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Leisure Wheels February 1, 2016

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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Criminal life is easy Compliments on a very good magazine – I really enjoy every issue. Reading the column by Jannie Herbst in the January edition, I could not help but think how the lack of proper systems in SA is making a criminal out of me. We were on holiday with our caravan and we drove from Gauteng to the Southern Cape. After being home for about three weeks, I received a speeding fine from Plettenberg Bay for driving too fast on the R2, which has a speed limit of 80km/h. I received this notice by post, with photo and all. Being guilty and also being a lawabiding citizen, I went to the bank to pay the fine into the account given on the notice. While I was waiting in the queue, the person…

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beware of false advice

Denis Stigant’s letter in the January edition, “It’s all about Terrain Response”, and his allegations that “Land Rover’s Terrain Response has taken all the traction out of the tyres and into the system, thereby eliminating the need for one to deflate tyres” prompted this reply. He is referring to the 20inch low profile allterrain tyres fitted to the Range Rovers. This is not a “standard” tyre, as the tyre was specifically developed by Continental for Range Rover. And yes, we have to admit that progress in this field is undeniable. However, the rules of physics may be bent in one way or another (even with software) but they still rule! Here are the facts: A large wheel/tyre may improve road holding and handling, but delivers a harsher ride. The more sidewall you have, the more…

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bee status woes

It’s been a very difficult past few months for fuel retailers throughout SA. There has been a clear and definite attack on the black economic empowerment (BEE) status of ownership of retail petrol sites. I know that we have seen it coming over the past two years and we have had to fight off the oil companies on this issue, but the latest rumblings are, I believe, from the government’s side. I have never wanted to delve into the politics of our sector, but unfortunately I do feel the need to enlighten readers on the current status of our business. I initially got involved in this industry many years ago, because I believed that I was getting into a recession proof business. Everyone needs petrol, no matter how much it costs or the…

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time to hand over the reins

jannie@leisurewheels.com After creating WIEL motoring magazine in 1978 and selling the title in 1989, I stayed on for six years to run the business for what was then Times Media Limited. By 1995, after 17 years of looking after my “baby”, I called it quits – and embarked on the next phase of my journey. After stopping over in Hong Kong on many previous visits to the East during my WIEL years, and getting to know the place reasonably well, a business opportunity beckoned: buy goods in China and sell them in SA. I found an FM radio that looked like an old-style jukebox. In Sandton, this radio sold for R830. I sourced exactly the same unit from a Chinese factory for R8. I also found cool wristwatch radios, and started importing various…

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the commute from hell

gerhard@leisurewheels.com It all started with an innocent “ping” from my cellphone. I can’t remember the exact wording, but the message was something on the lines of “Park your car in a safe place, because a hailstorm is approaching.” I walked outside and sure enough, a few dark blue clouds were assembling above the Leisure Wheels office. The cars were parked in a safe spot, but I hit the road, hoping to get the Duster into my garage at home before the hail started. Alas, it was not to be. I was barely a kilometre from the office when the first raindrops appeared on the windscreen, so I headed for the nearest underground parking lot, which happened to be at Northgate Mall. With the Duster safely parked under a few metres of concrete, I was…

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one final swansong

As enthusiasts know by now, the all-new Hilux is coming to SA in April. We can’t wait to drive it, but in a way we’re hoping Toyota delays it just a little longer, so that we can keep on driving all the custom-built “Hilux swansongs” popping up all over the place. Our favourite so far has been Toyota’s very own REX, which made everyone in the office go out and buy a lottery ticket. How lucky we were to spend a week behind the wheel of a massive Lexus V8 with a racing Hilux bolted to it. If we had a million lying around, our first port of call would be the nearest Toyota dealership, after which we’d start trawling the internet for V8 engines. We’re not saying the Hilux on these…