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Stuff Magazine South Africa

Stuff Magazine South Africa September 2018

Stuff Magazine, the world's best-selling gadget & technology magazine. Stuff is your expert, up to the minute guide on gadgets, gear, technology - and how to play with them. Our expert reviews and tests sort the best from the rest in digital cameras, cellphones, computers, games, fashion, wheels, lifestyle products and the weird and wonderful. Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it’s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader’s life.

South Africa
Stuff Group (Pty) Ltd
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1 min.

The spring is (almost) sprung, the grass is ris… and that means it’s time to go shopping for swimwear (p50), brush up on your tennis with Mario (88), and start worrying about the fitness of you and yours (p76). It’s also a great time to go through your cupboards and donate, sell or dispose of the antiquated tech and other knickknacks you don’t need anymore. That’ll also help you make space and raise dosh for things you’ll actually use… like a new camera (p32) or laptop (p52). Whether you’re snapping pics of your brunch for that food blog you hope will let you leave your day job one day, a professional wildlife photographer who wants to get close to the action without losing a limb, or you simply want the best,…

2 min.
our month

I GOT SIGNAL INSTEAD OF NOISE Even in a closed office, you really want a decent set of over-ear cans. They help you focus, even if you’re in an office by yourself. Further, good music demands good sound, even at work. We were so impressed with Sennheiser’s latest, superb HD 4.50BTNC (Bluetooth, noise-cancelling) headphones that we got a set for everyone at Stuff Towers. They’re really that good. But just try talking to anyone in our newsroom now… the active noise cancellation means no more hollering from the next room, we actually have to walk over to people’s desks and tap them on the shoulder. Which means we’re not just getting more done, we’re getting more steps in, too. Go us. Toby Shapshak, Publisher and Editor-in-chief I PLAYED WITH SOME INCREDIBLE LEGO The Lego…

2 min.
stream a little beam of me

Hear there and everywhere The Beam is decorated with five far-field microphones, which should pick up your voice from anywhere in the room without forcing you to get all shouty. For the love of Pod The Beam supports Apple’s recently rolled out AirPlay 2 update, which means HomePod owners will be able to group up with or pass audio on to the soundbar. Louder than bombs Concerned about waking the kids? The Beam has Sonos’s Night Sound mode, where the quiet talky bits are given a boost and boomy stuff is turned down. The Sonos Playbar has been a five-star masterpiece since it first launched way back in 2013 but now, at the grand old age of five, it finds itself the veteran of the Californian company’s ever-burgeoning speaker line-up. Enter plucky upstart the Beam, a…

2 min.
hands-on with the sonos beam

Tappy days Capacitive touch controls allow you to tweak the volume, skip tracks, play, pause and mute the mics. The latter may prove useful if you’re watching a show about someone named Alexa. The Beam team You can pair the Beam with a Sonos Sub and a pair of speakers to get proper 5.1 surround sound. The ‘pew-pews’ of blasters in The Last Jedi will sound all the better for it. Jive talkin’ Speech Enhancement aims to make dialogue clearer so you don’t have to rewind an important scene. No guarantees it’ll be enough to rescue Tom Hardy’s mumblings, though. Woof trade Tear off the Beam’s fabric wrapping and you’ll find four full-range woofers, a single tweeter and three passive radiators. But don’t do this, because it’ll be all torn and messy. Sonos’s first punt at the home…

1 min.
like a log

You’ve tried everything: meditation, drinking chamomile tea, and so far you’ve counted exactly 4238 sheep, but you’re still having trouble getting to sleep. Could it be something to do with the 24-hour vuvuzela-testing facility you live next door to? It’s no use knocking on the door and asking them to keep it down a bit, they won’t hear you… but you can fill your ears with Bose’s Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. The product of an Indiegogo campaign, these wireless earphones are designed to fit snugly inside your lugs and play one of 10 pre-loaded soothing sounds or noise-masking frequencies to help you drop off. They’re rechargeable, but with a 16-hour battery life and charging case they’ll last longer than even the most slumber-challenged snoozers. As hot as… a duvet full of lava Rtba…

1 min.
fly hard

Juiced in time The drone’s smart battery allows it to keep track of exactly how much juice it has left, automatically returning to its take-off position to save you from any mid-air conkouts. Dolly good show The Anafi can imitate a dolly zoom, the cinematic effect made famous by Jaws. It’s where you move the camera away from or towards a subject while the lens zooms in the opposite direction. Flight case The Anafi comes with a cocoon-like travel case that it slips into when its legs are folded in. When you’re ready to send it up to the skies, they can be unfolded in under three seconds. Anafi is a remote and extraordinarily attractive Greek island, a quick Google informs us. Untouched by mass tourism, it’s unlikely to be your last-minute summer holiday booking… but…