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Retro Gamer is the only magazine in the UK that’s fully dedicated to the halcyon days of classic gaming. If you’ve ever fondly blasted away at the Bydo Empire in R-Type, swung Bowser by the tail in Super Mario 64, or navigated all 20 levels of Matthew Smith’s Manic Miner, then this is the magazine for you. Created by a dedicated team of experts, Retro Gamer’s mission is to deliver constantly engaging and passionately written articles that cover a wide range of subjects. We offer our readership in-depth looks at classic games and franchises, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the software houses from yesteryear, and one-on-one exclusive interviews with industry veterans such as Archer Maclean and Hideo Kojima. Stylish, entertaining and beautifully presented, Retro Gamer is the ultimate guide to videogaming’s rich and diverse history.

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the retrobates

DARRAN JONES Visiting Quay Amusements, my local arcade. Genres formed and evolved so quickly during this period that I was being constantly blown away on an almost weekly basis. Expertise: Juggling a gorgeous wife, two beautiful girls and an award-winning magazine, all under the same roof! Currently playing: Treasures Of The Deep Favourite game of all time: Strider ANDY SALTER Going to the arcades genuinely felt special, probably because at the time nothing you could get at home could live up to the quality of the arcade games. Expertise: Modding games, no ‘vanilla’ versions for me, thanks! Currently playing: Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Favourite game of all time: Rome: Total War JOHN SZCZEPANIAK Everything felt eclectic and novel. Even when a developer copied someone else, you probably hadn’t seen it before. Today I feel like I’ve seen literally everything. I…

1 min.

I was seven years old when the Eighties game revolution began, and it’s safe to say that those early experiences with videogames led me to where I am today. While I cringe at many of our family photos from that time period – let’s just say my sense of fashion was questionable – my eyes light up whenever I find a picture of me proudly holding my Amstrad CPC or the many shots that show me standing in front of a Star Wars or Double Dragon arcade cabinet on our yearly visits to Porthcawl. While the Nineties was also a great time to be a gamer, things still felt incredibly exciting during the Eighties. Arcade games really came of age and new types of gaming experiences seemed to arrive overnight whenever I…

5 min.
reinventing the classics

“We are always looking at new games based on Atari IPs that we can bring to the market. Stay tuned!” Tony Chien Atari has been in and out of the news for the last couple of years and has been linked to everything from new consoles to hotels. The company is still releasing games, and like 2018’s Tempest 4000, the newly released Pong Quest and Missile Command: Recharged are modernised updates of true classics. We spoke to Atari’s VP of marketing, Tony Chien, and senior producers Simon Deal and Jason Polansky to find out more. How do you select which games to modernise? Tony Chien: The process of selecting which IP to reimagine depends on various factors, including the concept, audience, platform and developer, among other things. It’s always exciting to hear from…

2 min.
brain games

TRIVIA Since we’re revisiting the Eighties this issue, here’s a test of your gaming knowledge from the decade of bedroom coders and tape trading 1: Which CPU powered the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Master System, among others? A MOS Technology 6502 B Zilog Z80 C Motorola 68000 D Intel 8086 2: When Double Dragon was originally exported, what names were given to Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee? A William and James B Chainz and Nailz C Axe and Smash D Hammer and Spike 3: The May 1984 issue of Heavy Metal magazine featured an illustration later used by which Dinamic game? A AMC: Astro Marine Corps B Game Over C Army Moves D Freddy Hardest 4: When shown at American trade shows, what prototype name did the Nintendo Entertainment System go by? B Advanced Entertainment System C Video Entertainment System D Family Computer System 5: Which magazine did Future Publishing…

3 min.
my old man’s a dodgepot

It seems weird to think that my dad was integral in getting me into gaming. It’s weird because he was the most computer-illiterate person I ever met. He died seven years ago, but thinking on it, I’m pretty sure he never even had an email account in his life. He was my gateway to this magical world I’m still in love with. One night, my sister and I were allowed to stay up late as dad was bringing home something very special for us. This was a common occurrence. Dad ran the props department at the BBC and throughout our childhood he was always bringing back ‘something special’. This usually meant ‘something stolen’. Highlights include a Betamax video recorder (it was the first in the street, but we weren’t allowed to…

3 min.
what the hell?

I’ve got a confession to make. Pour yourself a stiff one, peel your ears back and settle down, because what you’re about to read may cause you to gasp so hard that your trousers fall off. As I write this, some 100 days or so into lockdown – I’m fairly confident that by the time you read this we’ll still be in that situation, to a greater or lesser extent – I’ve realised I’ve got no massive interest in videogames. Old, new, somewhere in between… I’ve barely touched a game controller in the last three months. Even Doom Eternal, which I’d been looking forward to, I’ve left unfinished. Likewise Streets Of Rage 4. I played it for a few days, but then realised I was playing it because I felt I should…