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SA Garden and Home March 2020

SA Garden and Home is the ultimate magazine for home lovers of all ages. It features gorgeous homes and gardens and is filled with great tips and ideas for both decorating and gardening not to mention the latest info on lifestyle trends, creative people, entertaining, travel and more.

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new and improved

I must admit, I love a makeover. I can’t resist finding out how creative homeowners transformed dated houses into beautiful spaces that enhance their lives. As a result, I’ve become a bit of a renovation show junkie, glued to the TV to see how the sad turns into the stylish. This month’s issue is devoted to befores and afters both big and small, so you’ll definitely find inspiration for projects you might be considering. The budgets and effort involved vary considerably, from the tons of soil that had to be removed in order to build a level entertaining area off the Churches’ Durban home on page 44 to the simple cosmetic touches that transformed the guest bedroom on page 58. We loved the new look of Sarah and Rex McGregor’s home in…

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home front

Colour CRAZE Sometimes, a dash of vibrant colour is all you need to add that wow factor to a room. MRP Home’s Lisbon chair, R1 500, will do the trick.mrphome.com LINEN WITH CHARACTER Volpes has just launched their new Vintage Cotton Collection. The stone-washed fabric has a luxuriously soft feel and casual look that’s ideal for modern or shabby-chic bedrooms, and the natural crumple means there’s no need for ironing. volpes.co.za Trade ROUTE Sanderson’s new Caspian collection is a gorgeous mix of pattern and texture. Celebrating the historic Silk Road, it’s both playful and opulent, with ikats, chintzes and Ottoman-inspired designs rendered in beautifully exotic colours.stylelibrary.com Terrazzo TERRIFIC Terrazzo is certainly having a moment and Notation Design, known for their modern concrete products, have released a range of terrazzo items in a variety of colourways that makes…

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the farmhouse, reimagined

Despite the dated façade and limited floor space, Debbie Whittaker immediately saw the potential of this property in Kenilworth, Cape Town. “It faced north, had a south entrance, spectacular mountain views and was centrally located. Importantly, it had huge renovation potential,” says Debbie. “A low-maintenance house that allowed for relaxed, open-plan living was the aim.” After meeting with architect Lynn Farrell, who specialises in residential projects, Debbie felt she had found the right person to help make her dream a reality. The original house was demolished, except for the foundations and one living room wall, and they worked within the original footprint of the house. “By building a first floor and lifting ceiling heights, we were able to create generous spaces with magnificent, oversized windows and doors that let the outside…

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something old, something new

Did you always want to be an artist? Art is the blood that flows through my veins. I didn’t become an artist, I was born one. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating. In fact, I knew by the time I was about eight that I was going to pursue a career in art. I started out as a professional sketch artist and then moved onto using acrylic paints. I now focus on contemporary recycle art. How would you describe your style? Recycle art is using plastic bottles, cans, and single-use plastic bags instead of traditional mediums. I make the public aware of the ongoing problem of consumer plastics and their impact on the environment with investment-worthy pieces. Who and what inspires you? My uncle, an artist, was my first…

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cordon bleu

EXPERT TIPS Joanne Sykes, marketing and sales director of Cemcrete, has these tips for using cement-based finishes in the kitchen All cement-based products, including Cemcrete’s decorative range, are porous and must be sealed once they are fully cured to prevent staining. We recommend applying Cemcrete’s SiliconSeal before a topical sealant. SiliconSeal penetrates the surface and makes it moisture proof. But clean up spills such as wine, oil or juice as soon as possible to avoid staining. On countertops, no matter what they are made of, use a trivet for hot pots and pans to prevent heat stains and delamination. Use a chopping board rather than cutting directly on the counter as this can scratch the surface. Clean surfaces (floors, walls and countertops) with recommended products and avoid those containing harsh chemicals and ammonia. Regular…

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building on the past

After several months of unsuccessful house hunting, Sarah McGregor took matters into her own hands. Spotting a house in the right area that had potential, she put a note in the postbox asking the owners to contact her should they decide to sell. “The phone rang that afternoon and we concluded the sale soon afterwards,” she says. What appealed to Sarah and her husband Rex about the property was the location, the good bones and the space to extend if they filled in the enormous pool. The next step was to ask architectural technologist Tilly Ive to redesign the three-bedroom house to suit their lifestyle. “We wanted to keep the existing house intact as far as possible,” Sarah says. “We didn’t want to demolish a home where the previous owners had spent…