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It’s beginning to look a lot like the year I expected when the calendar moved from 2019 to 2020. Actually, it’s only looking a little like the year that was promised but that’s still an improvement. Stuffs still working remotely but we’ve all actually seen other people and, occasionally, each other, in person. Travel is taking off once more; the local tech industry is reviving like a desert plant after a brief rainfall and matters are generally looking a lot more optimistic. That’s always a good sign. Internationally, thing’s aren’t quite so rosy. It’s impossible to guess which arm of the tech industry will get it in the neck by the time you read this, but you can bet that arm is connected to a Chinese company (and the reasoning for the…

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I WENT WINDOWS To see just how powerful tablets have become, I gave up my MacBook Pro and tried the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 as my primary device. I have been an avid user of Microsoft’s productivity suite, now called Microsoft 365, and lots of Teams meetings since lockdown. But I haven’t used Windows as my primary machine for many, many years. The Surface Pro line are Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad Pro and a damn fine one. The whole Surface range was the software giant’s attempt to make “reference designs” for other PC makers to show what is possible. And they have certainly done that. See p53 for my test of this excellent Windows slate.. Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief I STAYED HOME AND RODE MY BIKE During the hard lockdown, we…

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HOT FIVE #1 THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE Apple Watch Series 6 Apple may have delayed its iPhone announcement this year but it did pull something new out of the bag for the popular Apple Watch. The inevitable Series 6 could have just been a speedier update but that wouldn’t have been very cash money of Apple. Instead we got a whole new piece of medical equipment from the company, in the shape of a new blood oxygen sensor. And, unlike other brands, it’s not just nocturnally interested in your red cells. It’ll give you an SpO2 readout in seconds, provided you can sit still that long. That’s in addition to its cardiac monitoring skills, which have stuck around from the Series 5. The new sensor uses green, red and infrared LEDs to…

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apple’s called a family meeting

WatchOS 7 has a new feature called Family Setup, bringing the functions you’d normally need a connected iPhone to take advantage of to… well, the whole family. This is Apple’s way of selling even more smartwatches but it’s also how kids and grandparents, who might not be using iPhones (the ‘yet’ is implied), can make use of Emergency SOS, Maps, Siri Alarms and the App Store. The new addition requires a cellular Watch – happily, those entered the country with the Series 5. The ability to track your kids (Apple says it’s cool) via the Find People app, use the Watch as a walkie-talkie (when talking to other, specific, Apple Watches) or make use of a new Memoji app (which works on the Watch itself) are all part and parcel. And, since Apple…

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also announced

APPLE WATCH SE Packing a load of features from the Apple Watch Series 6 (but not the serious ones), Apple’s Watch SE hopes to be the more affordable fitness watch option for the masses. Supporting Family Setup, the SE can be used by folks without an iPhone – which is one way for the company to dominate even more of the wearables market. The SE also supports Apple’s new Solo Loop additions for 2020. from R6500 / istore.co.za APPLE IPAD AIR [2020] Apple’s iPad Air was overdue a refresh and what an update it is. Taking design cues from Apple’s excellent Pro range, it’s more than just a visual overhaul, even if the new range of colours are awfully attractive. There’s a new 10.9in display and Apple’s chucked in its 5nm A14 Bionic processor,…

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moving at a fair klipsch klipsch t5 ii sport mclaren edition

R5 000 / homemation.co.za ● Ear all day Klipsch’s T5 II Sport McLaren Edition buds come in a rugged 24-hour charging case that includes a special moisture removal system and its own wireless charging pad. A new external antenna design, which boosts the signal to reduce interference, also means they’re 25% smaller than the original T5s. ● Wet behind the ears Should 20-year-old McLaren driver Lando Norris soak you while driving through puddles in the pit lane (bless him, he’s only just passed his test), the IP67-rated charging case is completely waterproof on the outside, while on the inside the reusable moisture removal system draws sweat and water away from the buds so they’ll be clean and dry for their next outing (see our battle of the UV self-cleaning buds on p48). ● Earily quiet These…