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Rodding USA Issue# 35

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RoddingUSA is a high quality monthly magazine featuring hot rods and events from across America. The content rich magazine is designed for readers who enjoy the core hot rod experience and is created for them by hot rodders with experience and passion for the hobby.

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United States
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the most challenging photo shoot

A while back, someone asked me where I was planning to photograph for its cover and feature in the pages of Rodding USA. I thought for a couple of minutes, and my answer was that I wasn’t sure where I would photograph it, but I knew it would have to be an exceptional location which would portray our publishing location of Arizona.. I also stated that in the back of my mind I knew that for some unknown reason it would be my most challenging photo session. giving consideration, I decided to make a call to Old Tucson Studios, which is located 12 miles west of downtown Tucson in Tucson Mountain Park. The park encompasses 20,000 acres of incredible and pristine Southern Arizona desert. Old Tucson was built in 1939…

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friends forever

Bob Cliff was hunting for a 1932 Ford in 1967, and on Thanksgiving weekend he ran across a gentleman in San Bernardino, California who was selling his Deuce Roadster because he had too many projects. The car was a rolling project which included Kinmont disc brakes, ’39 Ford rear end, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr transmission, and Ardun heads which unfortunately were not included in the $600.00 sale price. Who would have known that 51 years later Bob and his Deuce would be friends forever? In 1995 Bob decided he needed to get the Deuce back on the road after 11 years of storage and began the update. The ’32 would receive a new frame, hairpin radius rods, front disc brakes, Vega steering box, rear ladder bars and a Ford 8-inch rear. The…

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the deuce time line

1967 Purchased car for $600.00. 1968 Installed a 301ci Chevy engine and upholstered the interior. 1969 Blue lacquer paint is applied. 1970 Served the U.S. Air Force in Viet Nam. 1971 Returned to San Bernardino, CA and began attending many shows. 1972 In December the car was photographed by Richard Bean for Street Rodder. 1973 Transferred to Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, AZ. While driving to Tucson, the rear axle broke in Palm Springs. Installed a Columbia 2-speed rear. The roadster is featured in the December issue of Street Rodder. 1974-75 Built 350 and 383 engines. Columbia rear blew up and was replaced by a Ford 9-inch, and the car was put in storage. 1978-81 He was transferred to Germany and left the car behind. 1981 Back to Tucson and driving the car again. 1984 Moved to Phoenix to…

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1932 ford roadster

OWNER: Bob Cliff – Mesa, Arizona. CHASSIS: Reproduction. FRONT SUSPENSION: Dropped I-beam axle, hairpins, Vega steering box, disc brakes. REAR SUSPENSION: Ford 8-inch, drum brakes, ladder bars. TIRES/WHEELS: American mags, front 6x15, rear 8.5x15. Cooper tires, front 205/65-R15, rear, 235/70-R15. ENGINE: Chevy 383, Edelbrock Tri-Power, Rochester G2 carbs. TRANSMISSION: GM Turbo 350. BODY: Original 1932 Ford. INTERIOR: Pearl white vinyl upholstered in 1968. ACQUIRED: 1968, purchase price $600.00. THANKS TO: Ed Moore (AA/FA Mob), Ed Sutton, Tom’s Top Shop, Hugh Frazier, Kirk Ward and Thom McDonald (pinstriping.)…

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rodding news

Shelby’s Way Roadster After the death of our son Shelby in 2009 by suicide, Christ and passion convicted me to start a non-profit to assist others who have been affected by suicide. Shelby’s Way not only educates and informs but through our events, we raise money to help clients with everyday financial needs, mental health care, and medicine along with funds to help families bury their loved ones lost by suicide. Unfortunately, even with five events a year and online donations we will have a $30,000 shortfall for 2018 and 2019. With the growth of my shop, Shelby’s Speed & Kustom I have decided to build a 1932 Ford Roadster to benefit Shelby’s Way. I hope to get manufacturers involved in Project Thirty-Two, which would help us save on parts by allowing…

6 min.
midwest roadster run 2018

Mel Lawyer of Taylorville, Illinois owns a small collection of hot rods and enjoys building and driving them, with his blown small-block Chevy-powered ‘32 Ford roadster being his favorite. But, what could be more fun than driving around in a hot rod, than driving with a bunch of your like-minded friends? To that end, Mel created the Roadsters of America page on Facebook and then invited all to join him on a cruise. The Midwest Roadster Run took place on Saturday, September 22, 2018. For those who arrived in town on Friday evening, the Best Western Premier motel provided excellent lodging, while the FBI (Fat Boys of Illinois) provided cold drinks and refreshments in the parking lot. Roadster pilots met up in Alton, Illinois just downstream a few miles from the…