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Stuff Magazine South Africa May 2020

Stuff Magazine, the world's best-selling gadget & technology magazine. Stuff is your expert, up to the minute guide on gadgets, gear, technology - and how to play with them. Our expert reviews and tests sort the best from the rest in digital cameras, cellphones, computers, games, fashion, wheels, lifestyle products and the weird and wonderful. Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it’s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader’s life.

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How on Earth did we get here? If you’re anything like the Stuff team, you’re bunkered down at home wondering when things will get back to normal. The sad truth is: It’s probably going to be a while. South Africa’s initial lockdown still has a few weeks to run at the time of writing but don’t be too surprised if you’re getting even more familiar with your home in the coming months. These are extraordinary times – expect some extraordinary measures to go with them. That isn’t to say that the Earth’s stood still, however. We’re still here, you’re still here, the world of tech… that’s still there too. Deadlines have been revised backwards across the planet – hence the lack of firm pricing through much of this special issue –…

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hot stuff

HOT FIVE #1 COSMIC RAISE HTC Vive Cosmos Elite When it comes to virtual reality, the second word is the most important part: you want things to feel as close to reality as possible. How do you do that? Cramming as much tech as possible into the thing you stick on your face is a good place to start, and HTC has very much obliged with its new PC-powered Vive Cosmos Elite. On the inside there are two 3.4in LCD displays that offer a combined resolution of 2880x1700, with less space between the pixels to minimise the screen-door effect, while the faceplate on the front offers better inside-out tracking than the original Cosmos. It also comes with two Lighthouse Base Stations, which track the movement of the headset and the controllers from wherever you…

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your daily dose of (carbon) fibre

THE FIRST CARBON FIBRE PHONE, IT’S 6.3MM THIN AND WEIGHS JUST 125G Carbon 1 Mark II R15 750 (import) / carbonmobile.com The clue’s in the name of this eye-catching Android that won’t weigh you down ● Weighing in There are two very good reasons carbon fibre is often used in racing bikes and high-performance car parts: it’s very light and very strong. That also makes it ideal for something you carry around all day and occasionally drop on hard floors, don’t you think? Carbon Mobile’s Carbon 1 Mark II is the first phone to be made from the stuff (the Mark I never went on general sale) – and at 6.3mm thin and 125g, it’s 1.8mm slimmer and 63g lighter than an iPhone 11 Pro. ● Powering up Holding a phone that light might make you think…

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spengle gold

THESE ARE THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE RIMS, HAND-LAID WITH 24-CARAT GOLD Has Pusha T got a new bike? Depends – is Pusha T a Lycra man who likes spending his Sundays riding two abreast on the R540 near Magalies? We think not. But if he is, do let him know that these are the world’s most expensive bicycle rims, with 24-carat gold leaf painstakingly hand-laid over Spengle’s high-performance carbon monocoque. They’re made for top-end road bikes rather than low riders. Are they any good, though? They quite probably are. Spengle’s cutting-edge carbon monocoque, a construction method that involves several spun pieces of aluminium riveted together, is also used in Formula 1 cars. You know, the ‘shell’ that keeps Lewis Hamilton and his pals safely cocooned in their cars as they flip into the air…

2 min.
wtf are panasonic’s steampunk glasses?

That is some high-end Mad Max cosplay. Isn’t it just? It’s not hard to imagine yourself saddling up some sort of gas-guzzling Frankenstein of a motor, donning a pair of these and taking off across the Australian outback. In actual fact, they might help you to experience exactly that, because they’re far from just a useless movie prop. These are, according to Panasonic, the world’s first HDR-capable virtual reality goggles. I thought we’d given up on VR? Get with it, Gramps. We won’t pretend there aren’t various issues stopping VR from going truly mainstream, but one of the main ones is just how unwieldy the headsets can be – most of them still involve strapping something the size of a box of duck eggs to your face. These still aren’t exactly what you’d…

2 min.

1 The White Door R479 / Android ● R50 / iOS You awake in a white room with memory loss. Then follows a point-and-click adventure in a shoebox, your desire for freedom dovetailing with unease, suspicious motives and a sense of creeping horror. 2 Fantastical Free or R90/m / iOS This calendar uses natural language for input, integrates weather, adds sports dates and TV listings, and lets you propose multiple event times, after which it sorts your schedule. It’s more like a PA than an app. 3 Nightfall Free / Android, iOS There are hints of dungeon-crawling and Sky co-op in this multiplayer game where you roam isometric worlds and battle nightmares. It’s aimed at kids – there are no ads/IAP – but is fun for adults too. 4 FlickType R30 / iOS, watchOS Fed up yelling at your Apple Watch,…