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SARIE is die voorkeur-glanstydskrif van die Afrikaanssprekende vrou van Suid-Afrika met ‘n moderne wêreldbeskouiing. SARIE is ‘n intieme deel van haar lewe en ‘n ware voortsetting van haar leefstyl. Maand ná maand vertel die tydskrif tipies Suid-Afrikaanse stories wat haar altyd goed laat voel oor haarself en haar wêreld. Dis na SARIE dat sy haar wend vir kernoplossings en vertroude geselsies. Dis waar sy haar spesiale inspirasie vind.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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Sometimes a place steals your heart and it becomes home, forever. For me, it’s the Overberg and her surroundings. I grew up in Caledon and spent countless summer and winter holidays in Hermanus. There were many weekends too; the ocean was just around the corner thanks to Hemel-en-Aarde’s old winding dirt road connecting the farms. This was long before this part of the world became prized winelands. When I started working, I’d sometimes catch the bus home from Cape Town. And our only stop the Botrivier café, where the main road splits to run along the sea, past Kleinmond to Hermanus and further on towards Stanford, or meander amongst wheat fields en route to Caledon. When the bus pulled in at this little café, I knew it was just half an hour…

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new & now

1. WHITE, WHITER, WHITEST White is the epitome of positivity, hygiene and calm – everything that we are currently striving for. Almost a new beginning. By using white for the majority of a room and not making it too cluttered, you will instantly create a sense of peace. In this lounge, the wallpaper from GROEN (groenjan.co.za) also registers as white. Here you can read, work and even take a siesta. 2. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL HAPPENS The kitchen has become the new social gathering place where we also work and have virtual meetings. Everyone spends more time cooking. Gran’s old recipe book has been rediscovered and we get all nostalgic while we create and celebrate family favourites. Cleaning is also a big trend. Splashbacks, like work surfaces, are solid and grout-free, like this luxurious…

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back to nature

BRAVE GROUND WHITE BUCKS SILVER QUILL A new year reveals a tranquil new start. Our focus has shifted towards centering ourselves and finding comfort in our home. The Dulux colour of the year for 2021 is Brave Ground™. It’s a warm, neutral hue that will put you back in touch with nature. Whether it is in combination with fellow earthy tones or bold complementary colours, this versatile colour brings other colours to life and is the perfect base for your home décor. Brave Ground™ will bring a nurturing, balancing feel to any room; as many focus more on their wellbeing. We know colour can play a significant role in this, so transform your home with these calming, restorative and natural tones as a strong base from which you can reenter the world. 1 Create your sanctuary Envision…

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treasured coast

A traveling Dutch schoolmaster, Hermanus Pieters, herded his sheep along an elephant path through the Hemel-and-Aarde Valley in the 1830s and decided to set up camp at a freshwater fountain on the shores of the Indian ocean. He could not have guessed that his name would live on through this little settlement where the fish virtually caught themselves. The first fishermen to launch their boats from the Old Harbour simply called it Visbaai, or Fish Bay, as the fish were so plentiful. It was not until 1857 that the hamlet was named Hermanuspietersfontein, which was shortened to Hermanus in 1902. The length of “Hermanuspietersfontein” proved too cumbersome for Mr. Gift, postmaster at the time, who decided his mail sorting would benefit from the shorter form. I must confess to wondering “why…

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heaven on earth

A bunch of innovators who really care. These are the entrepreneurs of the Overstrand. From responsible and sustainable farming practices to the manufacturing of original local high-quality products, in their endeavours to provide a livelihood for the people who live here they tread lightly on Mother Earth. LOVELYAS WELL AS DELICIOUS We wanted to work with nature MARELIZE IVANOV The most beautiful time of day on Sophia Farm is early morning, just after sunrise. This is when the flowers open in a crazy potpourri of lush colour and aroma. Now, before the heat of the day kicks in, the sweet smells are at their most pungent. At any given moment, you’ll find about ten varieties of edible flowers (around 26 altogether) here. They are handpicked while jolly honeysuckers chirp away in the background, devouring…

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sensational sippers

WINE POSMEESTER MERLOT (R110) Hermanuspietersfontein Wines, Onrusrivier Hermanuspietersfontein holds the world record for the cellar with the longest Afrikaans name. Posmeester Merlot is an elegant, fruity homage to the innovative postmaster who shortened Hermanus’s name in 1902. hpf1855.com HOUTSKOOL SAUVIGNON BLANC (R450) Bartho Eksteen, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley M’sieur Sauvignon Blanc, as he has been called, has great respect for the terroir of Walker Bay. He aptly named one of his wine ranges Wijnskool. The Houtskool sauvignon blanc from this range makes doing homework a pleasure. barthoeksteen.co.za GALPIN PEAK PINOT NOIR (R400) Bouchard Finlayson, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley Bouchard Finlayson’s Galpin Peak Pinot Noir has won several Platter 5-star awards and is an excellent example of how this fruit flourishes in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Noble yet earthy – exactly what can be expected from the best this valley has to offer. bouchardfinlayson.co.za NEWTON JOHNSON FAMILY VINEYARDS CHARDONNAY(R375) Newton Johnson…