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Packed with step-by-step instructions and tried-and-true strategies, Quick+Easy Quilts teaches readers how to create beautiful quilts in no time at all. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned quilters of all ages. Every issue includes 14+ quick & easy quilting projects, quilt making fundamentals, step-by-step instructions and fun gift ideas!

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new beginnings

Last summer, McCall’s Quick Quilts and its sister publications, were purchased by Peak Media Properties, a new media company that specializes in magazines and online content in the fine arts and crafts community. We will no longer be publishing Quick Quilts, but don’t worry! We are currently developing a new magazine that will replace Quick Quilts, it’s called Fons and Porter’s Quick & Easy Quilts. You should be receiving our inaugural issue in June 2020 and this will replace your current subscription. Fons and Porter’s Quick & Easy Quilts will contain the quick projects you’ve come to love and so much more! Scheduled to launch this summer, this all-new publication will feature delightful projects from well-known designers combined with storytelling elements to make this magazine unique. Quick & Easy Quilts is…

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Quilt Designed & Made by Scott Flanagan Finished Quilt Size 70" x 90" Number of Blocks & Finished Size 13 Block Y 12" x 16" 12 Block Z 12" x 16" Plan Scott’s twin size quilt crackles with color and warmth, like a cozy fire on a chilly night. The rectangular blocks come together into a lovely allover design that disguises where one block ends and another begins. The random, scrappy placement of the colors adds to the effect. Scott used assorted precut 2½" strips to make his blocks. If you wish to do the same, you will need at least 45 assorted width of fabric strips to cut the required patches. Use an accurate ¼" seam allowance throughout to ensure all elements of the quilt fit together well. Shop • Assorted batiks 3⅜ yds. total for…

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tuscan vintage

a blend of techniques with lots of flavor Quilt Designed & Made by Scott Flanagan Finished Quilt Size 64" x 82" Number of Blocks & Finished Size 12 Blocks 18" x 18" Plan Shades of rich burgundy and deep olive against a shimmering cream background recall sun-dappled days spent among the rolling hills of Tuscan wine country. Scott’s stylish design incorporates clever stitch & flip methods, as well as partial seams, to make the large blocks that create a secondary pattern when sewn together. This pattern is perfect for using a selection of precut 2½" strips. If you use precut strips with a usable width of at least 42", you will need a minimum of 39 strips to make the blocks, though you will probably want to include more strips to get more variety in color…

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color play!

Scott made a mini version of this design with thinner strips and smaller patches, using a similar scrappy approach in brighter, more varied colors for the strip-piecing. He gave it a different look by using the same green fabric in the block corners and binding. This version demonstrated how the design itself is not dependent on a specific color placement or combination; it’s strong enough to be adjusted and played with to get different looks. You could make all blocks the same, or make the strips in the blocks go in a gradient of color to completely change the look of this versatile pattern.…

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glimmer glow

Quilt Designed & Made by Gigi Khalsa Finished Quilt Size 56" x 74 ½" Plan Ombre, metallics and dots, oh my! Simple piecing sparkles and shines thanks to gorgeous fabrics and specific color placement. This design takes full advantage of precut 2½" strips with selvage-to-selvage ombre prints, set off by strips of tone-on-tone dots. The construction of this quilt is super simple; the trickiest part is keeping track of color placement. A vertical design wall is extremely helpful for keeping strips and units organized as you sew. Gigi used 2 bundles of precut 2½" strips. From the metallic dot bundle, she used 38 strips and had 2 strips left over. There were 20 colors in this bundle; 2 matching strips of each color, making the mirror image design possible. The unit 3’s require just…

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back to school: stitch & flip with strips

Stitch & Flip is a valuable and versatile technique to have in your sewing repertoire. Using the technique with strips rather than squares increases your skills and design possibilities exponentially. There are just a few differences to keep in mind while incorporating strips in this technique For best results, mark a 45-degree line on a strip to be sewn with stitch-and-flip. If you attempt to estimate the angle without marking, you can end up with wavy sew lines and uneven raw edges on the joined strips, which will affect construction of the overall pattern. To mark the sew line on a strip, refer to the Marking Diagram. Place a strip on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up. Align the 45-degree mark on ruler with the long raw edge…