jesus, forgive me. I now turn away from my sin and put my trust in You. Fill me with Your Spirit, cleanse me, and take me as Your own. AMEN…

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Yesu, ndiyakholwa ukuba wandifela emnqamlezweni. Apho walinyazwa ngenxa yeziphoso zam, Walinyazwa ngenxa yobubi bam, ubetho loxolelo lwam lube phezu kwakho. Ndifana nemvu elahlekileyo, ndiye ndalahleka, kodwa ndiyakholwa ukuba uThixo walibeka phezu kwakho ityala lam. Wandifela, Waye wavuka ekufeni, wanyukela emazulwini, kungoku nje uhleli esihlalweni sakho njengeNkosi yako konke. Yesu, ndixolele. Ngoku ndiyaguquka esonweni sam, ndibeka ithemba lam kuwe. Ndigcwalise ngoMoya wakho, ndihlambe, undamkele njengomntwana wakho. AMEN…

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midgey’s moments

My Arnie (Aunty Trish) sometimes says some funny things to me. The other day she said, “Midgey, spring is sprung, the grass is riz!” Then she explained that all of a sudden, the days are warmer, the grass is growing, the trees have new green leaves and some are blossoming. She said that in the Bible it says that spring follows winter as surely as day follows night. God has established the pattern and so we can count on spring after winter. God is faithful, He never fails us and He loves to bless us. In the same way, during the times in our lives that maybe seem like ‘winter’ – somewhat dark and dismal – we need to remember that ‘spring’ always comes, eventually. We must just trust in the…