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There was gnashing of teeth. There were raised voices. Neighbouring offices were disturbed by the sounds of positions being very strongly stated. Yes, some insults were hurled, along with the odd inanimate object. But the bruises have healed, we’ve righted the knocked over furniture, and most of the team are back on speaking terms. Why the turmoil? Because, dear reader, it’s awards season. Nope, not the Oscars or the Grammys. We’re talking, of course, about a far more hotly contested showdown: The Stuff Awards. Samsung squared up to Huawei, BMW leered at Land Rover, and Red Dead challenged God of War to a duel. This time around the contenders were especially strong, and there’ve been a few upsets in the big categories. This year’s selection of apps is also bigger than…

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our month

I SAID ’ALLO TO OLLO Easily the best iPhone accessory I’ve ever tested is the Olloclip – a clever attachment that gives you a variety of extra lenses for your phone’s camera. You can get a wide-angle, telephoto or even a macro lens (that has a novel, frosted lens hood that positions the lens at the right distance from the object while also diffusing the light). But my favourite of the Olloclip range is the original fish-eye with which they launched the brand. It works especially well for scenery snaps, or inside grandiose buildings like the Sagrada Familia. Clever engineering means you can even pop the lens onto the front-facing camera for fish-eye selfies... just be aware of nostril flare. Look out for the Android-friendly peg-like Olloclip coming soon. Toby Shapshak, Publisher…

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look at it from this rectangle

C the light Apple has ditched the Lightning port in favour of USB-C, which means you can hook it up to external displays more easily. With the right cable you can even charge your phone off it. Cam do No one should be encouraged to use a tablet to take photos… but with a 12MP sensor, iPhone-style Smart HDR and 4K video recording, this iPad Pro makes it quite tempting. There have been some important rectangles over the years: books, beds and Zoo Biscuits all qualify for our list of the best equiangular quadrilaterals ever made, but none of them are quite as hopelessly desirable as Apple’s latest iPad Pro. It’s got Face ID, which works whichever way you hold it, so there’s no home button and no notch either – so whether you…

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hands-on apple ipad pro

Pixel me up The 11in iPad Pro’s screen is 2388x1668 (up from the 10.5in model’s 2224x1668), while the 12.9in version gets 2732x2048. Both have anti-reflective coatings. Cam and get it The 7MP TrueDepth camera on the front supports everything the iPhone XS’s does: Apple Pay, Portrait Mode snaps, Memojis and those new 32-person FaceTime calls. Key skills There’s a new Smart Keyboard Folio that doubles as a case and offers two different viewing angles. It sips from the iPad’s battery, so there’s no need to worry about keeping it charged. Free sticker This top edge is magnetic – not to attach a second keyboard (that would be weird), but to wirelessly charge the new Pencil. Much better than having it protruding from the port like before. Tappy to see me? Apple knows that creative types like having multiple tools…

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retina way with it

Thun factor As is the case with all of Apple’s slimline notebooks these days, the MacBook Air is hardly generous with its connectivity. You get just two Thunderbolt 3 ports – but at least you can charge with USB-C. Can I see your ID? The new MacBook Air supports Touch ID. Located at the top-right of the keyboard, the fingerprint sensor makes logging in, accessing locked files and buying stuff much quicker. Louder and prouder The MacBook Air has never been renowned for its audio performance. This time Apple has used bassier and louder stereo speakers. You’ve also got three microphones. We’re still waiting for flying cars, indestructible socks and hangover cures that actually work. But hey, at least Apple has finally given the people what they want: a Retina-equipped MacBook Air. That’s right. While the…

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paperback righter

Amazon s Kindle Paperwhite has always been one of our favourite e-readers, but newer premium models like the Oasis have Audible integration for when you’d rather Stephen Fry read you to sleep, and waterproofing for when you want Stephen Fry to run you a bath. We’re delighted to report, then, that the new Paperwhite manages to pinch most of its fancy big brother’s best features without massively hiking the price. For marginally more than the previous model, you get waterproofing and Bluetooth audiobooks. The design has been tweaked too: this e-reader is slimmer and has a flush screen. The entry-level option’s 8GB is also double that of the Paperwhite’s forerunner. What hasn’t changed is the 300ppi resolution… but as the last one was near-perfect for text anyway, we can’t call…