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If we actually stop to think about the intricacies of smartphones, the data they’re able to store, and all the gear they’re able to replace, it’s almost too much for our measly mammalian brains to handle. But if we instead look at the blur of black-faced rectangles released by the major manufacturers in recent years, it’s all a bit whelming at best. Lately, phones have been dull. But this year that’s changing. We saw some amazing new handsets at (and just before) Mobile World Congress this year, from Samsung’s new three-pronged Galaxy S10 line-up (p38) to Sony’s elongated Xperias (p40) and Nokia’s five-cameras-one-focal-length curiosity (p42). Then there’s LG’s gesture-recognising G8 ThinQ (p46) and the V50 ThinQ with its optional second-display cover. And those are just the phones you might actually buy. Meanwhile,…

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I GOT TOUCHY-FEELY WITH A PRO While I was dismissive of the TouchBar when it first appeared on a MacBook Pro, I take it all back now that I’ve actually spent some time with one. It turns out having a touch sensitive strip that’s contextually sensitive is surprisingly useful. But it’s the other touch-friendly bit of tech that’s really got me sold: The fingerprint reader. It’s a feature I’ve missed since I stopped using Lenovo’s excellent ThinkPads a good few MacBooks ago. Of course, looking at the iPhone and iPad the risk now is that Apple takes it away in favour of FaceID, but maybe it knows all the smart/ paranoid folk keep their webcams covered and that’s an untenable solution. We can only hope. Long live touch, in bars or…

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folding stuff

It’s strange to think that, just a few months ago, there were no foldable phones. Now the supple things are everywhere: already there are nearly half as many foldable phones are there were members of S Club 7 at full strength. But while new technology is always exciting, the first round of devices to make use of it are traditionally a bit rubbish. And that may yet prove to be the case with Huawei’s Mate X, very much the hottest gadget of this year’s Mobile World Congress. Essentially, the Mate X is a dual-screened smartphone – edge-to-edge 6.6in on the front and 6.38in on the back – and can be folded outwards at the press of a button, turning it into a 5.4mm, 8in Android tablet. Huawei says the OLED…

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We don’t beat around the bush here at Stuff, so during our brief demo we risked arrest by bending the Mate X, despite strict instructions not to do so. It was an open goal – can you blame us? While the hinge felt really sturdy, Huawei has put a latch on the grip to secure it once folded, like a clutch bag. There’s a satisfying click once it’s latched on, and there’s a neat textured button to open it again. The plastic screen looked decent and we had zero issues when swiping through applications and fiddling with the camera settings. You still get a glorious OLED screen and it’s quite lovely: bright, punchy, with good dynamic range. What’s more, viewing angles are great – we were able to see a pleasant parrot video…

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meanwhile, what's in this folder?

And in the red corner, hailing from Seoul, South Korea, and weighing in at, erm, a weight currently undisclosed by its creator (it’s quite chunky, though), it’s the Samsung… Galaxy… FOLD! Huawei might have garnered the lion’s share of foldable phone buzz, but Samsung actually beat it to the punch with the Galaxy Fold. And although their primary party trick is the same, the two bendy phone-lets/ tab-phones are quite different. Where the entirety of the Mate X’s display is outward-facing, the Galaxy Fold’s beautiful 7.3in ‘Infinity Flex’ opens and closes like a book, protecting it from violent front door keys. When it’s folded, you get a 4.6in HD+ AMOLED display that can easily be navigated with one hand, although there’s no screen on the back. But you’ll be reassured…