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Zigzag June 2018

Zigzag is one of South Africa's oldest niche titles, and the fifth longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than three decades we've been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.

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editor’s note

Out of all the parts that make up this mag, I often find this column the most difficult to put together. “What do I talk about this time?” I’ll think to myself for days. Then when it comes to sitting down and actually writing it, I’ll start with the thoughts about surfing that are at the front of my mind. At first I thought I’d write about the problem the Durban beachfront is facing with regards to sand. I’ve been included in many back-and-forth e-mail discussions about the issue, and how the lack of sand being pumped onto Durban’s central beaches is putting the promenade and its infrastructure under threat. And many have got behind the call for the local municipality to do something about it before the Golden Mile crumbles…

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DROP THE ZAG A LINE ON LETTERS@ZIGZAG.C0.ZA AND BE HEARD MIND SURF MATERIAL Somewhere far in the south of the Caribbean, this particular wave is so good that only a sequence can do it justice. Crystal clear 27 degree water, only five guys out. This is the Caribbean, mon. Sven Seifritz, The Caribbean – Stop it! Makes us want to jump in a plane for a visit. Great to see your adoptive home has blessed you with a warm welcome, Sven. The Cape’s icy waters miss you though. CAPE ST FRANCIS AND CANADA What excitement when I picked up your Nov/Dec issue and found an article (The Milk Train to Mecca) with photos of myself surfing Cape St Francis some 53 years ago! The trip was arranged by three of us; Peter Terblanche, Izak Kenney and myself,…

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points of difference

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this is evident in surfing. Some of us prefer rights, others lefts. Many enjoy the challenge of bigger waves, while others look for something more manageable. Reef breaks entice some, while a nice, smooth sandy bottom is heaven for others. If you ride a shortboard, you probably prefer a grinding little pit, while a log is better suited to slopey peelers. Liam Bulgen liked what he was seeing here at Inner Kom, and paddled out to enjoy a memorable session. ©VAN GYSEN Flip the page for a different perspective. On the other hand, Kommmetjie charger Matt Bromley would probably take one look at the lineup on the spread before and get back in his car or hop on a plane to look for something…

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people like us

If Zag were to compile a list of PE’s best surfers, Robert Jacobs would be among the first names pencilled in. “I wouldn’t call Jakes a local legend, because around here we usually keep that kind of status for the ballies,” jokes photographer Kody McGregor when asked for his votes, “but he is definitely among the upper ranks of rippers in the bay.” Having helped form the CYOH Surf Club would probably be enough to earn Jakes legend-status, as the club has done great things helping grow the local surf scene. But it’s in the water where Jakes does his best work, regularly finding the bombs at Fence and shredding them apart. Fence and shredding them apart. Name: Robert Jacobs Age: 36 Nickname: Jakes Local spot: Fence Occupation: Area Manager at Kaytech Engineered…

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partners in brine

THE OCEAN – AND MORE SPECIFICALLY, SURFING – HAS A KNACK FOR TURNING BOYS INTO MEN, NERDS INTO DUDES AND EVEN RIVALS INTO BROTHERS. It naturally presents a curriculum of currents, swells, and wind, which is all fluently structured upon a foundation of rock and sand. To accurately translate the nuances of waves is to undergo an intuitive and scientific education, which only really matures once compounded by knowledge and experience. Eli Beukes and Luke Slijpen are two stellar students of the ocean academy. Both cut their teeth on the icy Benguela-infused Atlantic coastline with Eli’s father, Peter, first wading him out at the “South African Trestles”, Yoyo’s, up in Lamberts Bay. Meanwhile, Luke’s dad, John, ensured his son took advantage of growing up on Cape Town’s beaches by grooving his style…

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traveller’s tale

Surfers are story tellers. Being able to spin a good yarn is wound into the fabric of what it is to be a surfer. And surf trips are the breeding ground of some of the best stories you can get. Whether you’ve travelled to a far flung corner of a distant archipelago in search of waves, or just done a trip down the coast, it’s a certainty that you’ll have some interesting tales to tell. And that makes you an interesting person. All thanks to surfing. And surf trips. It’s often said that life is all about collecting stories. But to get the stories you have to live your life. Bill Sharp, a previous editor of Surfing magazine, said it best: “I feel bad for people who play tennis or basketball or…