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2 min.
engineers smoke the marketers

This is not a video game. This is Laguna Seca in real life where suicidal squirrels can dart across the Rahal straight that leads to the Corkscrew THE GERMANS. A serious bunch. Especially during office hours. But much like the Japanese, when night falls their moods change and their top buttons come undone, some levity gets breathed into them and damnit if they’re not my favourite engineers to hang around with after the dinner plates have been cleared and the wine glasses refilled. Herr Frank Isenberg, the man who oversaw the production of the BMW 1M and indeed the M2 (page 54), was no longer shy or reserved about his passion for his project cars, instead became animated and regaled us with his feats as M Division Production Manager. It was…

6 min.
what the hell does opel’s gt think it is?

That front end Concept’s droopy snout mimics original Opel GT, but it’s not retro, says design chief Mark Adams Those red tyres They’re meant to look spontaneous. In fact they look silly. Not helped by ‘rollerskate’ wheels That smooth look ‘Transitioning glass’ simplifies shape. 1.0-litre turbo vents through integrated exhausts Those instruments They feature back-projection to simplify design and avoid ‘rectangular blocks of regular screens’ Those strange doors Doors pivot on a fulcrum, hiding the front shut line. Looks cool, but is it practical? THE INSPIRATION CAME from the Experimental GT, a mid-1960s concept that looked part Corvette, part Miura, which Opel blew the dust off to mark the 50th anniversary of its Rüsselsheim design centre. ‘As a design team, it was great to pull all that stuff out and look at what was done…

2 min.
2016 ferrari gtc4 lusso

1 What the FF? – Ferrari has renamed its R5.1m four-seater, four-wheel drive estate car as part of a mid-life overhaul, so now we get to call it the GTC4 Lusso. Which just trips off the tongue. The new moniker references a number of historic Ferraris, including 330 GTC and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. 2 More fours – keeping the 4WD company in the GTC4 Lusso is a new four-wheel steering system. Collectively called ‘4RM-S’, this combo features adaptive dampers, an E-diff and ‘side slip control’ (v4.0 – natch). 3 More power – the 6.2-litre V12 also gets a tickle. Power is up from 485 to 508kW, while torque rises from 683 to 697Nm, 80% of which is available at just 1750rpm. 0-100kph drops 0.3sec to 3.4, while top speed stays 335kph,…

2 min.
the return of the return of alpine

AFTER MORE DELAYS Renault’s reborn Alpine sports car is finally upon us. Almost. This is the Alpine Vision show car, yet another in a long line of warm-up concepts for the Alpine brand’s protracted rebirth, but the retro-styled, two-seater, really rather pretty machine you’re looking at is near-as-dammit the real deal. It’s essentially a preview of the production Alpine, which gets its proper reveal by the end of this year and goes on sale in the second quarter of 2017. Ending Alpine’s back catalogue of exclusively rear-engined road cars, it’s driven by a mid-mounted turbocharged four-cylinder and paddleshift transmission. Renault won’t talk power figures, saying its new creation values weight-saving and agility above kW, but does quote a sub-4.5sec 0-100kph time, so it can’t be short of poke. Company insiders suggest…

2 min.
in the moment firing bmw’s m4 gts round the ’ring

01 ‘I think I was close to the limit…’ ‘We only had one shot at setting the time. Although we were there for a whole week, it was raining Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… On Thursday it stopped raining, we did damper set-up, and one lap in the evening. I think I was close to the limit, but I don’t know. I didn’t have time to practice…’ 02 ‘The ’Ring set-up is the road set-up’ ‘The GTS has more neutral handling than the regular M4, partly because of the 20-inch rear tyres. With all the suspension and aero options, I calculated 25000 potential set-ups. The Nordschleife setting is our street set-up. We set it up on the ’Ring, then checked it worked on the road.’ 03 ‘ Full throttle, easy’ ‘How does it feel? Whoah! The aero,…

1 min.
new car debrief > jaguar f-type svr

1 The double-ton – it used to require something exotic to crack 200mph (322kph). Now you can do it in an F-Type. And while this new SVR isn’t just any F-Type, it is Jaguar’s first Special Vehicle Operations car, so production isn’t limited and it won’t require you to sacrifice a kidney to get one. 2 Oi to the world – power comes from Jag’s punchiest V8, the 423kW/700Nm supercharged 5.0 that first appeared in the Project 7 F-Type. Fitted to a titanium exhaust that could really upset neighbours. 3 Draught steer – the SVR will be offered as both roadster and coupe. However, the drop-top stalls at a mere 312kph, so if speed (or keeping the toupée) matters, you’d best stick to the fixed-head. So to speak. Both, however, do 0-100kph…