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Sailing World July - August 2016

Sailing World connects the community of racing sailors through words, images and shared experiences. Across many mediums, it explores the sailor’s passion and showcases the lifestyle, destinations and technology. It links knowledge-hungry participants to the sport’s top experts, providing unrivaled instructional content.

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6 min.
a master class

THE DAY’S ASSIGNMENT is easy: file a short video story from on board Oakcliff Sailing Center’s Tuesday night match-race drills. With marching orders in hand, the half-dozen students enrolled in Oakcliff’s immersive five-day “Onboard Reporter” course shuffle out of the classroom with anticipation, eager to apply what they’ve been taught by the bearded master, Amory Ross, a two-time veteran of the Volvo Ocean Race’s embedded-reporter program. On this day in late May, Ross stood before the class for nearly six hours, his vault of tips and tricks open for the students to raid. He’s dished out more than a decade’s worth of hard-earned advice on how and when to capture the fleeting moments of a sailboat race using photos, videos and words. Before heading off to the boats, the students prepare…

3 min.
ultimate machines

THE WAY IT IS SINCE FRANÇOIS GABART won the Vendée Globe at age 29, he and his sponsor MACIF have graduated to the Ultime class, with a giant multihull launched last year purpose-built for singlehanded long-distance racing and record breaking. Gabart won last fall’s doublehanded Transat Jacques Vabre, and proved this was no fluke by winning the Transat bakerly singlehanded across the Atlantic, from England to New York, in May. MACIF’s time was eight days, eight hours, 54 minutes and 39 seconds. This was roughly 25 minutes outside the race record set by Gabart’s mentor, two-time Vendée Globe winner Michel Desjoyeaux, in 2004 aboard his ORMA 60 trimaran, Géant, but Desjoyeaux’s win was on a shorter course, finishing in Boston. As a demonstration of how technology has progressed over the last decade, note…

3 min.
frozen world

AT OVER 5,000 feet deep, Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and the largest by volume, holding approximately 20 percent of Earth’s unfrozen fresh water, more than all the Great Lakes combined. The lake formed from a rift valley in the heart of Siberia 25 million years ago. Because of its isolation, life in Lake Baikal has evolved in amazing ways. Nearly 80 percent of the lake’s species are not found anywhere else on the planet, and perhaps that includes the hard-water sailors who travel great distances to race on the magical surface for Baikal Sailing Week. Proper ice sailing is best performed on smooth ice with consistent winds, conditions most often found along the so-called Ice Belt, between 40 and 50 degrees N. With its dry climate…

4 min.
come fly with me

ON A WEDNESDAY afternoon in the summer of 1973, Jon Grossman made plans to go sailing in his 505 with his longtime friend Marvin Zimmer man. The two friends harbored no small dreams. They weren’t going for a quick sail; they set out to cross Long Island Sound, a 44-mile round-trip adventure. “I was the crew, so I was hanging out on the trapeze with my feet up against the boat, stretched out,” says Zimmerman. “I could see this thin green line under the hull, which was just a little bit of water that was touching the hull. We were zipping along, and we would go bang, bang, bang, bang. There was enough wave action so we were just hopping along. It was really quite a riotous ride.” The 505 was hissing…

2 min.
a big win for a little texan team

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA teams have dominated the past 20 years of high school national fleetracing championships for the Mallory Trophy, but on a breezy May weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, it was the Knights of Clear Falls High School who caught the scholastic powerhouses by surprise. From deep in the heart of the Lone Star State emerged the first Texan team to win a high school sailing championship. As they stood on the podium with a 56-point win in hand, the sailors beamed. Sixteen-year-old Wiley Rogers and his 18-year-old crewmate, Hunter Skinner, took second in A division while the performances of their B-division teammates, Dane Byerly, Laura Masterson, Julia Sheaffer and Bailey Spatz, assured them the title. The Knights finished 16th of 20 teams the previous year in the same championship, which…

2 min.
mckee minute: a perfect day

HAD A RARE FREE Saturday, so I dropped a hint to my friend Carl about an upcoming 505 race on Puget Sound, which he’d normally sail with his wife, Carol. Lo and behold, he invited me to helm for him. When the day arrived, it was perfect for late October — sunny, wind 8 to 13 from the north, with a bit of chop. There was a good fleet, and I was a little nervous, considering I had not sailed a 505 in 20 years. It was one of my first boats when I was 16 years old, growing up with my brothers on these very waters off Shilshole. We left the dock early and tuned. Everything seemed pretty good, and we had a good start in the first race. Halfway…