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South African Home Owner December 2019 - January 2020

SA Home Owner focuses on showcasing luxury houses across SA, as well as offering decor, trend-watching and lifestyle features, and expert comment on home-related topics. SA Home Owner is a magazine packed with expertise, and has built outstanding relationships with industry professionals and service providers, as well as readers across the country.

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celebrate summer...

The holidays are finally here, and it’s time to take it easy. In this last issue for the year we share ideas on how to entertain outside with style, see page 196. This includes how to make an impression on your family and friends with the latest fine-dining furniture trends – whether you prefer something classic, contemporary, or both, see page186. With the weather hotter than ever, we’ll be spending a lot of time in our pools, and on page 216 Trisha Harinath takes us through a before-and-after pool renovation and shares tips from industry experts. Enjoy better temperature control in your home this summer by choosing the right windows and enjoy all the benefits that come with them, see page 212. This is the best time to create a family time-out…

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nelson kubheka

Interior designer, partner and associate of Source Interior Brand Architecture and director of Ommni Design, Nelson Kubheka is highly driven and passionate about the gift of design and creativity. He strives to maintain a teachable spirit with an inquisitive mind while constantly discovering more of his potential and purpose. What are your favourite décor items and why? A combination of an occasional armchair and footrest are my favourite décor items in a home. Personally I think they serve a more relaxing and comfortable experience than a simple chair. Apart from being commonly placed in a lounge or in living areas, these items can also be featured in bedrooms, studies or even office spaces. I even plan to create a bespoke collection of my armchairs very soon. Which part of your home is…

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south african home owner

EDITORIAL Editor Kelebogile Nondzaba, 011 280 5868, kelebogilen@sahomeowner.co.za Senior Features Writer Guinevere Davies, 011 280 5288, guinevered@sahomeowner.co.za Content Co-ordinator Lerato Mphahlele, 011 280 3848, leratom@sahomeowner.co.za Copy editor Andrea Bryce Proofreader Karin Mosselson Contributors Hasmita Amtha, Jo Borrill, Melanie Farrell, Kate Ferreira, Trisha Harinath, Heidi Olivier, Karien Slabbert Online Editor Shereen Lurie, 011 280 5163, shereenl@sahomeowner.co.za DESIGN Art Director Janine Wait, 011 280 5167, janinew@sahomeowner.co.za Senior Designers Jane Horton, 011 280 5482, janeh@sahomeowner.co.za Shailendra Bhagwandin, 011 280 5946, bhagwandinsh@tisoblackstar.co.za ADVERTISING Gauteng Account Managers Monique Rankine, 011 280 5066, moniquer@sahomeowner.co.za Candice Jin, 011 280 5638, candicej@sahomeowner.co.za Lorna Ioakim, 011 280 5486, lornai@sahomeowner.co.za Glynis Kearney, 011 280 5450, kearneyg@sahomeowner.co.za Iona O’Reilly, 011 280 5050, ionao@sahomeowner.co.za Sales Co-ordinator Neesha Klaaste, 011 280 5063, neeshak@sahomeowner.co.za Property Co-ordinator Marlize du Rand, 011 280 5730, durandm@sahomeowner.co.za Cape Regional Sales Manager Debbie Grey, 021 469 2476, debbieg@sahomeowner.co.za Cape Property Co-ordinator Nola Seef, 021 469…

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time to celebrate

SHIRLEY MAST, managing director and owner of Woodbender In 1998, inspired by his love of woodwork, my husband Charles Mast started crafting and selling cottage-style furniture. Around the same time he started experimenting with steam-bending solid timber, a process favoured by chair manufacturers of old, due to the durability and strength of the resulting products. The challenge was not only to learn how to bend components successfully but also to build and adapt machinery to process and finish curved parts as opposed to linear parts. It was a huge challenge at a time when little was known about this process and digital access to information was not yet a reality. Fast-forward three decades and today we celebrate a legacy built on our people, product and process. Our dedicated and skilled team…

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talent watch

Cindy Roseveare left the corporate world of marketing to follow her creative passion and started a sewing business called Red Lolly, accessorising children’s bedrooms. She is now the owner of Cotton Tree, which handcrafts stunning cushions. Cotton Tree is a small business based in Johannesburg that creates beautiful handcrafted cushions with passion. The cushions are 100% handmade, 100% made in South Africa, using 100% locally hand-dyed cotton. Cotton Tree is about authenticity, original design, Afri-Scandi, bespoke, texture, simplicity, contemporary, artisanal and quality products. My interest in knitting and crochet began in 2012, learning the skills as a mindful and meditative activity, which naturally turned into a much-loved hobby and eventually evolved into a small business in 2017. I found as I scoured Pinterest in the early years for inspiration that I was constantly…

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home essentials

blu_line has recently launched a new wardrobe collection featuring seamless aluminium doors with fume glass and custom-designed internals. Visit blu_line’s new showroom to experience this authentic luxury. www.blu-line.co.za At Motama Kitchens and Interiors, it’s important to achieve customer satisfaction. Here, the company executed a functional kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, boasting a statement of luxury. www.motama.co.za Forming part of the Vintage Therapy range, DL Furniture’s DIN1261 Umbrella Chair is finished in an antique cream paint technique - one done in-house at the DL factory - and an imported patchwork upholstery. www.dlfurniture.co.za BNC Technology offers outdoor LED screens that unfold to a crystal-clear picture in full sunlight, matched with fully waterproof, powerful, invisible speakers for a seamless, sleek and superior outdoor living experience. www.bnctechnology.co.za At Curtain City, décor, fabric and interior accessories take a leading…