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January - February 2019

Ride magazine is a high quality cycling magazine that caters for both road and off-road cyclists, be they competitive or recreational riders. The magazine contains many timeless 'How to' and 'You can’ articles covering issues relating to health, fitness, skills, maintenance and nutrition. The average Ride magazine reader is health-conscious, goal-orientated, self-motivated, an outdoor enthusiast and a keen, regular traveller. Over the 14 years of its existence the magazine has played an important role in growing cycling into one of the biggest participation sports in South Africa.

South Africa
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season’s greetings

HOPEFULLY, WHEN YOU READ THIS YOU WILL BE LOUNGING AFTER A FINE RIDE, a hearty family meal and with some holiday spirit in your system. One of the joys of the small break some of us afford ourselves at this time of year is the extra time to ride our bikes. For many, this is a time spent at home, with the family, emptying the job jar and playing ball in the park in return for a few stolen hours on the mountain or the road. For some, it involves new roads, a different environment and the smell of sun screen. Either way, chances are you will be off your beaten track and taking in sights and sounds that are unique to you, your bicycle and a few other kindred souls…

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big prang theories

When not potting in his shed, STEVE SHAPIRO can be found in his natural habitat, penning award-winning poems or pondering the wisdom of the Chosen Gear. My latest awakening in these heady speculative challenges presented itself the other afternoon when I took the wrong bike out of my shed. Everything seems connected in terms of cause and effect, although I have yet to see any convincing evidence of a superior form of intelligence putting it together for a worthy reason. Let me, in defiance of all the vagaries of physics and philosophy, try to trim the sequence of events to a more ordinary, accessible narrative. You may re-arrange the order of things as you see fit. I had an appointment with my friend Bernhard, ostensibly to put the world to rights, under the guise…

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africa riding

THE HUMBLE BICYCLE IT’S DIFFICULT to believe that the ground-breaking, human-powered velocipede was invented a mere 180 years ago. A posthumous high-five must go a Scottish blacksmith by the name of Kirkpatrick MacMillan, who reputedly constructed a prototype bicycle from wood – with iron-rimmed wheels – in 1829. He then wobbled forth in high spirits – one assumes – and knocked over an unsuspecting pedestrian in his home county of Dumfries. Records show that he was fined the princely sum of five shillings, and thus started the finger-pointing between the contemporary Lycra Brigade and the rest of the two-wheel-challenged world out there. Give or take a century, and bicycling had progressed from an alternative form of transportation to first the cachet of sporting glory, and then full-on cult. This status holds true…

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go do it!

YAMBI GUEST HOUSE, KIGALI Yambi is a small boutique hotel located in one of the capital’s residential suburbs, with 10x separate rooms, each with its own unique design. The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful garden and spectacular views of the green hills of Kigali – as well as high-speed internet and access to Netflix – makes Yambi a favourite with urban travellers. Their library features travel guides, and the friendly staff are more than happy to help out with tourist info or city tours. A superb breakfast is included in the rate, while toast, coffee, tea, filtered water and tropical fruit are available through the day – www.yambihotel.com PARADISE KIVU LUXURY RESORT Undoubtedly our find of the trip, with sumptuous gardens in a beautiful and tranquil setting right upon the scenic shoreline of Lake Kivu.…

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The club was formed in 1989 with six founder-members, including Herman and Susie Mills, (although it was about a year before they were married); Susie later went on to found Ride magazine. Susie and Herman now live in Australia. None of the founders is still involved, although the club still flourishes as it has for nearly 30 years, in its own up-and-down kind of way. The founders considered themselves revolutionaries and they were encouraging the mountain bike movement in SA, in its infancy (the first privately-imported bikes landed in around 1984, and the first brand to be marketed (Bridgestone) in around 1987/8. They wanted to get people on mountain bikes, wearing baggy shorts and T-shirts to make them different from roadies. Membership numbers fluctuate each year, and currently stand at 74,…

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Based in Durban, the East Coast Cycling Club started out as NAPPA, the Natal Amateur Pedal Power Association, way back, then becoming the East Coast PPA before finally changing its name to ECCC in 2008. Paul Vesely was the founding Chairman, and while there are a handful of members left from those early days, the bulk of the club is made up of newer cyclists. Currently it boasts 275 members, with the bulk in the 45-55 age group, and an 80:20 male:female split, with a focus on both road and mountain biking. The club retains the ethos of its original iteration; to provide a safe, social environment for regular, noncompetitive cyclists wanting regular, organised rides and post-race socials. Cycling can be a social sport, and the club works hard to…