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South African Home Owner August 2019

SA Home Owner focuses on showcasing luxury houses across SA, as well as offering decor, trend-watching and lifestyle features, and expert comment on home-related topics. SA Home Owner is a magazine packed with expertise, and has built outstanding relationships with industry professionals and service providers, as well as readers across the country.

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modern classic designs

In this issue we explore the combination of modern and classic styles and share ideas on how you can achieve this look. Guinevere Davies takes us back to the ’70s with its bold pattens, curved shapes and rich colours, but with a modern twist. On page 182 Shereen Lurie looks at how to incorporate an Italian-themed style into your home to give it a Mediterranean feel. Our bathroom feature looks at the beauty of nostalgic bathrooms and the growing popularity of Victorian, vintage and retro styles, see page 146. It looks like Scandinavian-inspired kitchens are here to stay, see page 136. Multifunctional spaces are becoming a growing trend, and we look at how you can work, live and play in one space in the comfort of your home. Read more…

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meet kehumile mate

Kehumile Mate is an interior/furniture designer, fine artist and self-taught photographer living in Johannesburg. He grew up in Mabopane, a township in Pretoria, majoring in visual arts at Pro Arte Alphen Park high school. His interior design journey began when he became one of two people in South Africa to win a scholarship to study interior design at Thomas More, Mechelen, Belgium, majoring in service design. This broadened his creative spectrum while giving him time for introspection as he got the opportunity to experience design as a whole on another continent, and also express it on actual projects for the first time, most of which were for the city of Mechelen. My role as an interior designer entails bringing interior concepts to life while taking the well-being of the inhabitants, their…

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sa home owner loves...

DESIGNED TO ENTERTAIN This stunning entertainment area consists of a bar with back counter, dining table, couches and side tables and a bespoke wine cellar with double-glazed steel viewing windows. All the furniture pieces are custom-manufactured and installed by Fundamental Designs for KAPA Architects. www.fundamental.co.za ATLANTIC ESCAPE House Couture’s aim with this project was to truly capture the essence of the surroundings by creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior space. Expressing the spirit of the client was a priority and was simplified by implementing key pieces from their amazing art collection. The different tones of blue are offset by bright yellow accents, while sheer neutral curtains add a tranquil look and feel. www.house-couture.co.za TRANSFORMED SPACES This renovation project called for modern and bold accent pieces. By incorporating the teal and velvet dining…

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the evolution of modern classic design

NICOLA ORPEN AND HAYLEY TURNER, founders of Bone Interior Design Studio Because contemporary design is fluid and keeps changing with the trends, we feel there is always a comfortable familiarity to returning to the classics that offers people security when designing or fitting a home. The classics never age. Art Deco is a favourite design movement of ours, as we find it keeps reappearing in the contemporary design space, but with an edge. The visual drama that this period introduced is exciting to play with and the geometric shapes and brass accents are easy to incorporate into both classic and contemporary spaces. With its bold colours and geometric patterns, Art Deco translates extremely well into contemporary wallpaper design. The gold detailing from the period also works well to add a sense of classic…

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maps maponyane

I’d describe my home décor style as cosmopolitan and modern minimalism. I think it says I love practical yet stylish design, that I’m very intentional, I’m an extremely tactile person and that attention to detail is everything to me. What separates a house from a home is that a house is a place that you fill with things to impress other people, and happen to sleep in. A home is a space that you fill with things to impress yourself, represent your way of life, reflect your spirit, and dream in. Simply put, a house leaves a hole, and a home fills it with soul. My favourite spot in my home is definitely the lounge area. There’s a beautiful flow between that space, the terrace and kitchen, and when the sun sets…

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talent watch

Hanno de Swardt is the director of architectural and interior design firm Onnah Design. For the qualified architect and fashion designer the fusion of the disciplines of architecture and fashion leads to innovative design solutions that not only challenge conventional thinking but also provide an alternative approach. He finds peace in functional yet innovative design by ensuring correct scale, volume and proportions through specifying appropriate materials, demanding sound construction methods and applying heavenly details. My interest in design began at a very young age exploring houses under construction while cycling through the neighbourhoods of Kuils River, where I grew up. I would always try to figure out the internal zoning of a house and imagine what it would look like once completed. I would rush home and lie in front of…