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Retro Gamer is the only magazine in the UK that’s fully dedicated to the halcyon days of classic gaming. If you’ve ever fondly blasted away at the Bydo Empire in R-Type, swung Bowser by the tail in Super Mario 64, or navigated all 20 levels of Matthew Smith’s Manic Miner, then this is the magazine for you. Created by a dedicated team of experts, Retro Gamer’s mission is to deliver constantly engaging and passionately written articles that cover a wide range of subjects. We offer our readership in-depth looks at classic games and franchises, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the software houses from yesteryear, and one-on-one exclusive interviews with industry veterans such as Archer Maclean and Hideo Kojima. Stylish, entertaining and beautifully presented, Retro Gamer is the ultimate guide to videogaming’s rich and diverse history.

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the retrobates

DARRAN JONES Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X for me. An amazing Xbox exclusive featuring all the levels from the first two games, as well as some new ones. Expertise: Building the ultimate gaming/work-from-home room Currently playing: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Favourite game of all time: Strider ANDY SALTER The Simpsons Skateboarding. Okay, it’s not a Tony Hawk’s game but I never played any of them, probably because I liked The Simpsons more than skateboarding games. Also, I enjoyed skating around and exploring Springfield. Expertise: Modding games, no ‘vanilla’ versions for me, thanks! Currently playing: Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Favourite game of all time: Rome: Total War WARREN BROWN Pro Skater 2. It was my first experience of the series, and I played it on a PC… with cursor keys! Expertise: Making good on my claim that I could ‘create’ a…

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You may not believe it to look at me now, but back in the day I used to do a fair bit of skateboarding. I’d regularly hang out in a little gang with some mates and we’d hit the half pipe at Slade’s Farm skate park (it’s still there) and dangerously skate on the roof of the Horizon garage near my mate Paul’s house (that’s still there, too). Hell, we’d even take the trucks off our wheels in winter and slide down dangerously icy hills on just our boards – something I absolutely do not recommend. By the time the first Tony Hawk’s game had come out, my skateboarding days were well behind me, but the game instantly connected with me; not just because it looked fantastic, but because it captured…

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more mini madness from sega

Sega is making the most of its 60th anniversary. Despite the global pandemic, the publisher has been giving its fans plenty to look forward to, including the reveal of Sega Shiro, the son of Sega’s mascot, Segata Sanshiro; the remaster of Alex Kidd In Miracle World we showcased last month; a UFO Catcher that lets you grab all manner of iconic items from the Sega vault, as well as a selection of mini Game Gear consoles. It would appear that Sega is just getting warmed up, however, as it has just announced a brand-new mini console, and if we’re honest, we’re incredibly excited about the potential of this new miniature beast. We say ‘beast’, because Sega’s latest micro console is hosting some incredibly powerful games (for the time they originally came…

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must plays

DARK EDGE Before Virtua Fighter found critical acclaim, Sega made this interesting attempt at a 3D fighting game. While the strict use of 3D means the controls are rather challenging, the distinctive cyberpunk theme (characters include a mutant and a cybernetically enhanced soldier) and smart scaling visuals certainly help make it stand out. VIRTUA FIGHTER It’s certainly showing its age nowadays, but Sega’s polygonal brawler is still worth revisiting. While it wasn’t the first one-on-one fighter to use polygons, it set the template for everything that followed, including Sega’s own sequels. It’s not clear if we’ll get any Model 2 games on the Astro City Mini so this will probably be a technical showcase for the system. GOLDEN AXE: REVENGE OF DEATH ADDER It’s a crying shame this never got a home release back in…

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your nes, but blockier

Lego and Nintendo have joined forces to create a NES-themed Lego set. It’s quite an elaborate piece of design, including over 2,600 pieces enabling you to build the console, a controller, a cartridge and a television. There are plenty of neat touches – it’s possible to open the cartridge port and slide the cartridge in, and the controller connects to the console. More impressively, the TV simulates a classic game of Super Mario Bros, via a crank that scrolls a level on continuous belt. This Lego set should be on sale now at an eyebrow-raising price of £209.99.…

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totally game presses start

Future’s video team at Barcroft Studios has been busy scouring the world for stories about the real lives of some extraordinary gamers, and the result is a new series called Totally Game. While you'll doubtless be most excited by the tour of the arcade that Jeremy built in his family home, other stories are equally fascinating – we were amazed by the skills of RockyNoHands, who plays Call Of Duty with his mouth due to his paralysis. The series is available on GamesRadar+, with new episodes debuting each Wednesday on YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.…