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Ride magazine

Ride magazine January 2017

Ride magazine is a high quality cycling magazine that caters for both road and off-road cyclists, be they competitive or recreational riders. The magazine contains many timeless 'How to' and 'You can’ articles covering issues relating to health, fitness, skills, maintenance and nutrition. The average Ride magazine reader is health-conscious, goal-orientated, self-motivated, an outdoor enthusiast and a keen, regular traveller. Over the 14 years of its existence the magazine has played an important role in growing cycling into one of the biggest participation sports in South Africa.

South Africa
Silhouette Sportswear Manufacturer
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In this issue

3 min.
it never gets easier

I WRITE THIS AS I VACILLATE BETWEEN INTENSE RELIEF, AND OVERWHELMING REGRET. Another Munga has come and gone, another DNF in the results column. There is no comments column on these things – as there shouldn’t be. You finished, or you didn’t. My very short time on the bike this year reinforced how brutal our sport can be. 45-degree temperatures, 40km/h-plus headwinds, rutted roads, sand… normal people wouldn’t have left the air-conditioned comfort of the Windmill Casino in Bloemfontein. Cyclists, of course, are not normal. And that generalisation covers not just the 80 nutcases who left Bloem in a cloud of dust, as summer warmed up for its infernal zenith, at the end of November. Anyone who swings a leg over a bike for anything but essential transport has actively chosen…

3 min.

MUNGA MOTIVATION #1 I guess the question is usually asked at the end of the Munga, but for the purpose of winning the magnificent bike, this question is now asked in the beginning. I rode the 2014 Karoo2Coast on my 2013 Cotic Solaris 29er HT steel frame with a Lefty. I also rode the Nissan Trailseeker Series in Cullinan in 2016; lots of mud, nearly quit because the mud got in everywhere, but then realised that my Strava was still running. So I kept going. The bike is the same, just resprayed and new fork and wheels in 2016. I only have one bike. I have always ridden hardtails. It used to be carbon but I wanted something that you could not buy in any store. Something very unique. I wanted to show…

1 min.
in the know

RHODES MEMORIAL TO CONSTANTIA NEK On 1 December 2016, it became legal, for the first time, for cyclists to pedal off-road from Rhodes Memorial to Constantia Nek. While not too technically challenging, riders need to be reasonably bike fit to ride these trails, or be equipped and prepared to spend a few hours out there. The trail includes a few compulsory portage sections. A SANparks My Activity MTB (Level 3) permit is needed and users are reminded that the trails are shared with other trail users (runners, walkers, dog walkers). The trails are clearly marked, as are the no-go areas. WHERE DO I START? From Rhodes Memorial (going towards Constantia Nek), follow the footpath below Newlands forest until some 200m past the entrance to the Fire Station. From there, follow the signs – the gate…

1 min.
it’s back!

Twenty months after devastating fires destroyed most of Tokai, the trails network reopened in early December 2016. Initially Tokai will re-open on a trial basis on weekends only, while the last of the burnt pine and gum trees are being removed. In March 2015, some 5000 hectares of land was destroyed when fires raged in the Cape Peninsula. The blaze broke out in the mountains above Boyes Drive and, fuelled by a strong south-easterly wind, spread rapidly to Noordhoek, Tokai and Hout Bay. Most of the trails were destroyed. Following an appeal from TokaiMTB for financial assistance to rebuild the trails, the Pedal Power Association paid for two professional contractors for 62 trail-build days, as well as additional labour and materials. In total PPA spent R145 000 on Tokai in 2016…

1 min.
just yolking!

BREAKFAST FRITTATA Serves 3-4 6 eggs 50g feta cheese ½ red pepper Spring onions Fresh basil Salt & pepper to season WHY? With a protein digestibility score of 97 per cent, eggs also provide all nine of the essential amino acids needed to promote muscle recovery, maintenance of muscle and the building of lean tissue. As they are slow digesting, they help you stay satiated for longer. CALORIES? Combining multiple egg whites with one or two whole eggs cuts fat while maintaining taste, and provides a higher amount of protein, allowing you some easy versatility with your calorie consumption. NO YOLKING MATTER The idea that eggs are high in cholesterol and saturated fat and are poor for heart health is no longer considered to be true. The American Heart Association has found that consuming eggs can not be reliably linked to increased cholesterol…

2 min.
time tamers

SINGLE-LEG DRILLS Do a five-minute warm-up in an easy gear, then unclip one foot and hold it backwards, clear of the pedals. Pedal smoothly with the other leg for 20-30 seconds before changing legs. Repeat 10-15 times on each leg with a cadence around 85rpm+. Clip both feet in and pedal smoothly for five minutes before cooling down. This will make you aware of any inconsistencies in your pedal stroke and encourage you to think about a fluid circular stroke. SPIN ACCELERATIONS This drill can magnify unevenness in pedal stroke, work the core and provide resistance. Do a 10-minute warm-up then accelerate your legs from normal cadence to max cadence/leg speed. (Use a moderate gear focusing on technique, not power.) When you start ‘bouncing’ in the saddle, focus on smooth pedal strokes to reduce…