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The only question we get more often than “Apple or Android?” or “You’re not really going to wear that out, are you?” is “Which headphones should I buy?” So, dear reader, we’ve put together a feature that tackles that very question (p38), dispatched a variation of it on our letter’s page (p96), tried out Apple’s updated AirPods (p50) and spent a fortnight with Samsung’s answer to them: the Galaxy Buds (p78). With the practicalities out of the way, we’ve also got plenty of fanciful fare with which to tickle your eyeballs, tempt your ticklers, and strike abject fear into the heart of your wallet. There’s Porsche’s 911 Carrera S (p87), a smorgasbord of horological wonders (p54), Huawei’s latest happy snapper flagship (p33), and Samsung’s insane 8K TV (p59). Then there’s the bumper…

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our month

I GOT TO KNOW ROAMING If you think mobile data costs are bad in SA, spare a thought for frequent flyers who need to use data overseas. Free Wi-Fi isn’t always available and it’s not secure (always use a VPN), so you’re better off buying a local SIM card… but then you’re not connected when you land. Alternatively, you could use KnowRoaming. Offering either a sticker that goes on your existing SIM, or eSIM support (for recent phones like the iPhone XR), for just $4 (R55) a day you get unlimited data and, best of all, you don’t need a separate device like a MiFi. I’ve been getting LTE speeds and consistently good coverage. And its run by a South African, Gregory Gundelfinger. It’s the best thing to happen to travel…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1 SNAPPILY EVER AFTER Huawei P30 Pro Apparently Huawei’s P30 Pro can make phone calls. Not that you’ll have much time for such archaic activities with this octa-core Kirin 980-powered monster in your hand. The teardrop notch and in-screen fingerprint sensor mean a 6.47in 2340x1080 OLED almost entirely covers the front of the Pro, but it’s round the back where most of the magic happens, with a whole range of AI-assisted cameras. There’s a 40MP f/1.6 sensor with ultra-wide-angle lens, a 20MP f/2.2 wide-angle, an 8MP job with 5x optical periscope zoom, plus a clever depth-sensing time-of-flight sensor. That 40MP main camera uses SuperSpectrum tech to better capture light in the darkness, plus you can shoot video with two different sensors simultaneously, offering footage from close up and zoomed out at the…

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apple ipad air

Apple discontinued the iPad Air 2 back in 2017 but, much like the Mini, it’s making a comeback in 2019. With a 10.5in True Tone screen, it slots between the standard iPad and the 11in iPad Pro, although the base model (64GB, Wi-Fi only) is R6 000 cheaper than the all-screen Pro. Like the new Mini, it comes with the A12 Bionic processor inside and now supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, but the extra screen inches mean you can also pair it with the Smart Keyboard. For people who like the sound of an iPad Pro but can’t quite stretch to one, this Air is a tempting alternative. from R8 000 /myistore.co.za…

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virtually brand new

THE KILLER FEATURE IS FIVE ROOM-TRACKING SENSORS IN THE HEADSET ITSELF R11 500 / cybertrek.co.za The original Oculus Rift headset might have sparked the virtual reality revolution, but it’s beginning to show its advancing years. Step forward the Rift S, which, while not exactly the Oculus Rift 2.0, does a lot more than give the old model a fresh coat of paint. ● It’s very sensor-ble For our money, the Rift S’s true killer feature is the integration of five room-tracking sensors into the headset itself. That means no need to dig out the tape measure, drill, wall plugs and cable ties to install a bunch of sensors in your living room. Now you get full-fat room-tracking right out of the box. Mind, as with the original, you’ll still need to tether up a…

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The Climb Ascend towering peaks and hang off sheer rock faces in Crytek’s stunning climbing simulator, packed with breathtaking scenery and sweaty-palmed thrills. R565 / theclimbgame.com Lone Echo Not just a treat for your eyes (it’s like starring in your own version of Gravity), this space-station adventure is a compelling mystery tale in its own right. R565 / oculus.com/lone-echo Marvel Powers United Step Spandex one of 18 iconic superheroes in this power fantasy of a title. It lets you unleash all manner of mayhem on your hapless foes, alone or alongside friends. R565 / oculus.com/ marvel-powers-united-vr…