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November 2019

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captain’s log

When I was growing up, I’d have been very grateful for a hero like Batwoman in my life. Not that I was ever particularly in the kind of trouble that would warrant a winged avenger, nor did I live in an area with a crime problem quite as bad as Gotham. Thankfully, I might add. But as a kid growing up with a very healthy interest in all things superhero and sci-fi related, I didn’t see anyone quite like me out there. This wasn’t in itself unusual, mind you – I didn’t really see people like me represented anywhere in media, at least not in a positive light. But to grow up with an out gay superhero – well, perhaps the kind of demons that couldn’t be locked up in Arkham…

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first contact

ISLAND LIFE Andrew Lane, email I was interested to see PJ Hammond in your excellent Sapphire & Steel article [SFX 317], saying, “A new person came in in charge of drama, Margaret Mattheson, who I don’t think liked science fiction.” I’m guessing this is the same Margaret Mattheson who, 20 years later, produced the Anglo-European science fiction series Space Island One (for which I wrote an episode and storylined two others). My recollection is that she was (quite rightly) more interested in characters and realism than in the more fantastical elements of the genre. So, any chance of an article on Space Island One? SFX Are you volunteering to write the inside story, Andrew..? PUPPET LOVE Robert Graham, email It’s a miracle that The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance has been made with puppets like the…

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red alert

DEVIL’S DECK Top Trumps turn their attention to all things spooky in time for Halloween, with a new set of 30 cards celebrating some of the greatest horror movies of all time. The limited edition release includes mainstream moments and cult classics – though we’re not sure what’s so scary about a film’s budget. £4.99, amazon.com TOP DRAWER Wear your love for vintage superhero gaming on your sleeve – and other parts of your upper torso – with the new Marvel Retro Gaming range of t-shirts at Uniqlo. Available in both child and adult sizes, the designs include pixelated X-Men, Avengers and Spider-Man. If only it was that easy in the movies… From £7.90, uniqlo.com BRICKING IT Each time LEGO make the ultimate Star Wars build, they only go and outdo themselves. The latest in…

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rants & raves

DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Autumn! At last! Carved pumpkins and lots of new TV series to get excited about. My favourite band, Keane, are back with a great new album. Looking forward to seeing them on tour. RANTS Gutted that my trip to Halloween Horror Nights is over, but you can read the review on the SFX website! IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES It’s more a thriller than a horror, but the Blu-ray of 1970’s And Soon The Darkness is well worth a look. RANTS My girlfriend laughed at the Zygons. I’m trying to forgive her. RIP I’m glad I once got the chance to tell Terrance Dicks that his Doctor Who books got me into reading. JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES Loved the Gringotts Bank sets at Warner Bros Studios Tour. Their attention to detail is simply staggering. RANTS I can’t help but marvel at the…

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modern marvels

Now that Disney have brought the world of Star Wars to life with Galaxy’s Edge, they’re turning their attention to all things Marvel. Recently announced at D23, the Avengers Campus is coming to both Disneyland California and Paris in 2020. The new attractions will see Spider-Man getting his first Disney ride as part of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (aka WEB), allowing guests to sling webs to collect rogue Spider-Bots. Visitors will also get to experience the Pym Test Kitchen, which uses new technology to grow and shrink food, while the California location will be home to the Avengers Headquarters – which will eventually include a Quinjet ride to Wakanda and beyond. Take our money already! SCI-FACT! The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, a 3-D theme park ride, opened at Universal Studios Orlando in 1999.…