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Rootless Living

RLM 011 Sept/Oct 2021

Rootless Living brings you stories of digital nomads and the work they do while traveling. Read this digital nomad and full-time RV magazine!

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Rootless Living
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from team rootless

FROM THE FOUNDERS IN THIS ISSUE you’ll find some really inspiring renovations, but our favorite renovation is the new look to the Rootless Living Magazine. Earlier this year we hired our Managing Editor, Jess Stiles. Jess has done an amazing job collaborating with our contributors and finding people with really inspiring or encouraging digital nomad stories and lifestyles. We feel like the magazine's voice gets better and better as we continue to stay focused on our mantra … FOR DIGITAL NOMADS, BY DIGITAL NOMADS. In June we hired Melinda Gonzalez to come in as our Art Director. As an experienced graphic designer she’s worked with multiple magazines and has already made huge strides in bringing Rootless Living’s visual voice to life. As we went over the proofs for this issue we couldn’t believe this…

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the feed

#RootlessLiving “It’s so insanely cool to see all the different people and ways others travel and live!” @roamsweetroamers @our_rv_days “Summer outdoor movie nights are a family favorite. The kids' pure excitement at this little switch from indoor to outdoor brings me so much joy.” @minihousebigliving “Arches National Park - Going in February was perfect! The crowds were few and the trails were epic.” @airstreamin.brb “According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution. Who else has a “mini bar” in their tiny home?” @our1chance “This is a moment we won’t surely forget…the moment we crossed into the shallow waters of the Florida Keys.” Join the Rootless Living Community and see your shots in the magazine! Tag us on Instagram @RootlessLivingMag or use the hashtag #RootlessLiving. You can also follow us on Facebook @RootlessLiving.…

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bringing people together with food

AS SOMEONE WHO loves food, in all facets, my favorite thing is to use it to bring folks together. We’ve been living “in community” off and on this past year and it has changed so many things about the way we live and the accoutrements that we carry in our tiny house on wheels. As we designed our van, we only thought about ourselves and how we live and travel. But, what we’ve realized is how much we enjoy being with others and the aspects of living in a community, doing community meals and hanging out with other people, truly living out of doors. So we’ve adjusted over time to make gathering easier and more fun for all. One of the most obvious changes has been tweaking and adjusting our now very…

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coffee to go

TAKE ONE LOOK at Chad Ellingson’s Volkswagen, and you’ll determine pretty quickly that he knows a thing or two about coffee. Half the vehicle is packed with coffee supplies, the tailgate is down to operate as a mobile brewing station, and “COFFEE” is scrawled in large, white block letters on the pop-up. Autobahn Coffee is a mobile outdoor coffee shop Chad runs out of his ‘72 Volkswagen Westfalia. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Chad brings his passion for simple, no-nonsense quality coffee to outdoor events across the region — and provides a meeting space for like-minded, caffeinated community members to gather. This is the fourth year that Chad has operated Autobahn Coffee in his van, but his passion for coffee stretches back even further. Chad’s love for coffee first began while he…

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happy vintage campers

IT ALL STARTED with 300 bucks and a wild idea. In 2016, my husband and I, along with 8 of our 9 children, were planning a 2-week summer vacation in the Midwest. We knew that our budget wouldn’t allow for staying at hotels, so we looked at other options. We considered camping in tents, but after some thought, we decided against it. Two weeks with 10 people exposed to the heat, humidity, rain, and other elements while in a tent would be too difficult, even for our adventurous spirits. This was the moment my wild idea was born. I thought to myself, “Why don’t we buy a camp trailer?” At this point, we knew very little about trailers. Neither my husband David or I came from “RV-ing” families. I started looking for trailers…

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year long weekend

IT DIDN’T TAKE long to learn to connect on Zoom calls and pretend there wasn’t a dog barking or a baby crying in the living rooms of everyone’s homes due to the coronavirus. Flash-forward to present day, and my partner and I have packed up our L.A. apartment, sold our cars for a F-150 truck, and purchased a travel trailer to “ride-out” the pandemic as best we can. For nearly a decade, both of us have worked in the entertainment business, casting talent for reality television shows. Typically, this is a very in-person career with dozens of face-to-face meetings a day, but with all of Los Angeles practically at a stand still, we were told not to return to the office indefinitely. That was our cue to weigh staying in L.A.…