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Sailing World January - February 2017

Sailing World connects the community of racing sailors through words, images and shared experiences. Across many mediums, it explores the sailor’s passion and showcases the lifestyle, destinations and technology. It links knowledge-hungry participants to the sport’s top experts, providing unrivaled instructional content.

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shared experiences

WE ALL HAVE IT: that human fascination with the new. Even the cereal I’ve been eating for years is now “new and improved” (which makes we wonder whether Quaker has been selling me an inferior breakfast all these years). I digress. Our curiosity is for new, new, new, all the time. New boats, new races, new classes, new experiences — you name it. We fill our social media feeds, our websites and even the pages of this magazine with new things. And while we’re all so focused on the new, it’s easy to ignore the older classes, boats and fleets that the majority of racers hold near and dear. It’s true that once a year we dote on the slick new boats that show up at the boat shows, and our…

3 min.
pacific evolution

THE WAY IT IS THE 2017 RACING season for Pac 52s will bring the West Coast full circle, with a touch of irony, and it promises to end a drought in high-end keelboat competition in California. We’ll come back to the irony. The new and newly named fleet should have five boats, perhaps six. They’re different from their TP52 cousins in the Mediterranean, but only slightly, and the reasons for that difference match the motivations that were in play when the TP52 class was California-born. It went like this: In 2000, the success of the Andrews 45 Locomotion sparked a series of events that led the Transpac Yacht Club to develop a new box-rule class. Locomotion was a planing boat that kept pace with 70-footers, and that got the natives excited.…

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ready, set, race your house

SINCE OUR OWN home, a Grand Soleil 39, is on the hard, our family of four is invited aboard Ryan and Autumn Helling’s coldmolded Wylie 31, Velella, for Sloop Tavern YC’s annual Race Your House event, off Seattle in late October. With the sun shining bright and laughter in the air, we do our best wind dance while running sheets and relieving the boat of some cruising gear and potted plants. When the starting sequences for the seven classes begin, 37 cruising boats with names like Gypsy Wind, Tranquility, Twisted Journey and Cinderella sidle up to the line, solar panels charging, dinghies swinging on davits, and dogs wagging their tails ondeck. While many of the participating homes are decidedly unsporty for a race, and heavily laden with gear, beer and more,…

5 min.
moving the needle on the volvo ocean race

ORGANIZERS OF the Volvo Ocean Race continue to reinvent the preeminent around-the-world team race before its October 2017 start. New CEO Mark Turner, a sports marketing specialist in sailing, announced 10 changes one year ahead of the fleet’s departure from Alicante, Spain. The first is already underway: the construction of a new, eighth Volvo 65. As for the rest, do they advance toward a better race for the sailors and fans alike? Yes and no. Coerced Coed The boldest initiative is to force female crewmembers into more teams. The inspirational all-female Team SCA was competitive at times in the previous edition, but the reality is all-male squads are faster as the miles add up — and there are a few seriously long legs in the next race. Turner’s goal is to handicap…

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america’s cup pilsner

THE BOOZE HOUND’S latest mission was simple enough: Pick up a four-pack of America’s Cup Bermuda-style pilsner from Narragansett Brewing Co., suck it down and report back. I’ve spent enough time basking in the ephemeral glow and overeager backslapping of a one-boat training session to know that the way to determine something’s true value is by matching it against a known quantity. So I stocked up with some worthy competition and pitted the latest flavor from Narragansett against my favorite domestic pilsner, from Lagunitas, and another microbrew with an eye-catching label, the Two Roads Ol’ Factory pilsner. This might seem like some lofty competition — what chance does New England’s sentimental swill stand against a pair of snooty microbrews? — but then again, anything bearing the name of sailing’s most storied…

5 min.
container choreography

WHEN BUYING A one-design sportboat, one may eventually enter another dimension: shipping said boat to other ends of the earth to enter that bucket-something regatta that class leadership cooked up after too many Dark ’n’ Stormies. This phenomenon occurred in the Viper 640 class when Bermuda was selected for its international and North American championship. The question quickly became how to safely get a Viper to Hamilton, Bermuda, without spending a fortune. For West Coast Viper owners, the solution appeared easy: get a 40-foot container, pack in four Vipers, and Great Sound, here we come. The Pacific Northwest 505 fleet ships boats to international regattas all the time, so Viper owners looked there for guidance. Paul Von Grey, a local 505 guru, has organized container shipping of 505s from the Port of…