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topCar March 2016

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divine inventions

I’M A SUPER Motorist. I don’t mean I’m a good driver, rather it’s a term I just made up since not only do I drive several cars on public roads, there’s also the fact that I usually derive great pleasure from doing so. And then there’s the other fact that my colleagues and I earn a living in this manner. That’s a trifecta! And while motoring might form the nucleus of our existence, many of us also derive great pleasure in enjoying the asphalt in a different way, on a bicycle specifically. Say that to the odd person and you can visibly watch the terror and confusion seeping into their expression, their eyes widen in utter disbelief and offense. It seems you still can’t be a fan of both means…

6 min.
new e-class: the quiet revolution

New E-Class: dripping with tech This smart Merc is taking over, helping drivers to see, steer, change lane and, in this case, brake. Automatic Active Brake Assist now gets a cross-traffic function: it widens the sensor array’s scope to prevent you pulling out in front of other traffic at junctions, and slows you down when closing on stationary traffic. Pre-Safe blows up ‘Pre-Safe’ is Mercedes’ term for the tech that tries to save you beyond the point of no return – bracing the car and occupants for impact. Even this gets a fluffing for the new E, though. ‘Pre-Safe impulse side’ instantly inflates the front seat bolster closest to the impact, pushing the passenger further away from the smash. ‘Pre-Safe Sound’ meanwhile emits a specific sound through the hi-fi, not to…

4 min.
jlr: the map to 1 million sales by 2020

JAGUAR LAND ROVER has been surfing a wave of growth and positivity these past few years. Nonetheless, 2015 looks like a stepchange year. The company announced plans for two new factories, cranked up serious production in two more, invested to double engine production and revealed plans to return to racing. While a slowdown in its key market – China – hit earnings and sales, record US, European and UK registrations propelled JLR to an unprecedented volume of 487065 vehicles. While officials are cautious to avoid saying so publicly, JLR has laid the foundations to break the 1m car barrier by 2020. That would see the company doubling in size, for the second time in a decade. Here’s the blueprint underpinning a potentially huge success story. THE GROWTH NUMBERS NEW CARS IN THE…

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in the moment driving on two wheels (with 16 passengers)

01 ‘I had the easy job’ ‘We needed 16 passengers in the car to get the record [for the most number of people in a car on two wheels]. My team worked out how and where to put everyone [including five people in the boot]. I just concentrated on what I had to do because I didn’t want to get distracted. I have the easy bit, the driving!’ 02 ‘I can’t see where I’m going’ ‘Rain made the aluminium ramp slippy, so sliding off it is a big worry. Once I’m up I can’t see anything to the left hand side, or most of what’s in front of me; I can only see a bit directly ahead and off to the right. Everything else is blind. So I kind of have to remember…

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the next big things by peugeot citroën’s boss

CITROËN NEEDS TO be different, and of our three brands, has the widest scope for innovation. The C4 Cactus is not a mainstream car. It’s fresh, polarising and rewarded for being different. It’s successful and profitable. Citroën is a smart, humanistic and optimistic brand. I need to let them do what they feel is good. They’re going in the right direction. > Peugeot is quite a German brand – well engineered, well manufactured, elegant, not showing off. They are at the upper end of the generalist brands. We shouldn’t forget that Peugeot was born in eastern France – near the German border. > We want to make PSA less reliant on Europe and more international. Ironically, we now see Western Europe growing [last year it was the world’s fastest growing major car…

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thinking, caring, driving 5 ways your 2020 car will help

It drives for you The BMW i Future Vision concept at CES 2016 explores what it might mean to balance future automotive tech against the primary directive of driving machine, showing off a high-res head-up display and a minimalist interior that changes depending on the driving mode. We aren’t talking Eco and Sport here – rather the difference between the driver being in control and fully autonomous motoring. In the latter, the steering wheel shrinks away to give occupants more space and the seats change profile to make viewing the 21in panoramic display screen more comfortable; in the former what’s shown on that screen is reduced to the essentials for getting your back-road groove on. Meanwhile the head-up display is so comprehensive it’s approaching true augmented reality. Not only will it…