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topCar September 2016

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Topcar provides unmissable coverage of the wide world of cars in a monthly magazine loaded with beautiful images, in-depth analysis and unbiased opinion by a passionate team of experts.

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and now, the news

‘Liberty Walk. A name synonymous with madness. In a good way’ Celebrating the best of GTI culture WHETHER YOU’RE THE type that gets your daily fix of current affairs via the traditional format of broadsheet newspaper, the television, through the internet’s wealth of news outlets or that most immediate of channels; social media, you’ll have noticed quite a bit of chatter this month. It started off with the devastation that was #Brexit, Britain’s elected exodus from the European Union. This was immediately followed by the British population Googling what the EU was, and realising it might not have been their smartest move this side of Y2K. The British Pound took a knock as a result, the Euro wobbled and all the world markets felt the tremor. This in a year where…

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jaguar land rover: the secret cars to smash the 1m barrier

JLR WILL UNLEASH seven new or replacement models by 2020, in a bid to more than double its output to 1.1m units. Four of the pumped-up vehicles will be Land Rover 4x4s, while Jaguar will launch an Evoquebased small SUV and a stunning pure electric crossover, one of two Jag EVs on the way. New drivetrain developments don’t end there: JLR’s four-cylinder Ingenium engine will spawn a straight six, and TopCar can reveal the Brits are in talks with BMW to share Munich’s next-gen V8. The first all-new car is Land Rover’s Discovery Mk5. Codenamed X462, the breakthrough is the switch to the aluminium D7u architecture, shared with the big Range Rovers. This will slash the kerb weight of the seven-seater, which looks barely any different to the 2015 concept car.…

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6 breakthroughs on porsche’s new panamera

1 Nürburgring nuke 7:38 – not a long-forgotten Boeing prototype, but the second-generation Panamera Turbo’s Nordschleife laptime. That overhauls Alfa’s hot Giulia by a second, making it the ’Ring’s fastest saloon. Launching Porsche’s new MSB architecture, the biturbo V8 sits behind the front axle to improve handling. With 404kW and 770Nm a Sport Chrono-pack Turbo gobbles up 100kph in 3.6secs, but cylinder shutdown allows it to operate as a four pot. But not at the ’Ring. Driver Lars Kern gave this nonchalant appraisal of his record lap to TopCar: ‘There are always scary moments in the run up to a record. But my fastest lap was calm: the Panamera understeers in the fast corners which gives confidence, in slower corners it rotates [eagerly] helped by rear-axle steering.’ 2 World’s fastest diesel It’s not…

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topcar’s curveballs

Tell us about your first car... ‘It was a 1978 Triumph Spitfire I bought “used” in 1980 [laughs]. I learned a lot about mechanics because it was always broken.’ Which achievement makes you most proud? ‘To be in the car business more or less 30 years continuously. I think it’s an achievement to survive it. In a Buddhist way, the process is more important than the result in the end.’ What’s the best thing you’ve done in a car? ‘To spend the whole night in a Mini in Sardinia after not being able to erect the tent because it was raining. I’m 1.92m but I was still able to sleep.’ Tell us about a time you screwed up ‘I wouldn’t say I personally messed it up but as the Audi A2’s design project…

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the topcar inquisition ‘i prefer to design a luxury product than a volume product. you have more freedom’

IT’S BEEN ALL-GO at Bentley design of late, in every sense of the word. First, director of design Luc Donckerwolke left to join Hyundai in June 2015 after less than three years in the job, last autumn the brand controversially launched its first SUV and then in May of this year Bentley’s head of exterior and advanced design SangYup Lee jumped ship (to join Donckerwolke). And it’s down to current director of design Stefan Sielaff to steady it. Luckily for Bentley Sielaff didn’t come cold to the job when he replaced Donckerwolke last July. A seasoned VW Group designer, Sielaff most recently worked across all the Group’s brands in their Potsdam studio, as head of interior design – ‘I was involved in the 2015 Speed 6 concept interior and the…

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events that rocked the car world lamborghini unleashes the miura

YOU CAN ARGUE all you like about whether the Lamborghini Miura was the first true supercar – the Mercedes 300SL and Jaguar C-Type are certainly in with shouts – but there is no question that it changed the automotive world forever when it was unveiled at the 1966 Geneva motor show. No-one had ever purpose-built a mid-engined road car before, let alone one featuring a transverse V12; even Ferruccio Lamborghini hadn’t considered the possibility until just a few months before, when he showed a Dallara-designed rolling chassis concept at the 1965 Salon d’Automobile Turin to astonished acclaim. And it wasn’t until after Turin that Nuccio Bertone’s newly appointed chief stylist Marcello Gandini penned the low-slung form, a mere 41.5 inches tall, that almost instantly ensured the Miura would become legend.…