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Real People

Issue 9 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

These dog days of winter are hard going, aren’t they? Everyone’s a bit miserable, still feeling the Christmas pinch, like a hangover that won’t quite go. So we decided we needed a bit of cheering up around here. And what really gets us grinning is giving you more. So here for a few pennies more is a whole lot more Real People! A bumper issue we’ve packed for payday. Yay! Over 72 pages we’ve stuffed it with even more brilliant real-life reads, more puzzles and even a 24-page mini crime mag, too. What Natalie suffered at the hands of her baby daddy will shock you… and there was worse to come. But this strong, young mama has triumphed now and he won’t be hurting anyone else (p6). Without him, she and…

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our mad world!

LOST FOR WORDS! Check out my little brainiac, Emily. Seven months old and she’s tackling the Real People Whopper already! Jennifer Drummond, Dunfermline UK It just wasn’t Alan Hattel’s day. First the 75-year-old was miffed that his friends had stopped calling him, then he finds out why – they thought he was dead! Someone had even put his name on a headstone. He said it was ‘like something out of Only Fools and Horses’. GOLDEN TOUCH My work colleague, Keith, surprised me on my birthday as my idol David Beckham – for a heart-stopping moment I thought it was really him! Sue Hutchinson, Cheltenham, Gloucs. IT’S ME OR THE DOG! Well, see ya then, as us Brits love our pets to bits... 1 in eight owners have faced the ‘it’s me or the dog’ ultimatum 4 in 10 would dump a…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Gray is a man under pressure this week. He’s representing two Walford residents over their involvement in Leo’s death and, if I were his clients, I’d start getting measured up now for black-and-white stripy tops and bottoms! He lies to Tiff about the state Whitney’s in and tells Chantelle he wants to drop her case before being told by his boss to get Kush to plead guilty to his charges. Chantelle can see Gray’s anger bubbling under. She is, quite rightly, worried for herself, as well as being concerned for him. So will he do the right thing by Kush? And can he get Whitney out on bail, at least? Elsewhere… Jean’s keeping busy helping sick Suki. Shirley, however, smells a Suki-shaped rat, which causes a row between the two old pals. Oh!…

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i bleed for you

Squinting down at the screen, I felt bewildered. I held the phone at a different angle, looking at two pics supposedly of the same person. But two totally contrasting haircuts: one long, one shaved. You look completely different in these photos, I texted Back, quick as a flash, came a message. I once shaved my hair off to raise money for a cancer charity. Now, I was impressed. What a nice thing to do! This Luke Thompson was a good guy. He was 19, two years older than me and we’d met on a local online app I’d joined to make new friends. I’d left school after being badly bullied and was struggling with anxiety. It was so bad, now, in June 2013, that I could barely leave the house. But a week later a message popped up. Cinema? It was…

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suffer little children

Now he was sleeping like a baby, while I managed to crawl a little way to the corner of the bed. I lay there, too shocked to move any further. Violated by the man whose baby I was expecting in a few weeks. Eventually, I crept out of the bedroom and slumped into a chair in the living room. I was raw and sore down below. Would Mum be up yet? Yes. I saw she was active on Facebook. I sent her a message, I’ve had no sleep. Can you come and pick me up? Five minutes before she was due to arrive, Luke stirred. ‘What’s up?’ he asked, seeing me in the chair. Nonchalant. As if nothing had happened. He’d attacked me and raped me! Mum’s car pulled up. Hurriedly, I put the scarf on to hide my bruises and rushed outside.…

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the life & sol

Marbs – the Spanish party city where it’s advised you really shouldn’t be consuming bread or pasta before arriving – is more than a TOWIE honeypot. Nestled into the base of the Sierra Blanca mountain range, Marbella has a mix of old town culture, a vibrant nightlife and sandy beaches on offer. The city first became an international resort in the ’50s as a jet-set rival to the south of France and since then, famous faces have flocked to the seaport, including the likes of Simon Cowell, Sean Connery and, of course, Gemma Collins. So keep your eyes peeled –you might even spot a WAG or two! INSIDER’S GUIDE The swanky marina of Puerto Banús is a must for celeb spotting. Found five miles west of Marbella, the port is an exclusive haunt for folk who…