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Stuff Magazine, the world's best-selling gadget & technology magazine. Stuff is your expert, up to the minute guide on gadgets, gear, technology - and how to play with them. Our expert reviews and tests sort the best from the rest in digital cameras, cellphones, computers, games, fashion, wheels, lifestyle products and the weird and wonderful. Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it’s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader’s life.

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Man, Donald Trump just cannot leave tech companies alone. I’ve got my own opinions as to why that is but it’s a little suspicious that he threatened TikTok with repercussions (like being banned) if they don’t sell themselves to an American company…after they already said they were looking to offload TikTok to an American company. It’s the political equivalent of telling a cat to do something it’s already doing and then claiming credit for the outcome. I reckon he just needs the attention. Remember folks, hug your kids. It may prevent an apocalypse. On a cheerier note, you’ll have noticed that Samsung’s got a lot of tech in the front half of this issue. Unpacked came down to our publishing wire, meaning we had to scramble to get this Note 20…

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our month

I TOOK A FEW NOTES The Note is a smartphone category that Samsung created and has pretty much owned ever since. The Note 20 Ultra is the deserved king of the crop, with its astounding selection of cameras. Who doesn’t want a 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto and a 108MP wide-angle lens? But the feature that I’ve come to love about the Note range is the S Pen. Pop it out and you can instantly write notes on the screen, which you can later convert to text. I use it every day. The S Pen is also a great remote for presentations and selfies, but you have to try the ultra-slow-motion video recording. It’s amazing what Samsung has done here. Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief I GOT TO USE MY HANDS This month I got…

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playing the fame game

It’s hard setting yourself up as some sort of online guru. There’s cameras and microphones, editing software, studio space, and then there’s guests, snacks and topics of conversation to take care of. Sounds like a mission, right? Not if Samsung’s got anything to do with it. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the newest smartphone to have an S Pen, plans to make you forget that the stylus is even a thing. Unless, that it, you’re sketching out your next shot in your ‘filmed wholly in 8K’ opus that’ll make Tommy Wiseau hand in his ‘Oh hi Mark’. That’s courtesy of the camera array Samsung’s fielding this time – a 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto and 108MP wide-angle lens that’ll turn your home-shot clips into bits of cinematic art (directing skills sold…

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hands-on with the note 20 ultra

We’ve had the Note 20 UItra in our hands and there’s some serious quality in the build. There are shades of the S20 Ultra in the meaty camera bump (which you’re going to wrap in durable plastic as soon as possible, we hope) but without the emphasis on zooming in on things Samsung had earlier this year. The focus is on filming things, while using a Samsung earbud as a microphone (see p12). When you’re not pointing the three camera lenses at your subjects, you’ll be connecting to Windows 10 notebooks (wirelessly) to use DeX, swapping files between phone and computer (or phone and tablet, if the need arises) and just generally being creative. Or you might do the unlikeliest thing of all and actually use the Galaxy Note 20…

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high fidelity

Stuff would never condone the use of illegal drugs; but for those who like to kick back with a certain plant-based relaxant, there have always been particular types of music that seem to accompany it best – Bob Marley’s wooziest reggae classics, the lumbering sludge of early Black Sabbath, or the smoky trip-hop of some white middle-class Bristolians with dreadlocks. Well, now there’s a particular pair of cans to slip on while you nod out. Grado Labs’ The Hemp Headphone, presumably so straightforwardly named to prevent confusing stoners, uses the notorious L.E.A.F. to create a damping effect that helps to produce a fuller, more balanced performance with weighty lows and smooth highs (obviously). Each pair is handmade in Brooklyn, with Grado’s usual drivers having gone through a tuning and testing…

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“alexa are we nearly there yet?”

In 2004, a man spotted Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff in the audience at a concert and hollered: “You’re nothing without your robot car!” Clearly the heckler had never seen him as Boner in Revenge of the Cheerleaders, and how was he to know the Hoff would go on to appear in Piranha 3DD? If only Amazon’s Echo Auto had existed at the time, Hasselhoff could have turned any old car into a chatty robot and that guy wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on. Despite looking like a portable hard drive, the Echo Auto actually has eight mics on board and has been designed specifically to cope with the racket of the road. It connects to Alexa’s servers using the app on your phone, can be hooked up to…