Retro Gamer No. 225

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the retrobates

DARRAN JONES It’s no longer practical to play 16-player Halo matches, so I’m going to go with the chaotic brawls of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Expertise: Juggling a gorgeous wife, two beautiful girls, a SNES-loving cousin and an award-winning magazine, all under one roof! Currently playing: Double Dragon Neon Favourite game of all time: Strider ANDY SALTER There was a period in the mid to late-Noughties when Guitar Hero wasn’t just a party game, it became the reason to have an actual party. Not that I ever played it much myself… it’s not a Total War game, lol. Expertise: Modding games, no ‘vanilla’ versions for me, thanks! Currently playing: M&B2: Bannerlord… Modded of course Favourite game of all time: Rome: Total War GRAEME MASON My sons and I regularly cause mayhem with a madcap session of Metal Slug or Metal Slug…

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We all have moments when we feel old and this month’s cover star is certainly making me feel my age. I can remember encountering Super Monkey Ball like it was yesterday and I can still hear the screams of rage and the howls of laughter that accompanied the many games of Monkey Target and Monkey Golf I would play with my mates. Shockingly, both those memories happened around 20 years ago. Dang, Sega’s cute simians are getting old. And yet, while those delightful little critters may be getting on in age, they’ve certainly done well for themselves, spawning several games over the last two decades, including a brand-new HD remaster of the first three console releases, Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, which we discuss…

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smells good

CONTENTS 6 SMELLS GOOD Paul Murphy chats to us about the popular Nintendo mag Ninty Fresh 8 IAIN LEE Has gaming changed since you were young? It’s certainly transformed for Iain 10 MR BIFFO Paul discovers that the many console retro tribes are still alive and well 12 A MOMENT WITH We speak to Tim Lapetino about his new book which celebrates the 40th anniversary of an arcade icon 14 BACK TO THE NOUGHTIES Nick travels back to December 2004. Will be remember what he got for Christmas? Paul Murphy is a busy man and one who has a clear love for both magazine craft and anything Nintendo-based. His latest co-venture is the popular Ninty Fresh, a magazine that’s dedicated to all things Nintendo and is currently celebrating its fifth issue. While it covers all modern aspects of the popular Kyoto-based…

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among all of us

I’ve just finished an hour-long session on Impostor, the new mode on Fortnite. It’s yet another in a lengthy list of Among Us clones. It’s fun and me and my two boys laughed a lot as we bluffed, double bluffed and triple bluffed our way through eliminating each other every round. Last week I was playing Goose, Goose, Duck – which is, yup, you guessed it, a copy of Among Us. Is that how it works now? You’re allowed to copy any game you want and not get done for it? It reminds me of when we used to holiday in Zakynthos. Every night we’d head to the main square because there was good food and rides for the kids. All of them had Disney characters painted on the side. Now,…

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tribes within tribes

Shortly before settling down to write this month’s missive, I received some backlash on social media over a recent Retro Gamer column, in which I extolled the virtues of the ZX Spectrum over the Commodore 64. Though it all resolved relatively amicably, once I explained that I had just been doing a big silly, I remained taken aback by how seriously my column had been taken. I am a man well into middle age, with myriad more important things going on in my life than caring whether anyone thinks my (admittedly beloved) thing that I owned when I was 13 was or wasn’t better than another thing that other people owned. Presumably, most of you reading this would have left school decades ago. I had thought we were so far beyond the…

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tim lapetino

Writer, designer and ‘geek historian’ Tim Lapetino is co-author of Pac-Man: Birth Of An Icon, which delves deep into the game’s creation and its cultural impact across four decades. He spent all of 2020 playing over a hundred versions of the game and exploring the crazy world of the series’ memorabilia. You can share his journey on Twitter @365ofpac. Tim is also the author of the best-selling book, Art Of Atari. Pac-Man turned 40 last year. Why is he still such an icon? I think the foundation of Pac-Man’s lasting power is the game itself. The gameplay, the design and the overall challenge are still something that players find fun and engaging four decades on. The design choices by Toru Iwatani’s team were particular and specifically minimal and that’s meant the game…