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hefty price tag

Rtba / tagheuer.com Tag Heuer’s third-gen Wear OS watch is ultra-premium in specs, with GPS, 5ATM water-resistance, heart-rate monitoring and all-day battery life. Strong, sturdy and heavy, the 45mm metal casing takes inspiration from Tag’s Carrera chronographs. Ours came with the rubber strap; but there’s a stainless steel option as well. The 1.39in OLED touchscreen goes well with the Connected 2020’s analogue look. Protected by a lovely sapphire glass, the display’s colours are vibrant and strong, with great contrast; and its responsiveness to touch commands is among the best we’ve seen on a Wear OS device. Tag’s delivery of Wear OS feels a little too jolly for a device this serious, but it makes good use of all the standard functions, while a greater focus on health tracking makes it much better than…

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sets education

Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage R4 500 / 3120 pieces This girl has got teeth. You’ll recognise her as the T.Rex from Jurassic Park – and in case you’ve got a Zoom quiz or two coming up, a bit of trivia for you: her real name is Roberta. Not so ferocious now, eh? That said, we’d still think twice about giving a real-life Roberta flak. The set includes not only the beast herself, but also the iconic entrance gates to the original ill-fated attempt at a wildlife park of de-extinct dinosaurs, from way before Joe Exotic proposed bringing back the sabre-toothed tiger. The trigger-activated gate is framed by a wall incorporating seven detailed scenes inspired by the film, such as John Hammond’s dining room, Ray Arnold’s control room and a bunker for Ian Malcolm. You…

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8k breaky heart

Rtba / samsung/com/za As reasons to splurge on a new TV go, staying away from all the other humans telling us to stay indoors is a pretty compelling one. But coming up with an excuse to spend huge sums of money on said TV is a little trickier… unless, of course, the set in question turns out to be somewhat future-proofed and sounds incredible. Samsung has been one of the major pushers of 8K for a couple of years now, yet its 2020 range seems – at first glance – no more compelling than last year’s. They’re still expensive, there’s almost no native content around (Japanese broadcaster NHK had planned to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in 8K), and it’s not like every home has even taken up 4K yet. But taken on its…

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tiz me, tiz me, tiz me baby

It’s raining menus Samsung’s Tizen-based operating system is the best – it’s straightforward, simple in the right way, and responsive. Setup menus are comprehensive but not intimidating, and there’s loads of adjustability. Zapper’s delight Control is via a small remote that manages to feel as good as it looks – even the action of the buttons somehow feels expensive. Or there’s Alexa built-in for voice control, and Google Assistant on the way. Disney matter The OS incorporates all the main streaming services as well as plenty of lesser ones. Note that Netflix, YouTube and the rest are operating at reduced resolution while their services are subject to unprecedented demand. Tell me Wi-Fi Keeping everything ticking over is dual-band Wi-Fi, plus the One Connect box that’s home to four HDMI inputs, three USB sockets, Ethernet, RF and satellite…

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buddy murder

R1 800 / sound-magic.co.za We were wondering when SoundMagic might get around to crashing the true wireless party. If anyone knows about combining ‘great-sounding’ with ‘affordable’, it’s these chaps, and we’ve never met a pair of theirs we didn’t like. So while other brands try to make R3 500 the true wireless norm, SoundMagic has removed the rug from beneath them. Whoever sketched the TWS50s was kept on a tight leash: these earbuds are compact, light and consequently easy to position comfortably. The selection of silicone tips also helps. A rudimentary digital display indicates how much juice is left in the charging case. The buds hold six hours, while the case is good for another 24; charging is via microUSB. There’s no denying these earphones feel built down to a price, but they’re…

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complete our soles

R5 300 / nurvv.com Nurvv’s system combines smart insoles – each with 16 pressure sensors – with a GPS tracking unit that clips to the side of your shoe and an app offering real-time coaching insights. It’s all designed to help you fine-tune your running form, improve your efficiency and ward off preventable injury. For every run, Nurvv captures the basics – pace, distance and route – but it also tracks details that affect your technique. This includes cadence, stride length, balance, foot strike and pronation. Post-run, you get feedback and advice on your weaknesses. The two core features are Pace Optimiser, using real-time guidance on stride length and cadence to help you hit a target pace; and Running Health, combining training load, pronation, balance and cadence data into one overall score. There’s…