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Is it just us (we know it isn’t) or does every year seem to go more rapidly than the last? Perhaps it’s because the older one gets, the less of one’s whole life a single year represents. Or maybe it’s because we’re increasingly surrounded by blinking screens telling us the time? Whatever it is, we can assure you it’s later than you think… so whether you’re looking to get into a shape that isn’t oval (p81), buy the mirrorless camera of your dreams and take a picture worthy of hanging in the guest loo (p63), or just get the darn lawn mown (p78), we can help. We’ve also spent a lot of time (and the office’s data cap) downloading and testing the best apps for your phone and tablet so that…

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our month

I CONTEMPLATED SHIPWRECKS If you could only take one gadget to a desert island, what would it be? For me the answer is easy: my Kindle. And a solar charger. I read voraciously and, as a result, have upgraded to just about every new generation of Kindle that’s emerged. The latest top-of-the-range device, called the Oasis, is a marvel of both technology and simplicity. The second version is waterproof and ditches the extra battery-in-the-cover of the previous incarnation. The screen is clear and bright, even in sunlight, and it has two buttons on the side for turning pages (rotate it to use the other hand). The latest Paperwhite model lacks the Oasis-style buttons, but it’s also waterproof. Moreover, it’s cheaper and just as good. Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief I PUT THE ACTIVE…

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the limp bizkit of tvs

Roll up, roll up, gather round to witness the amazing disappearing TV. It looks just like a regular 65in flatscreen television, right? Turn it on and the display will light up with all the dazzling whites and deep blacks we’ve come to expect from OLED tech. It can even handle 4K resolution, while the built-in AI processing is constantly working to make sure the picture looks as eye-popping as possible. Underneath is a base that doubles as a 4.2-channel, 100W Dolby Atmos speaker system, but the real magic starts when you stop watching it. At the touch of a button, all 65in of the Signature OLED TV R start to roll up inside the base. After about 15 seconds you’re left looking at an aluminium cabinet that offers no real…

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vr is now flying without wings

Owning HTC’s original Vive virtual reality headset was a bit like having a pet hawk: you really needed a lot of space to get the most out of it. Aware that not many people have room to accommodate multiple motion-tracking sensors or birds of prey, HTC has unveiled the Vive Cosmos, a VR headset with more modest living arrangements in mind. You’ll still need space to move around, but you’ll no longer have to install the base stations that used to keep track of your movements. With two cameras on the front and one on each side, it appears that all the tracking tech is built into the headset itself. It also won’t require such eye-wateringly expensive PC hardware to power it, although that will still be an option if…

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let’s talk about decks

In a world where you can DJ to a club full of ravers using nothing but an iPad and a Spotify Premium account, a hulking pair of mechanical turntables must seem awfully quaint to some. But this isn’t just any old deck: it’s a Technics SL-1210. Ever since the 1970s this legendary turntable range has been instrumental in the worlds of hip-hop and dance music, with DJs such as Cut Chemist and Kenny Dope swearing by them. What ain’t broke doesn’t need to be fixed, so the first new model since 2007 will be familiar to anyone with experience on the wheels of steel. The direct-drive motor has been upgraded to improve stability and torque, with a new reverse playback function that should help to find Satanic messages hidden in…

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hit me with your rhythm tick

It used to be easy to know how fit you were. If running for the bus made it feel like your heart was trying to make a break from your chest like some sort of juvenile xenomorph, it was time to cut down on the chips, cheese and beer (and buy a shellsuit). But these days that’s not enough. Now people want metrics to go with their feelings, which is where the Withings Move ECG comes in. It can take electrocardiograms in just 20 seconds, which can help to detect an irregular heart rhythm that might not show up to a regular wearable. It also tracks steps, pace, distance and calories burned when you’re awake, or length, depth and quality of sleep when you’re in the land of nod, with…