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Stuff Magazine South Africa November 2019

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They mostly come out at night. Mostly. I’m talking about stars rather than xenomorphs, but the general sentiment is the same, even if the terror level is way, way down. Unless that star’s rapidly getting closer, but that’s a whole other story. This month is all about night-time tech, of which star-observing equipment is a particular favourite. Recently I was at ScopeX, the only telescope expo I’m aware of in South Africa. It’s a specialised crowd, but one that knows its stuff. We have that in common. Hop to p46 if you’re eager to get your ‘scope on but know that effortless stargazing comes at a price. So does difficult stargazing, but that’s not the point. This month is also somewhat of a milestone. Stuff has made its century – you are holding…

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I SAW A VISION OF A RWC FINAL By the time this appears in print, the Rugby World Cup will be in its final stages and the Springboks will hopefully be on track to play in the final. Being a rugby fan, I used this World Cup year as a good reason for a TV upgrade, which I have done with the excellent LG OLED65C9PVA. It’s a giant 65in OLED thing of wonder. Its picture is remarkably good, with amazingly clear resolution. The OLED technology is just fantastic and well worth its accolades for clarity. The smart TV runs apps for Netflix, Amazon, Showmax and DStv Now (with dedicated buttons for the first two on its clever Magic Remote) making it an entertainment centre in its own right. Hopefully the Bokke…

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hot stuff

HOT NINE #1 PRO’S POETRY Apple iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max Apple has been making Macs, MacBooks and iPads for ‘Pros’ for a long time now, but we’ve had to wait until number 11 for it to stick the ‘P’ word on the end of an iPhone. But you can’t accuse the iPhone 11 Pro of not taking its title seriously. It’s forged of hardy surgical-grade stainless steel and has a new Super Retina XDR display, which means HDR10+, spatial audio, Dolby Vision and Atmos support. And at 1200 nits, you’ll be able to see it from Mars. The iPhone 11 Pro is available in 5.8in and 6.5in screen sizes; pick up the latter and you’ll see ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max’ written on the box – size aside, the specs are the same.…

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glance would be a fine thing

Apple Watch Series 5 from R8 000 / myistore.co.za ● Always on On every previous Apple Watch you’d need to flick your wrist or tap the glass to illuminate the OLED display. That changes with Series 5, which employs an always-on LTPO display. When you’re not looking at it, the display will intelligently dim just enough to remain visible at a glance. Raise the watch to your face and it’ll switch to full brightness. Each watch face has been optimised to drain as little juice as possible: Apple says battery life matches the Series 4 at roughly 18 hours. ● Always lost Also new is a built-in compass, which can be used in conjunction with an app to see heading, incline, latitude, longitude and elevation. The Maps app has been updated too, and there are…

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FIRST PLAY JOHN WICK HEX PC, consoles tba Going for a fast-paced action shooter would seem to be a no-brainer for anyone making a John Wick game. But brains is exactly what developer Mike Bithell, creator of left-field indie games like Thomas Was Alone and Volume, is looking for: this game wants you to get inside the mind of the puppy-avenger. Billed as a ‘timeline strategy’, John Wick Hex is like Superhot as a fight choreography editor, as time only moves when you move. When an enemy is in sight, you pause to a menu with different possible actions, from close-range melee attacks to shooting with the trademark double tap. If you’re getting ambushed from all sides, you can’t take everyone out at once; so it’s about interrupting one enemy by stunning them…

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1 Vectornator X Free / iOS You don’t need to be a pro illustrator to point your digits at this fab and free vector drawing app. In seconds, auto-tracing can transform your favourite snaps into sleek works of graphic art. 2 Moodflow Free / Android, iOS Most diaries track events, but this one’s for moods. Record how happy you are, and see the results build as a colourful calendar grid. Want to dig deeper? There’s journalling and habit-tracking too. 3 Vector Free (IAPs) / Android R15 / iOS Mirror’s Edge meets The Matrix in this side-scrolling free-runner that sees players zipping over, under and through obstacles as ‘Big Brother’ tries to stick ‘em back in their cubicles. Aced it? Try Vector 2. 4 The TeamTOMM App R86 / Android, iOS Often living in a mess of your own making? Hate spending…