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a little birdie taught me to pay better attention

LOOKING and seeing – the difference was emphasised this week by a little bird. First, it did a lounge fly-by, lingering only long enough to give me a near heart attack. Before what was happening had fully registered, it found the open window and was gone. The next day, there was a fluttering noise in an adjacent room, and I went to investigate. There he (or she) was, sitting on the back of a chair right next to what is probably the only window permanently closed to protect a lovely fern. It was stuck, jumping between the chairback and the window sill and glass. I was terrified it would hurt itself or the dogs would be alerted and come a-hunting. Armed with only a T-shirt used for on-again-off-again thermoregulation, I…

3 min
poetic licence rabbie serumula

More South Africans are buying cars without viewing them in person first. I remember a time when people would order goods online and receive scale models of those items. A time when the darkness of the internet was feared. It was not too long ago when a Nigeria prince would send you an email from his Yahoo account. He has gym bags full of money coming your way, all you need to do is send a small fee to their account for administration and you are set. Cash is then supposed to flood your account. But there is never a wave, just sand storms in the savannah. The walls of our mouths are synonymous with hooks from, the still ever so commonly attempted, phishing scams. We have been swimming with…

2 min
a wonderful distraction from the horrors of july

IT WAS the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly who uttered the immortal words, “Some people think football’s a matter of life and death; I can assure you it’s much, much more.” The current British and Irish Lions tour of South Africa is shaping up a little like that, with unedifying glances into the behaviour of those who really should know better. For the trainspotters among the most ardent fans though, this week’s been pure rugby gold. It started last week with Lions coach Warren Gatland using old media, to wit the travelling sports hacks from the British papers, to leak a story that he was incensed by the appointment of Marius Jonkers as the TV Match Official after the New Zealander originally selected by World Rugby couldn’t make it. The…

2 min
all hail mzansi’s new queen

RISE, Queen Tatjana Schoenmaker, rise! Let’s all hail our newest Olympic champion and world record-holder for her stunning 200m breaststroke swim yesterday, where she fought back from second place to touch the wall first and clinch South Africa’s maiden gold medal at the Tokyo Games. The last time we felt such joy in the Olympic arena was in 2016, when athletics stars Wayde van Niekerk and Caster Semenya became champions in Rio de Janeiro – with Van Niekerk also clocking a new 400m world record in the process. Team SA had only two silver medals to shout about until yesterday, with Schoenmaker finishing second in the 100m breaststroke and Bianca Buitendag the runner-up in surfing. But this time Schoenmaker was the favourite in the 200m, and she made sure of…

3 min
cellphone hack warning

THE Pegasus spy scandal and the “sinister spread of spyware” present a stark warning to anyone with a cellphone. Revelations by Amnesty International this month about the global snooping scandal, in which phones belonging to 14 heads of state ‒including President Cyril Ramaphosa, hundreds of politicians, government officials, journalists and activists may have been hacked by Pegasus spyware, have sparked alarm over phone security around the world. Whether targeting iPhone or Android systems, cybercriminals’ methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated, to the point that a user remains unaware that his or her phone has been hacked. The Pegasus Project was a collaboration of media organisations in 10 countries, co-ordinated by Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based media non-profit, with the technical support of Amnesty International, which conducted cutting-edge forensic tests on mobile phones…

2 min
‘no anti- vaxxers allowed’

Sameer Naik, Karishma Dipa, Norman Cloete and Kashiefa Ajam No vaccination. No entry. As the Delta variant continues to wreak havoc around the world and in South Africa, this controversial sentiment is catching on in parts of Asia, the US and UK. And although our Department of Health will not be drawn on whether it has a plan of action to engage with anti-vaxxers, legal and medical experts have confirmed that private businesses such as restaurants and shops may well adopt this strategy to keep their employees and other vaccinated customers safe from the deadly coronavirus. In the US, private companies as well as various states are working to develop "vaccine passports" – mobile app technology that will allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated for Covid-19. In the…