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SA4x4 June 2019

SA4x4 magazine is written for anyone who loves to travel to wild places in their 4x4s. Covering beautiful routes in southern Africa and beyond, this title also deals with gear selection, vehicle reviews, and trail driving. This magazine contains everything you need to know about self-contained, vehicular travel in wilderness areas.

South Africa
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ed’s letter

If your bucket list includes seeing the natural wonders of the world, then you have to thrill at Ernst and Helga Hegenbarth’s journey through Chile and Argentina. There are visual treats aplenty, from deserts to glaciers, as they travel in a Mercedes Sprinter camper through the Patagonia region to the southernmost tip of the continent. Also in this issue is a tale of fear and elation, as Anton Willemse and a group of adventurers tackle a very-eroded Baboon’s Pass in Lesotho. It’s Grade 5 in places, and the convoy comes away battered. Anton reckons it’s hard to recommend unless you are related to Thomas Baines and have a 4x4 with large wheels and plenty of wheel travel. The Lesotho trip highlighted a key aspect of hardcore 4x4 driving: selecting and using recovery…

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EDITORIAL EDITOR Angus Boswell angus@sa4x4.co.za JOURNALISTS Andrew Middleton andrew@sa4x4.co.za Mikail Baker micky@caravansa.co.za DESIGN Hayley Davis Claire Barwick SUB-EDITOR Denise Rossouw CONTRIBUTORS Kevin Bolton, Paul Donovan, Lorraine Doyle, Dan Grec, Ernst Hegenbarth, Stuart Reichardt, Henk Vallentgoed, Anton Willemse SUBSCRIPTIONS Cindy Thomson subs@sa4x4.co.za 021 702 4200 AD SALES GAUTENG SALES Anton Willemse anton@sa4x4.co.za 082 775 2926 Angela Devenish angela@caravansa.co.za 084 408 9120 WESTERN CAPE SALES Spencer Manuel spencer@sa4x4.co.za 082 351 2554 KZN SALES Brian Jefferies brian@sa4x4.co.za 082 772 5555 TRAFFIC MANAGER Denise Reid-Daly traffic@caravansa.co.za 021 702 4200 GROUP PUBLISHER Godfrey Castle PRINT AND PRODUCTION K.C Publications…

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DAMARALAND IN THE SIXTIES Reading Johan Louw’s travel report (SA4x4 May 2019) of the desolate wilderness of the Damaraland, reminded me of a time in the late Sixties when we visited the area around Twyfelfontein in my friend’s old Landy – one similar to Johan’s rattle box. At the Aba-Huab River crossing, there were two young German ladies who had buried their VW beetle in the deep sand. In our rush to play lifesaver, we got stuck as well - but only for a short while. We had forgotten to engage the wheel hubs! My most recent visit to Damaraland and Kaokoland was in 2017. From his report, it was obvious that Johan enjoyed having the road all to himself in a vehicle tailor-made for the terrain. I have to say that for anyone…

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got something to share?

Tell us about your travel experiences, comment on our stories, raise a debate about something that ticks you off, and tell us about your DIY projects. It is your Forum, whether in print, on our website or on Facebook. Send an email to editor@sa4x4.co.za,post on our website www.sa4x4.co.za, or comment on Facebook.com/SA4x4magazine, and stand to win a monthly prize sponsored by Ironman 4x4. THE RIGHT DEVICE I am resident in the UK and have been a subscriber to your magazine for over three years. The April edition has just arrived - much to my wife’s horror, as she says I go into “Africa Bush Mode” for the time it takes me to read it! I would be very grateful to get some advice from Kevin Bolton who wrote the article “A GPS Round-Up”.…

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the river horse

The Zulu people call the hippopotamus imvubu. As Credo Mutwa has pointed out, “This word has several meanings, one of which has to do with mixing several things in a container... In this sense, the word imvubu means ‘the mixed up creature’, or ‘the creature which is unable to make up its mind what it is’. It behaves like a crocodile, but it looks like a combination of a rhinoceros and an elephant.” Although this is the stuff of legend, a hippo is indeed a unique animal: it is a terrestrial mammal whose closest relatives are whales and dolphins, a two-ton rotund mass that can sprint at 40kph, and a herbivore with tusks that play no part in feeding and are used entirely as weapons. There are only two extant species of…

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recovery gear – what you need to know

Recoveries are a fact of life when it comes to 4x4 adventures. At some point, you are going to get stuck as the tide comes in, or as darkness falls, or when you are teetering on the brink of a precipice after misjudging a rock garden on a serious 4x4 trail. And that is not the time to be learning how to use your recovery equipment; nor is it the moment to find out that you have bought the wrong sort of gear and are putting lives in danger. The simple provision is this: buy the best kit you can afford, and seek professional advice to ensure that it is properly certified and up to the recovery tasks you are likely to encounter. The gear, on its own, is not enough. Take…