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Stuff Magazine South Africa September 2019

Stuff Magazine, the world's best-selling gadget & technology magazine. Stuff is your expert, up to the minute guide on gadgets, gear, technology - and how to play with them. Our expert reviews and tests sort the best from the rest in digital cameras, cellphones, computers, games, fashion, wheels, lifestyle products and the weird and wonderful. Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it’s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader’s life.

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Five years ago, I joined Stuff as a contributing editor, supplying a daily story for the website. Shortly thereafter, then editor (now editor-in-chief and publisher) Toby Shapshak convinced me to start working from Stuff Towers and getting involved in the print editions. Next thing I knew, I was a full-timer. A year or so later I took over as editor, and the silly portraits on this page began. Since then, I’ve had the distinct and unusual pleasure of testing literally (in the classical, literal sense of the word, not the recently-deemed-acceptable and thoroughly contemporary figurative one) dozens of phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, headphones, cameras, appliances, speakers, cars… and even a handful of games. See, I’ve generally left the gaming to online editor Brett Venter, because he’s forgotten more about games than I’ll…

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our month

iDROVE THE FUTURE The future is electric. I know, because I’ve spent the last month driving the 2nd gen BMW i3. And I’m ecstatic with it. It’s everything I want in my next car… which is now going to be an i3. I’ve been driving my wife’s hand-me-down Mini for a few years, and I never want a big car again. But, like the zippy Clubman S, I do want power on tap and a big boot. I love the i3’s spacious cabin, the access to the rear thanks to the novel doors, and I’m thrilled with how potent and nimble it is on Johannesburg’s road. It’s a wonderfully driveable car with the premium performance for which BMW is renowned. And especially pleasingly, “it’s ‘lectric”, as my two-year-old son says with…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1 SECRETS OF AREA 61 Sony A7R IV ‘All-rounder’ is often a euphemism for ‘not that good at anything’. But Sony’s A7R IV is happy taking snaps in so many different situations, it doesn’t need euphemisms. The world’s first 61MP full-frame camera, the A7R IV combines a whip-smart 567-point autofocus system, 10fps burst shooting and five-axis in-body image stabilisation to take everything in its stride, with that monster of a sensor ensuring each picture is absolutely packed with detail. Whether you’re shooting studio portraits, the 110m hurdles, a pride of lions stalking their prey or some mysterious aircraft zipping over the Nevada desert, the A7R IV has the power and practicality to cope with them all. And Sony’s included its AI-based real-time tracking system, which includes Eye AF for your two-…

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the buds of suburbia

SONY’S EXTRA MICS BRING A CLAIMED 40% BUMP IN NOISE CANCELLING R5 000 / sony.com/za If you’re not a huge fan of people, the benefits of active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones are obvious; but not everyone wants to look like a sound engineer while rejecting humanity, so Sony has crammed the tech into a pair of wireless earbuds… ● Tyrannosaurus X It’s not quite on the Jurassic Park scale, but Sony has been doing a bit of DNA-splicing by taking a dash of design from its lauded WF-1000X in-ear predecessors and pairing it with the QN1e HD noise-cancelling chip from Stuff’s No.1 over-ears, the WH-1000XM3s. Add in Dual Noise Sensor Technology – forward and rear-facing mics to pick up ambient noise – and there’s a claimed 40% bump in the background commotion-blocking capabilities. ● Velocirapture The 24-bit…

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wireless wonders

Cleer Ally Plus Straight outta San Diego, Cleer has somehow managed to squeeze 30 hours of playtime from its ANC buds. You also get touch controls, auto-playback proximity sensors, and the ability to take extremely important calls with either left, right or both buds. R3 000 / cleeraudio.com Libratone Track Air+ Libratone’s true wireless buds also carry ANC tech and claim to tune out 30dB of ambient noise. You’ll get 24 hours playtime with the magnetic charging case, a sweatproof design, touch controls and proximity sensors for auto-pausing. R3 000 / libratone.com House of Marley Liberate Air HoM’s first fully wireless earphones are crafted from bamboo, recyclable aluminium, natural wood fibre composite and recycled plastic bottles. They’re not ANC, but that does mean a massive 32 hours of play with the charging case. R2 300 / thehouseofmarley.com…

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1 Firefox Preview Free / Android It seems barely a month passes without the Firefox folks nuking one Android browser then foisting a new one on us. If you’ve the stomach for more, Firefox Preview is fast, powerful and private. 2 GIFwrapped Free / iOS In the future, all communication will be by emoji and gif. Prepare for the latter by using this major update to GIFwrapped, and grab yourself a collection of classics. Or just guffaw at funny cats. 3 Pixaloop Free (IAPs) / Android Don’t let Harry Potter and chums have all the fun – get Pixaloop to animate your still images. Use a finger to mask areas, draw animation paths, say your favourite magic word (if you want to) and you’re there. 4 Groovepad Free (IAPs) / Android Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Novation Launchpad on…