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Stuff Magazine South Africa

Stuff Magazine South Africa July/August 2018

Stuff Magazine, the world's best-selling gadget & technology magazine. Stuff is your expert, up to the minute guide on gadgets, gear, technology - and how to play with them. Our expert reviews and tests sort the best from the rest in digital cameras, cellphones, computers, games, fashion, wheels, lifestyle products and the weird and wonderful. Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it’s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader’s life.

South Africa
Stuff Group (Pty) Ltd
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1 min.

Probably the best part of working at Stuff is the variety of things we get to see, touch, hold, wear, watch, set up, reset, set up again, rave about, curse at, drive, smell, fly and – in rare cases – lose. The office arcade machine is pretty great, too, come to think of it. Oh, and Team Stuff deserves a mention: They’re a wholly delightful, occasionally obstreperous, reliably opinionated, bunch. But back to the stuff, and the things we get to do with it. Between the June issue and this one I tested Nokia and Honor’s new budget phones (p68), folded myself a cardboard Nintendo piano (p64), ran in a pair of Under Armour’s latest neon-coloured pavement pounders (p30), drove BMW’s astounding i8 Roadster (p8), braced my wallet for the best…

2 min.
our month

I WEIGHED MY LIGHTENED LOAD I film a lot of video interviews when I travel. For years I’ve been carting the utterly excellent Manfrotto Compact MKC3-H01 tripod about. I’d say ‘lugging’, but that’d be unfair. The Manfrotto only weighs 1.15kg but still stands 154cm high, letting me shoot at eye-level. But when I travel with only a carry-on bag, it’s just too big. Also, I tend to do most interviews sitting down. Enter the Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit. It can hold a camera that weighs up to 3kg and has bendable arms that can be used to hold lights or external microphones. The best bit? The GorillaPod only weighs 393g. And I can confirm that’s not just what it says on the box, it’s what it says on my kitchen scale,…

1 min.
your friends will i8 you

How do you make one of the most iconic cars of recent years even more head-turning and desirable? You make it a convertible, of course. That’s exactly what BMW’s done with its hybrid supercar, the i8. Sure, it’s updated the i8 Coupé while it’s at it, but that’s far more difficult to get excited about when faced with the all-new Roadster. Granted, with the fabric top in place, the Roadster looks a lot like its hard-topped sibling in profile or from the front, but that’s not a bad thing at all – the i8 remains one of the most recognisable and arresting four wheelers out there. Peer at it from the rear, though, and the pair of curvaceous pillars behind the headrests give the game away. Because the 3D-printed aluminium…

3 min.
hands-on with... the i8 roadster

A supercar you can plug-in like a toaster, which only packs a 1.5-litre petrol engine, but still performs like, well, a supercar? It sounded ludicrous when the original i8 landed and made every luxury car maker pay attention. No longer was ‘hybrid’ synonymous with ‘hideous’. In fact, suddenly here was a car everyone wanted a look at. The Roadster might actually be even better looking than the Coupé, even if it does lose 0.2 seconds on its 0-100kmh time. We promise, with its plug-in hybrid engine generating 275kW and 570Nm, you’re unlikely to notice. Getting in and out of the Roadster is as tricky as ever – you’re best off launching your posterior into the seat and then swinging your legs over the high sill. But once you’re in and you hit…

1 min.
8ers gonna 8(k)

Like life, and your dog when you get home from work, technology comes at you fast. While the average household is still contemplating whether now is the right time to jump on the 4K bandwagon (it probably is), Sharp is already bored of such a pathetically measly pixel count. European customers can now get their hands on its LV-70X500E, a 70in 8K TV monitor. Sure, you won’t actually be able to watch anything in that eye-watering 7680x4320 resolution – that’s four times more pixels than your shiny new 4K set, and 16 times more than the 1080p TV you’ve just relegated to the garage – but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of remarkably extreme future-proofing, right? The gargantuan set has eight HDMI inputs, four of which are on 8K…

1 min.
computer says yo!

Your desktop computer might have a face-melting graphics card and far more RAM than it knows what to do with, but can it offer that most elusive of qualities: true character? HP’s refreshed Envy Curved AIO (all-in-one) possesses so much of it that Maps Maponyane is looking to buy one. The sweeping 34in curved monitor sits atop a black box of innards (that includes a built-in wireless charging pad for your phone), but the most notable draw here is Alexa. Making her all-in-one PC debut, she’s offering users the same powers they’d find on an Echo. The AI assistant can play DJ, answer questions or bring up the weather forecast, all without you going near a mouse. Sprinkle in Bang & Olufsen speakers, an 8th-gen Intel CPU and a GeForce…