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Don’t let my youthful visage fool you, I’m old enough to remember a time before home computers, dial-up internet and mobile phones. The year was 1999, I was in Standard 9, and I managed to convince my dad to lend me the Wilson household’s first cellphone: The Nokia 2110i. I hoped it would impress my friends. It didn’t.It turned out some of their parents were early adopters, so they’d inherited their own brick-like mobile phones by then. Bastards. The following year I got my first phone of my own, a forest-green Siemens C25 complete with three-line monochrome LCD. With it I tried to teach my parents how to use T9 predictive text and typed so many SMSes I wore the text off some of the keys. The stubby aerial…

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I SHOWERED WITH JUSTICE MALALA At first glance, a speaker you can use in the shower seems like a cheesy accessory from the Playboy Mansion circa 1973, when piping music into every room was a costly novelty for only the very few. Now, speakers aren’t just portable, many are waterproof too. After the UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker won our Hi-fi Gadget of the Year award I tested it both in the bathroom and out of it. So, with whom did I choose to share my inaugural audio-accompanied shower? A progressive-rock band? A deeply melodic Scandinavian electro duo? Nope, just Justice Malala and Gareth Cliff talking politics. Talk about how technology – and this particular listener – has matured. Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief I OFFSET…

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mate for life

If your idea of excess is eating a whole Debonair’s pizza by yourself or watching every series of The IT Crowd in one sitting, then you clearly haven’t met Huawei’s new Porsche Design Mate RS. It’s a monster of a phone with a price even the 256GB iPhone X can’t match. There’s an even more expensive, 512GB version of the Mate RS, but it’s not coming to South Africa. Announced alongside Huawei’s already impressive P20 and P20 Pro handsets, despite the massive hike in price, the specs don’t look much different to those offered by its siblings. It shares the Pro’s triple-lens camera, 4000mAh battery and Kirin 970 processor. So what’s actually new here? Well, there’s an in-display fingerprint scanner embedded under its 6in curved OLED screen, and this…

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Store draw You’ll squeeze a fair few movie trilogies onto this Huawei – 256GB is more than most flagships offer. Chuck in Dolby dual speakers, and you’ve a mini media powerhouse. Triple threat Like the P20 Pro, this phone proudly flexes its photographic credentials with a triple-Leica-camera setup: a 40MP main snapper, a 20MP monochrome sensor and an 8MP telephoto. AI should coco Huawei’s really talking up the AI capabilities of its new smartphones. You should expect better image recognition and stabilisation in your shots, as well as more efficient management of battery life. Can you digit? One of the headline features of this phone is its dual fingerprint scanners. You’ve got one on the back and one lodged under the display. You can also…

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meet huawei’s p20 family

Notch kidding P20 While you’ll have to live without an OLED display, and there’s no escaping the notch in the room (although it can be hidden by a black bar), a Kirin 970 processor, 4GB of RAM and a big ol’ 3400mAh battery are not to be sniffed at.R13 000 /huawei.com/za Lens a hand P20 Pro Huawei has tripled down on its camera efforts for the P20 Pro, equipping its new flagship with a three-cam arsenal that can do 5x zoom. It’s the most exciting new phone we’ve clapped eyes on in ages. In fact, it even took the fight to Samsung and Apple in this issue’s supertest…R15 500 /huawei.com/za ■…

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magnetic Together seams in The x2’s magnetic hinge design holds the tablet in place when you’re using it as a laptop, and allows you to easily break it apart or spin it around when you want to get all arty. Port in the spotlight Connectivity shouldn’t be an issue here, as the x2 is packing two USB-C ports, a microSD slot and a headphone jack socket – so you don’t have to go Bluetooth just yet. Snap out of it This is your regular reminder that a tablet is a ridiculous camera. But if you absolutely insist, you’ll find a 13MP rear snapper, while there’s a 5MP camera on the front. The easiest way to make something sound boring is to call it ‘educational’. Take Acer’s…