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Zigzag July 2018

Zigzag is one of South Africa's oldest niche titles, and the fifth longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than three decades we've been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.

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editor’s note

Admit it, you love it when your surfing buddy misses a good session and you get to tell them all about it. “You should’ve been there, bru. It was pitting left, right and centre, ekse.” The recount often includes a couple of embellished facts, and the surfer regaling doesn’t give the full report; like how crowded it really was, or the fact that it only barrelled left, right and centre for half an hour while the tide filled in. But that’s the beauty of it, your buddy wasn’t there to learn the truth for themselves. I remember my first time. I was twelve, and up until that point my brother and I had always surfed together. When he went for a wave, little bro would come too, so the opportunity to rub his…

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going postal

THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION I got in touch with surfing for the first time in Muizenberg recently. I’m 50 and live in Bucharest, Romania, and have just returned from my first visit to South Africa. Kak! (I learned this word in Cape Town). It seems like I’ve been missing the party for 50 years: the board, the ocean’s energy, the waves and the beach light, a new freedom, a new spirit. Incredible joy, fun, passion and a fabulous vibe. I was lucky to get Deon and Ryan from the Surf Shack as instructors. They managed to help me enjoy every single second I spent in the water, and finally to stand up. Do not laugh, but I’m very proud of my multiple ten second stand-up rides I managed in the fourth lesson.…

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points of difference

Since the genesis of pro surfing in 1976, there has been a long list of South Africans representing at the highest level. Including world champs like Shaun Tomson, Wendy Botha and Martin Potter, there have been other performers like Heather Clark, Jordy Smith and Bianca Buitendag fighting it out for world titles. And who could forget the 2007 season when there were no less than six Saffas on the Dream Tour? Among those names were Ricky Basnett, Royden Bryson, Travis Logie, Rosy Hodge, Davey Weare and Greg Emslie, who retired following the 2009 season after nine years on the World Championship Tour. Nowadays you’ll find him back home in East London away from the spotlight, still doing what he does best. Flip the page for a different perspective. Now it’s Michael February’s…

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tubes on tap*

At 10:00pm on 28 September 2002, I stood shivering on the edge of a pool in the middle of the Pilanesberg mountains. Rave music was blaring from speakers, lasers were lighting up the sky, and I was holding a surfboard in the dark, waiting for a sculpted lion’s head to start spurting water, which would be my cue to jump in. I was at the Valley of the Waves at Sun International’s Lost City resort. Travis Logie and I were finalists in a man-on-man surf-off at a Spring Break festival. It was held on a cold spring evening, with hundreds of people on the beach dancing to hideous music. We drank beers between waves and whoever could fit that extra turn in before it closed out against the wall, would win. Trav won. The…

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t0 the un level playing field

THERE’S A FAMOUS LINE FROM THE 1989 MOVIE FIELD OF DREAMS THAT GOES, “If you build it, they will come.” In the film, novice farmer Ray (played by Kev Costner with a full head of hair) hears this while walking through his mielie field. He keeps hearing the voice repeat this line until he realises it’s the ghost of a dead baseball star telling him to build a stadium in the arse-end of nowhere. Everyone thinks Ray has gone a bit crazy but he clears his field and builds the stadium anyway. With his family facing financial ruin, it looks like Ray was sold a lemon but then lo and behold, a team of famous dead baseball legends rock up to play ball! The movie ends with thousands of fans arriving to watch…

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it's a log!

Four years ago on a whim, I put a single fin into my performance longboard, and although the mix is incongruent (I had no idea at the time), in that first golden single-fin session a new consciousness began to emerge. The sensation of the ride was entirely different, although I could not discern why – not then. But as my attraction to single-fin longboard surfing deepened, as I became an unapologetic enthusiast, I slowly learnt. For me, that lightbulb moment came when I entered a contest run by a group of like-minded surfers in Port Elizabeth, and a new world of time-honoured surfing unravelled before me. At the time I did not own a log but a kind soul, Dean Simpson, lent me his. To my dismay, having become accustomed to whipping…