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”The night is dark and full of terrors, old man, but the fire burns them all away.” First, we’re not that old. Second, by ‘terrors’ we’re going to assume you mean the (very real) dread of not being able to button up our favourite trousers due to the excesses of summer. And third, by ‘fire’ we’re going to assume you mean exercise, because burning calories is the only way we’re going to keep that fear at bay. Well, that and laying off the pizza… but let’s be realistic, shall we? It’s with this – and maxims about summer bodies, winter, blah blah – in mind that’s prompted us to collate the finest in outdoor fitness kit (p38) to get you motivated. Because the South African winter is mild, and few things…

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our month

I FOUND THE FIT SHOES THAT FIT It’s not often you have to do a Bluetooth pairing with your running shoes. In fact, I’ve never had to do it before. But that’s the stand-out feature of the new Under Armour Hovr Infinite trainers. Not only are they superbly comfortable running shoes, but the sensor in the right sole measures a bunch of useful metrics – from the length of your stride, speed and distance, to your cadence and pace. The sensor syncs with UA’s MapMyRun app to give you all this data on your phone... along with tips on how to avoid injury and improve your times. It’s very unusual to see an Icasa sticker for a wireless device on the sole of a trainer, but then these are not your…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1 THE FIN END OF THE WEDGE Oppo Reno 5G When great white sharks attack their prey, they have a neat trick that protects their eyes from being damaged if their dinner thrashes around in a vain attempt to escape: they roll their pupils back in their heads. It seems someone at Oppo is a Jaws fan – because not only does the Reno 5G’s 16MP front-facing camera hide away inside the chassis when it’s not in use, but it automatically pops up on a fin-like protrusion when summoned for a selfie. That allows the 6.6in 2340x1080 AMOLED screen to dominate the front with no sign of a notch, plus there’s a fingerprint sensor built-in. Round the back (see over the page) you get a triple snapper setup of 48MP + 8MP…

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hands-on reno 10x zoom

We had to double check with Oppo that it really is called the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, because that is not a snappy name. But it’s an accurate one. The ‘shark fin’ feels very Inspector Gadget and it emerges as soon as you select the selfie camera. It seems to operate as it should, but imagine if the phone slipped out of your hand with the fin sticking out!? Oppo insists it will retract if it senses a fall, but we weren’t brazen enough to test that. It does look gimmicky, but if that buys us more screen and ditches the notch, then we’ve got time for it. We’ll just have to trust Oppo’s claims that it’ll stand the test of time. Back to the rear camera, though. While we only had…

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the powers that d

Rtba / acer.com Professional 3D modellers, video editors, illustrators and photographers don’t have a huge range of choice when it comes to portable PCs, especially if they want something as powerful as a desktop to take out on the road. Acer wants to change all that with its absurdly powerful ConceptD 9. ● Watch your tone The star of this particular show is undoubtedly the 17.3in 3840x2160 screen, mounted on a tilting Ezel Aero Hinge accommodating various arrangements. You can lay it flat, bring it forward over the keyboard like an easel or push it back like a regular notebook display. Included is a Wacom EMR stylus allowing illustrators, animators and designers to do their thing with 4096 levels of pressure-sensitivity, while the screen itself is Pantone-validated for accurate colour reproduction. ● Power to…

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tenacious three

● Acer ConceptD 500 Prefer to do your creative business on a desktop? This beast has you covered with a choice of 9th-gen Intel Core i9 CPUs, powerful GPUs and up to 64GB of RAM. Plus a wireless charger up top. ● Acer ConceptD CM7 Acer’s first Pantone-approved 4K monitor, available in 27in and 32in variants, promises the kind of super-accurate colours that photographers demand. ● Acer ConceptD OJO This mixed reality headset pumps VR and AR goodness directly into your eyeballs courtesy of a 4K display, and with inside-out tracking and built-in audio there’s no need for a mass of cables.…