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Home & Garden
South African Home Owner

South African Home Owner

March 2020

SA Home Owner focuses on showcasing luxury houses across SA, as well as offering decor, trend-watching and lifestyle features, and expert comment on home-related topics. SA Home Owner is a magazine packed with expertise, and has built outstanding relationships with industry professionals and service providers, as well as readers across the country.

South Africa
Times Media (Pty) Ltd
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11 Issues

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from top to bottom

This issue is filled with the latest wall, floor and ceiling trends. Discover the different wall options available for your bathroom, including screed and tiles and a variety of waterproof wallpapers, see page 136. Still on the topic of floors, I chat to experts on what is trending in the world of carpets and rugs. We talk about the differences between carpets and rugs, including styles, maintenance and cleaning, see page 172. Choosing the right type of flooring for your home isn’t always easy, which is why it is advisable to consult with an expert first. On page 166 we give you a rundown on the latest indoor and outdoor flooring options, and gather advice on maintenance and durability. Did you know that your ceiling can drastically transform the look of…

2 min.
poppy kabini

Poppy Kabini is a 29-year-old businesswoman and creative from Pretoria. Her love for design began in primary school where she was taught to crochet by a woman from her community. She then started making clothes from wool, but would only make them for herself and a few close friends and family. Her late grandfather, who was a master carpenter and craftsman, then taught her how to sew. While studying journalism and radio production at university, she started an informal business, making handbags and jewellery and selling them to her schoolmates and community members. Ever since, she’s been juggling between the media and the creative world. What sets Get Access products apart? We cater for personalities. We believe that one’s home/space should be a representation of who they are and that’s why…

1 min.
south african home owner

EDITORIAL Editor Kelebogile Nondzaba, 011 280 5868, kelebogilen@sahomeowner.co.za Senior Features Writer Guinevere Davies, 011 280 5288, guinevered@sahomeowner.co.za Content Co-ordinator Lerato Mphahlele, 011 280 3848, leratom@sahomeowner.co.za Copy editor Andrea Bryce Proofreader Karin Mosselson Contributors Hasmita Amtha, Kate Ferreira, Trisha Harinath, Karien Slabbert Online Editor Shereen Lurie, 011 280 5163, shereenl@sahomeowner.co.za DESIGN Art Director Janine Wait, 011 280 5167, janinew@sahomeowner.co.za Senior Designers Jane Horton, 011 280 5482, janeh@sahomeowner.co.za Shailendra Bhagwandin, 011 280 5946, bhagwandinsh@arena.africa ADVERTISING Gauteng Account Managers Monique Rankine, 011 280 5066, moniquer@sahomeowner.co.za Candice Jin, 011 280 5638, candicej@sahomeowner.co.za Lorna Ioakim, 011 280 5486, lornai@sahomeowner.co.za Glynis Kearney, 011 280 5450, kearneyg@sahomeowner.co.za Iona O’Reilly, 011 280 5050, ionao@sahomeowner.co.za Nadine Liebenberg, 011 280 3422, nadinel@sahomeowner.co.za Sales Co-ordinator Neesha Klaaste, 011 280 5063, neeshak@sahomeowner.co.za Property Co-ordinator Marlize du Rand, 011 280 5730, durandm@sahomeowner.co.za Cape Property Co-ordinator Nola Seef, 021 469 2493, nolas@sahomeowner.co.za KZN Account Manager Margot Edwards, 083 450 8008,…

3 min.
eclectic aesthetics

ANITA BLOOM Creative director of Decorex When it comes to choosing the style and colour scheme of your interior, the most important elements are the walls and ceilings, as these are the framework for what the rest of the room will look like. They set the look and mood of the space and establish the atmosphere. “Colours to keep in mind include pops of sage green, dark blues and indigo.” But while we spend years agonising about what paint colour to use on the walls, the ceiling typically gets little to no thought at all. Designers and home owners are now starting to think of creative ways to transform a space by giving the ceiling some much deserved attention. And we can see this being done with wooden panelling to give the room that…

2 min.
talent watch

Pone Creatives is a textile design and manufacturing studio owned by Lesego Maloka, a creative, modern African textile designer on a mission to spark joy through colour and heritage. Deeply rooted in her mother’s and grandmother’s influences, her brand Pone Creatives was born. Today Maloka specialises in jacquard weaving her textiles for home furnishings to create colourful, heritage-loving homes. My interest in textile design began when I was about five years old. Every day when I came from preschool I would spend an hour watching my late grandmother work. She was a knitter and a seamstress. She tried teaching me how to sew when I was about nine years old but I hated it because all I cared about was playing with my friends. I never planned to be in the…

3 min.
home essentials

Made with a double upper cavity and refractory lining for greater heat recovery, the wood-fire Piazzetta Chef Series Pizza Oven has a large ceramic glass door and an internal temperature gauge for optimal cooking control. www.calore.co.za Continua provides a “selection to completion” approach by offering interior design, fabrication and installation services in-house. This includes storyboard creation and tile and countertop specification. www.continua.co.za Available in a range of vibrant colours, the multifunctional Alva transforms with ease from a comfortable swivel chair with generous seating into a nifty sofa bed. www.mobelli.co.za Decobella introduces the Vetri Glass Ceramic collection. With intrinsic clarity and depth, this tile reflects and emphasises light, lending its surrounding a brightness with evergreen charm. www.decobella.co.za Available from Fit For Bed, the Ultimate Latex 2000 is a turn-free mattress that features a dual pocket…