Retro Gamer No. 215

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the retrobates

DARRAN JONES While I love shmups, Shock Troopers is my favourite. I bought it as soon as it appeared on the Switch eShop. Expertise: Juggling a gorgeous wife, two beautiful girls, a SNES-loving cousin and an award-winning magazine, all under one roof! Currently playing: Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition Favourite game of all time: Strider DREW SLEEP It’s gotta be Metal Slug, right? There was a coin-op in Kidderminster’s swimming baths and it was literally the best thing about that entire town. Expertise: Longboards, bandannas and Final Fantasy Currently playing: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Favourite game of all time: Final Fantasy VIII NICK THORPE I just love everything about The King Of Fighters ’98 - plenty of characters, great backgrounds, memorable music. Of course, tomorrow I might change my mind and say Neo Turf Masters or Mark Of The Wolves… Expertise:…

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Few consoles say luxury like the Neo Geo AES. I was constantly promised by various adverts, publishers and game reviews that the new game I was looking forward to was going to be ‘arcade perfect’ but they rarely ever were. The Advanced Entertainment System was different though. Here was a system that was identical to the arcade experience, because it was the arcade experience, with the only real difference being differently sized cartridges and packaging for home use. While we’ve looked at the system in the past, this has been the first time we’ve been able to peek under the hood and get insight about the specifications and hardware from the developers that worked on the MVS and AES. It highlights not only how capable the developers were, but just how…

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virtual reality gets a virtual revival

Back in 1993, Sega Of America was planning an ambitious virtual reality headset for the Genesis. It would track your head movements like a modern VR unit, it would support a variety of games, and it would cost just $200. Avid Sega fans will know that no such unit was ever released, but this wasn’t just talk – Sega had actually shown off this device at CES in the summer of 1993, and at least four games were in development. This year the Video Game History Foundation (VGHF) was able to use source code for the game Nuclear Rush, provided by the programmer Kenneth Hurley, to not only build a playable version of the game but adapt an emulator to provide VR support. To find out more about this revival of…

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historical digs

DAYS OF THUNDER Using source code from floppy disks loaned by the family of the late programmer Chris Oberth, a complete working version of an unreleased NES Days Of Thunder game was compiled. This was a complex process that involved working with files encrypted using very old software, split over many disks, and it ultimately required a volunteer to put together hardware of the appropriate vintage. From there, data had to be located from a variety of different disk sets to build the game correctly. ALADDIN Through examination of the source materials for Aladdin, including source code and art, Rich Whitehouse was able to find plenty of unused content from Virgin’s classic Mega Drive game. A variety of lost enemies including a sword swallower, a prisoner and Iago on stilts were found and…

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news wall

SMASH GETS SMASHED NINTENDO ACTS TO PREVENT ONLINE MELEE TOURNAMENT The Super Smash Bros tournament scene has long had a strained relationship with Nintendo, and a new dispute has erupted over the annual tournament The Big House. The traditional event had been cancelled in July due to the ongoing pandemic situation, but an online tournament was then scheduled for December 2020. In order to host the perennially popular Super Smash Bros Melee online, the organisers were planning to use the Dolphin emulator with the Slippi mod for rollback netcode. Nintendo has always taken a dim view of unauthorised emulation and anything that resembles piracy, and unsurprisingly sent a cease and desist letter. The entire event, including the perfectly legal Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, was cancelled as a result. Players quickly responded with…

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you are not alone

My name is Iain and I am a retro gaming addict. I thought I was unique. I self isolated. No one understood me. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there is an alternative! You can be a retro gaming addict (or RGA) in the company of other individuals who have the same condition. Obviously we have the mighty Retro Gamer to comfort us. But we can also chat with others afflicted, watch them as they indulge their sickness, and get comfort knowing we are not alone. Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is there are loads of retro heads like you and me online and it’s really cool watching them play and even becoming part of their community. I love it and I suspect some of you will…