Quick+Easy Quilts June/July 2021

Packed with step-by-step instructions and tried-and-true strategies, Quick+Easy Quilts teaches readers how to create beautiful quilts in no time at all. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned quilters of all ages. Every issue includes 14+ quick & easy quilting projects, quilt making fundamentals, step-by-step instructions and fun gift ideas!

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making memories

I wanted to make a quilt from the time I was four years old. That’s odd perhaps, but I was always drawn to the idea of stitching patchwork to create something cozy and warm—and useful. Over the years, I made quilts as gifts, t-shirt quilts to mark the races my running friends finished, quilts to commemorate weddings, and to celebrate the birth of babies. It is a special thing to gift a quilt and create a memory. This issue is filled with tips, ideas, and quilt patterns for marking milestone moments through quiltmaking. Learn to make a signature quilt with Elaine Theriault’s Happy 50th Anniversary. Don’t miss the feature Making Memories for many practical tips for making a signature quilt—from pens to party set-up. We have quite the assortment of Quilts…

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about our contributors

Natalie Crabtree Instagram @njcrabtree Natalie lived in Kyoto, Japan near the Nishijin Textile district for a year with her husband and considers it the most fulfilling time in her life. She lives in Mason, Ohio. Charisma Horton charismascorner.com Charisma is a wife, mother of six, and a prolific quilter, designer, and longarmer. She is originally from Alaska but now lives in Ephrata, Washington. Amanda Murphy amandamurphydesign.com Amanda is a quilt and fabric designer whose style bridges the modern and traditional. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sue Pfau sweetjanesquilting.blogspot.com Sue first started quilting as a flight attendant, bringing hand appliqué on flights. She has been designing easy and interesting quilt patterns since 2006. Tara Reilly orchardhillquilting.com Tara is a a longarm quilter and pattern designer living in beautiful Highland, New York. Elaine Theriault crazyquilteronabike.blogspot.com Elaine is a quilt designer and educator for Husqvarna Viking who is just…

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inspiration for the new quilter

There are several ways to make Flying Geese. Which method you choose depends partly on personal preference, but also has to do with how many you need, how large or small they are, whether the fabrics are all the same or scrappy, and how they fit together in the project. Flying Geese are twice as wide as they are tall. Common sizes are 1"x 2", 1½"x 3", 2"x 4", and 3"x 6". Here you’ll find four methods to make Flying Geese and suggestions for when each method would be most useful. For our examples, we used Flying Geese to finish at 2"x 4". The charts give the cutting dimensions for common sizes of Flying Geese, but it’s helpful to know how to do the math yourself in case you ever need Flying…

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happy 50th anniversary!

finished size: 66" × 78" finished blocks: 83 (6" X 8"), 10 (4" X 6") Signature quilts are my favorite. I made a signature quilt for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. I used a Double Wedding Ring in the center and used photo transfer to put their wedding picture and a current picture in two rings. The other two rings had machine embroidery with the dates. The colors were green and gold–their provincial Saskatchewan colors. My brother did most of the running around, collecting signatures with his little squares of fabric backed with freezer paper and the Micron pens. It was hilarious! At the event, for whatever reason, we got more people to sign for a second quilt that never got assembled. I guess we didn’t get everyone the first time. I decided…

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making memories

Choose a relatively plain fabric for the signatures. Test the pens you plan to use on the actual fabric for visibility and bleeding. Pre-washing the signature fabric is a personal choice. The inked signatures may soak into the fabric better if the sizing has been washed away, but if you wash the signature fabric, you may want to wash the other fabrics as well. Before cutting, iron the fabric to freezer paper to stabilize it for signing. Cut extra pieces so mistakes are no problem. A note about seam allowances: it’s very important that you clearly outline the area into which the signature goes. Allow for some space between the signature and the seam allowance; give yourself some insurance by drawing a box well inside the seam allowance (a few people will still…

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bear lake

finished size: 70" × 88" On a recent trip to Bear Lake, I was freezing in the evenings while sitting outside. I wished I had a simple-to-make quilt that was also graphically appealing. I wondered what would happen if I cut squares as large as possible and then cut them into quarters. I don’t think I have ever seen a quilt with such huge triangles—but wonder, why not? It certainly would be a cost-effective use of the fabric. My intention was to back this quilt with something easy to care for and very cuddly because I want to drag it around with us as we travel. Plan Krisanne made a cozy quilt to snuggle under at the lake using fabulous fabrics and soft minky on the back. Krisanne always matches directional prints, so we…