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Wildlife Ranching Magazine Issue 3 2018

In 2013, it was estimated that approximately 17 percent of land in South Africa make up the private wildlife industry. Value chains include: • Breeding, which includes high-value and plains game; • Hunting, which includes biltong and trophy hunting; • By-products, such as game-meat, leather products, horns and curios; • Ecotourism, such as photographic safaris, game viewing and trails. Wildlife Ranching magazine content is conceptualised and produced based on editorial pillars that represent the wildlife ranching industry value chains, with a focus on the issues that matter most. For more information, e-mail:

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the values issue

It is interesting that the theme of this edition of our magazine is VALUES. Without even knowing about the theme at the time, I gave a lot of thought to the importance of a firm value system for an organisation such as ours, while preparing this, my first message as president of WRSA. I specifically refer to an organisation “as ours” because WRSA is not only a voluntary, non-statutory, membership-driven organisation; it is also a registered non-profit company. Governance and values are therefore even more important. The decision I had to make earlier this year on whether or not to accept the nomination to serve as WRSA president for the next two years, turned out to be easier than I thought. After having served on the WRSA Board of Directors for…

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die waardes uitgawe

Eerwyl ek voorbereiding gedoen het vir my eerste boodskap as president van WRSA vir die Wildlife Ranching-tydskrif, het ek baie sake oorweeg. Die belangrikheid van ’n onwrikbare waardestelsel vir ’n organisasie soos ons s’n, het my aandag gevange gehou. Ek verwys spesifiek na die organisasie as “ons s’n” omdat WRSA nie net ’n vrywillige, nie-statutêre, lidmaatskapgedrewe organisasie is nie, maar ook ’n geregistreerde niewinsgewende maatskappy. En was my verbasing groot toe ek sien dat die tema van hierdie uitgawe WAARDES is! Die groot besluit wat ek vroeër vanjaar moes neem of ek die benoeming as president van WRSA vir die volgende twee jaar moes aanvaar aldan nie, was op die ou end makliker as wat ek gedink het. Uit ondervinding tydens my betrokkenheid as lid van WRSA se Raad van Direkteure,…

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publishing editor’s note

In this issue of Wildlife Ranching magazine, our expert contributors focus on both value and values. These are important terms when it comes to success – and they are highly relevant to the wildlife ranching sector. In our lead cover article, ‘Questions of value’, Michael ’t Sas-Rolfes states that understanding the nature of diverse values is arguably not just interesting, but essential for the forward-thinking rancher. He makes an important concluding statement: “To realise the true value of wildlife ranching means not only recognising and enhancing its economic value to society, but also accommodating – and reducing the conflicts between – a wider range of values.” Safety and security are important aspects to all and underpinned by values.JC Strauss introduces our readers to a series on farm safety and security by…

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value & values

Value and values: these are two very important words in the context of wildlife ranching. What is the value of wildlife ranching to the rancher, to the environment, to the country as the whole? These are issues we have dealt with in many articles over the past decade and again in this issue of Wildlife Ranching magazine. This value is realised in the four pillars of the industry, namely breeding, hunting (by local hunters for meat and/or trophies and foreign hunters mainly for trophies), ecotourism and products such as skins, leather, other artefacts and curios and of course game meat. The value of game ranching consists in not only the preservation and conservation of, but more importantly the promotion and expansion of biodiversity in the country. The aspect of where wildlife…

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waarde & waardes

Waarde en waardes : Dit is twee baie belangrike woorde in die konteks van wildboerdery. Wat is die waarde van wildboerdery vir die wildboer, vir die omgewing, vir die land in geheel? Hierdie is kwessies wat ons in verskeie artikels die afgelope dekade bespreek het en ook weer in hierdie uitgawe van Wildlife Ranching-tydskrif. Hierdie waarde word gerealiseer in die vier pilare van die bedryf, naamlik teling, jag (deur plaaslike jagters vir vleis en/of buitelandse jagters hoofsaaklik vir trofeë), ekotoerisme en produkte soos velle, leer, ander artefakte en kurios en natuurlik wildsvleis. Die waarde van wildboerdery lê nie net in die bewaring van biodiversiteit in die land nie, maar belangriker nog in die bevordering en uitbreiding daarvan. Die kwessie van waar wildboerdery op die spektrum van bewaring en biodiversiteit val, word…

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on the cover

Buffalo breeding bulls can be a handful – but Titan, an older breeding bull that was originally bred by Pieter Prinsloo of Pymat Game Breeders, is anything but. “He has a very good temperament and has fitted into my herd very well,” says Sollie Potgieter, owner of Burkea Wild (Sollie’s legendary eland, King Dawid, appeared on the cover of Wildlife Ranching Issue 2, 2018). Sollie bought Titan from Tambotie Floodlands game breeder Peter Bellingham, who had to sell him to avoid inbreeding. “I believe in buying bulls with a proven track record. I want to see the progeny of a bull before I consider using him for breeding purposes,” says Sollie. “With the price of buffalo, it is high risk to buy a bull without knowing anything about his progeny. You…