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South African Home Owner October 2019

SA Home Owner focuses on showcasing luxury houses across SA, as well as offering decor, trend-watching and lifestyle features, and expert comment on home-related topics. SA Home Owner is a magazine packed with expertise, and has built outstanding relationships with industry professionals and service providers, as well as readers across the country.

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aesthetics and functional design

In this issue we are all about beautiful things that also work well. Gone are the days when a décor piece was only about beauty but failed to deliver on functionality. Interior designers and furniture manufacturers are embracing this shift and consumers are appreciating it especially if space is an issue. We see this in how extractor fans have evolved from being just about functionality to becoming the centrepiece of the kitchen – see page 138. Your living room should work for you by being both cosy and beautiful, with enough space for you to move around and entertain. Find out how to achieve all this, including the importance of choosing the right underfloor comfort and good lighting, on page 164. In our bathroom feature we reveal the latest designs, hi-tech…

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meet dylan olivier

Dylan Olivier is the owner and founder of House of Gargoyle, an architectural and interior design company. He got into the industry 19 years ago, and with determination and a bit of luck he ended up working for two of the biggest names on the scene – Lionel Levin, who was a great mentor, and Trisha Wilson, doyenne of the luxury hospitality world. Fast-forward a couple of years to 2015, and after spending some time in France, he started his own company. I draw inspiration from all things authentic, from unique places and interesting people. What are the most challenging and most rewarding aspects of your work? The most challenging aspect is managing a client’s expectations. The most rewarding is when we exceed those expectations and deliver a fantastic project. The final…

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sa home owner loves...

QUIET OPULENCE OKHA’s latest interior project, Clifton 301, is a seasonal apartment in a sophisticated complex designed by SAOTA. Not only was OKHA responsible for the interior decoration, but also designed key items of bespoke, handmade furniture throughout the apartment. Its colour palette is inspired by Table Mountain’s iconic flora and fauna. www.okha.com TIME TO SHINE The dining room of ARRCC’s Hillside View project allows materials – and showstopper paintings – to be the main attraction. An ebonised French oak table and brass-edged black leather dining chairs by Henge are presided over by the driftwood-shaped Tape Light, also by Henge. Wood panelling on the walls adds to the deep familiar feel within this mealtime gathering spot. www.arrcc.com COOL, CALM AND COLLECTED Inhouse Design Studio was commissioned to design the interior of the penthouse apartment in…

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the latest buzz

COLOURS Colour trends have developed over time, and year after year new colours emerge as the colours of the season. Neutral tones and black have been consistent and these are never going out of style as they give a sense of luxury, elegance and modernity to any space. They are timeless. But every room needs vivid colours to contrast with soft tones, to give life and energy to a space. By embracing the warm colour trend, the design maintains its luxury and sophistication but without a monotonous look. MID-CENTURY MODERN Reviving the golden years of the 20th century, modern times bring back the bright colours, the geometrical patterns, and the authenticity of the materials and extravagant elegance of the mid-century years. We can see it appearing on little details in the mixed materials, furniture’s…

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talent watch

Ashlee Lloyd is an industrial/ lighting designer, conceptualist, textile lover and lighting fanatic based in Cape Town. She is simultaneously inspired by the rich culture of craft in her country and the complex forms found in nature. Her aim is to create functional pieces that engage one’s emotions and senses. Each piece is delicately handcrafted with patience and attention to detail to create a tactile experience. Ashlee Lloyd Design is currently a one-woman show/studio that specialises in designing and manufacturing large-scale lighting installations, chandeliers and homeware for the hospitality, residential and retail industry. The products are all handmade using a traditional crochet technique. I luckily had design as a subject in high school and it was evident that I poured all my energy into this favourite subject of mine. My mother taught…

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home essentials

Scent is our most primitive sense; it’s the closest thing to the emotional brain. Essence, Da Rocha Interiors’ new range of scent products, has been created to enhance this sense and how it makes us feel in a space. www.darocha.co.za The fireclay storage mass of the BRUNNER stove kit system from Faitsch Products is surrounded by a casing made of temperature-resistant concrete to keep you cosy long after the fire stops burning. www.faitsch.com Available in a range of colours, the BIBO bar uses the latest technology to filter your water, bringing you pure, delicious instant boiling and ice-cold water at the touch of a button. www.bibo.co.za The freestanding AGA Module delivers the same amount of punch as the iconic full-size AGA by featuring a slow-cook oven and integral grill, fan oven and a…