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Sail - New Boat & Gear Review

Sail - New Boat & Gear Review


The New Sailboat Review is a compilation of sailboat reviews, featuring the 2010 fleet of new production sailboats. As tested by SAIL's experts.

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3 min
corsair 760r

We’d only been out on Miami’s Biscayne Bay aboard the Corsair 760R a few minutes when Corsair Marine marketing manager Shane Grover and I began bemoaning the fact neither of us had a GPS with which to determine our boatspeed. Moments later, though, we both came to the same conclusion: who the hell cares? At the time we were ripping our way back and forth under jib and full main in about 14 knots of breeze, and the boat was cookin’. Shane was sitting in the cockpit, and I was well outboard on the windward ama, steering with the help of the tiller extension. Spray was shooting up through the tramp, and we were leaving an impressive rooster tail astern as we chewed up the distance between ourselves and the buoys…

3 min
going, going…

The question new sailors often ask when they first experience a sailboat heeling is “What stops it from going all the way over?” to which the usual answer is something like: “That big lump of lead underneath us.” Stability is at the very root of sailboat design, and ballast is only one of the many factors that influence it. A boat’s stability is contingent on the relationship between two key factors. One is the center of gravity (CG), through which gravity exerts a downward force equal to the weight of the boat, rig and contents. The other is the center of buoyancy (CB), the midpoint of the underwater volume of the boat, whose upward thrust counteracts the effect of the CG (see figure above). When a boat is at rest, the center…

7 min
seawind 1260

It’s easy to get a big head sailing around on a boat like the Seawind 1260, if for no other reason than the fact you’re not only going faster than pretty much every other boat around, but you’re doing so in exceptional comfort. Add to that the fact the boat also happens to be damn good looking and possesses some serious bluewater passagemaking chops, and you’ve got every excuse for feeling a bit vain! DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION An evolution of the Seawind 1250—which was itself an offshoot of company founder Richard Ward’s Seawind 1160 design, a boat with multiple circumnavs to its credit—the Seawind 1260 combines excellent build quality and design with an eye toward taking its crews anywhere and everywhere in safety and comfort. Built in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, after…

1 min
seawind catamarans

WWW.SEAWINDCATS.COM With over 35 years of experience, Seawind Catamarans are Australia’s No. 1 performance cruising catamarans, producing some of the world’s best multihulls that are sailed all over the world. SEAWIND 1160 Lite The Australian designed Seawind 1160 is one of the world’s most awarded charter and bluewater cruising catamarans. With the Deluxe and Lite offered for 2018, sailors have the option to spec the boat for coastal sailing or off shore, blue water cruising. LOA: 38’ (11.6m) Beam: 21’4” (6.5m) Draft: 3’1” (0.96m) Main Sail Area: 613 sqft (57m2) Water: 185 US Gal (700L) SEAWIND 1260 An all new design, the Seawind 1260 is a sailor’s dream boat with true off shore capability, modern lines, luxurious fitout and generous accommodation. LOA: 41’ (12.45m) Beam: 22’ 44” (6.8m) Draft: 3’ 8” (1.16m) Main sail Area: 613 sqft (57m2) Water: 185 US Gal (700L) SEAWIND 1190 Fast, elegant…

7 min
what’s hot in 2019

Boatbuilders and designers are constantly seeking out ways to improve their creations, and where one leads, others often follow. Here are a few example of features that are becoming commonplace on production boats. Are they design fads, or much-needed developments? You decide. HULL CHINES Look closely at a number of this year’s new boats, and you’ll notice something unusual about their stern quarters. On certain boats the curve of the rounded sections is interrupted by a hard angle, usually about a foot above the waterline and running forward for several feet before merging into the topsides. This is a chine, and it is one of the latest go-fast features to trickle down from top-level racing boat designs. On a lightweight performance boat, such a chine adds a little hydrodynamic lift that helps…

40 min
sail parts, spars, rigging, deck, mooring & harbor gear

SAIL PARTS & RIGGING Spartan Marine (Robinhood)–800-325-3287 www.spartanmarine.com ANCHORING & MOORING GEAR Cramer Marine Inc.–800-776-0909 www.cramermarine.com White Water Marine Hardware (Florida)–800-572-8871 www.whitewatermh.com/ ANCHOR CHAIN & RODE FITTINGS Bainbridge International/Yale Cordage–800-273-9053 http://www.bainbridgeintcatalogs.com Bosun Supplies–888-433-3484 www.bosunsupplies.com Boxer Marine–207-354-2655 www.anchorrescue.com Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd–604-940-2010 http://www.canmet.com Euro Products–800-577-3877 www.europroductsinc.com Imtra - Anchoring–508-995-7000 http://www.imtra.com/anchoring-windlasses.htm Mantus Anchors–855-262-6887 http://www.mantusanchors.com New England Ropes - Megaplait–800-333-6679 http://www.neropes.com New England Ropes Dock & Anchor Lines–800-333-6679 http://neropes.com Chicago Hardware & Fixture–847-455-6609 www.chicagohardware.com Greenfield Products–800-582-6287 www.greenfieldproducts.com Quickline USA–714-843-6964 www.quickline.us Novabraid–800-565-4212 www.novabraid.com Quick USA–877-768-5991 www.quickusa.com ANCHOR WINDLASSES & CONTROLS Good Automatic Windlass–609-698-4402 www.goodwindlass.com Lighthouse Manufacturing–951-683-5078 www.lighthouse-mfg-usa.com Maxwell HRC 6 & 8 Horizontal Windlass (Vetus)–410-712-0985; http://vetus.com Maxwell RC Series Windlass (Vetus)–410-712-0740 http://www.vetus.com Maxwell RC12 Windlass (Vetus)–410-712-0740 Quick–410-363-5991 http://quickusa.com Ideal Windlass–401-884-2550 www.idealwindlass.com Imtra - Anchoring–508-995-7000 http://www.imtra.com/anchoring-windlasses.htm Maxwell (Vetus)–714-689-2900 www.maxwellmarine.com Powerwinch/Carefree–800-243-3097 www.carefreeofcolorado.com R.C. Plath/ABBA Industries–503-668-5757 www.rcplathco.com Fluid Technologies (Charles A. Perry & Co.)– 904-384-9659 charlesaperry.com Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering– 877-259-5433 www.lunenburgfoundry.com Navimo USA–866-383-1888 www.plastimousa.com ANCHORING & MOORING GEAR Novabraid–800-565-4212 www.novabraid.com ANCHORS Creative Marine Products–800-824-0355 www.creativemarine.com Davis Anchor and Marine–800-328-4770 www.davisanchor.com Fortress Anchors–800-825-6289 http://fortressanchors.com Fortress Marine Anchors–800-825-6289…